Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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481 Aya Hirano

Definitely vote for her. Her long history of being a voice actor and a singer rivals that of popular current groups. She should be higher up on this list

482 The Gospellers V 1 Comment
483 Tut Tut Child
484 Lacco Tower
485 Deadmau5 Deadmau5 Joel Thomas Zimmerman (a.k.a. deadmau5) is a Canadian DJ producer, formerly a web developer, who produces a wide variety of electronic musical genres, such as electro and dubstep, but is best known for pioneering work in the areas of progressive house and electrohouse. Notable songs include Ghosts n' more.
486 Ryosuke Yamada

Well he is my favorite Japanese singer

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487 Screw
488 Eclipse
489 Freddie Mercury (On Big Screen)

Any Freddie Mercury concert would be great on a large screen!

On a giant screen

490 Chemistry

Or another song from FMAB. one of the animes defining songs. Part of the culture. Powerful and beautiful.

491 Back Number
492 Bron
493 Vocaloid Lily

Her voice is as powerful as Olympic games itself

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494 Weaver

Piano rock band whose music are really awesome!

495 Yoshiki

He is the most talented musician in Japan. He composed and perfomed for 10th year of anniversary of Emperor in 2000.
And composed and conducted the theme of World Expo 2005.
Also composed official theme of Golden Globe Theme 2012.
YOSHIKI definitely deserves it!

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496 Morteza Pashaei
497 Gigamous

Their songs are really catchy and makes you want to. Dance. I think they will be perfect because they will make the whole audience get excited!

498 Vangelis Vangelis Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, known professionally as Vangelis, is a Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, and orchestral music.

He has done the soundtracks to many movies like Chariots of Fire (which went to number 1 on the charts) he also did the soundtrack to Blade Runner. And many movies like Cosmos.

499 Sapphire
500 LuLu V 1 Comment
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