Mika Nakashima


Step up, Mika! We Chinese are supporting you behind you! You re really talented. I knew you because of the movie NANA! You look like a million dollars in that unforgettable movie! I sincerely want to see your adorable face and hear your voice in the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremonies.

I am a Mika's fan from China. Her performances are always wonderful and contagious. I also think she is the one who can attract all the audiences. Her songs are popular in the world. So I believe she won't let us down

I love her voice and inspiration which can make me feel a power and encourage me to live better!

I will love her forever. I am a student from China. I am13years old. I started listen to her songs when I was 10. She is so amazing and beautiful. I love her songs very much.

She's sing is very cool&beautiful!

She has a kind of special glamour and charming personality... The beautiful voice, too... A fan from China.

I am from Malaysia. She is cool and her voice is very special and easily recognized.

She is so beautiful, she can represent as a great superstar of Japan

Perfect songs and unique voice, she's my favourite Japanese singer.

She uses her whole life to sing. A wonderful singer!

Her song make me love myself and give me the power to try things again.

I love her voice and inspiration which can make me feel a power and encourage me to live better! I have been loving her for 4 years! I am a Chinese.MIKA! We do love you so much and we will support you forever! Please hold on!

I am from Cheng du, China. The first time I listen to her song was in my elementary school, about in 2007. I think she is a soul singer, and she is always in a serious attitude towards music. I love her!

Really love her, her voice is amazing!

Typical appearance, elegant voice.

I like her singing, her song makes me confident!

I like her very much! She's so surprised for me!

She is attractive, her songs are wonderful.

I am from Hainan, China. Mika is a fabulous singer with charming appearance as well as unique voice. Hopefully her effort would be crowned with success in the future.

I think they are best singer and dancer

Everyone were moved by her song

Her music is so powerful and contagious to express the emotions. Despite little knowledge of Japanese, I can still get moved by the spirits and perseverance she tries to deliver. Strongly recommended!

I'm a fan of Mika. I think she is an outstanding singer. Her songs always give us power and deliver a kind of beief.

This is my very likes singers they are light,i think they are very good

Her voice is so amazing that I just can't forget the momeny I heard on T.V. ! Looking forward to her performance and wish that she could come to Shanghai again!