Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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361 Ayako Ishikawa

She is GREAT! Talent and beautiful!

362 NMB48

They are definitely the representative of Osaka sprite! Their songs and members are awesome! Jonishi Kei is the best!

363 coldrain

They could bring great energy to the stage and get everyone pumped up for the competitions!

364 Lee Min-ho V 1 Comment
365 Penicillin
366 Johnny Western
367 2PM 2PM

2PM. Their Masterpiece Performances are so Amazing, Can't Stop loving them. Junho, Nichkhun, Jun. K, Taecyeon, Chansung and Wooyoung, It's 2PM! Stronger & Ever ~~ S2

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368 Shonan No Kaze V 1 Comment
369 Kiyokiba Shunsuke
370 Juice=Juice V 1 Comment
371 Every Little Thing

ELT is the best Jpop band that I've ever listened to! Not only their songs are energetic, encouraging and meaningful, but also the history, the pain, the hardships that ELT, and especially Mochida Kaori has experienced and how she overcomes them, totally fits with what Olympics' spirit is!

372 Fuyumi Sakamoto
373 Tomoyasu Hotei V 1 Comment
374 Yuki Kashiwagi

She is cute! And full of energy
Please vote her:)
One of the best members in AKB48

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375 Ritsuko Okazaki
376 Eason Chan
377 Naoki Maeda V 1 Comment
378 Aiko V 1 Comment
379 Kana Hanazawa

I like Kana Hanazawa very much, especially the love cycle that song, in our China is very fire!

Kana has a lovely voice that can cure the pain in your heart

Hana has the greatest voice I have ever heard If her voice can be heard by people from all over the world,maybe there will be much more fansof her

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380 Mayumi Morinaga
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