Sexy Zone


They practice dance and singing and so on.
I think they will be very popular.
They are loved many people.

Because very cool, young and popular.

They are so cool!

And one of them can speak English

Sexy Zone is very popular in Japan!

I think we're encouraged by their songs or performances.

I love sexy zone!

They have beautiful voice.

They are dance&sing is very good!

They are very young and powerful. They will give athlete courage. Also, they are good at English, so they can communicate with people all over the world.

They are young and represent the next gen.

I love them so much

They're young, so I think their performance will be... so beautiful at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

They are cute and cool and they are young!
In 2020 they will be most popular artist in Japan!
I love Sexy Zone!

Sexy Zone loves everyone and cool world

Oh my god I can't believe I can see their name here! They are the best no matter how others think and they are my light until the end of my life.

They are young power. One of them can speak English very well.

I think Mari is so handsome. If Sexy Zone can do this, it will be a pleasant thing for me. I will watch it on time.

So lovely boys! Young and beautiful!

They are the most influential boys.
And thy are sure to stand at the center of Japan in 2020.

I am now in USA and I think these five children are really excellent! They should be chosen!

They will be brilliant one day! Since they are still young, they will be wonderful in Japan and also the whole Asia!

I think they can do it! They are the best! I love them!

They are amazing. Every one in this group is so talented, hardworking and kind. Plus their english skills are above many japanese music artists. It has been 6 yrs since they made their debut at average age only 14. During these years they have faced many difficulties. I believe they will be the very top music group in Japan in the future.

They are an amazing group in Japan! I reckon they can do it!

I think they can represent the Japanese young people.

They are so cool and they give me a lot of happiness.

They think that they are suitable for a ceremony.