Top 10 Best Music Videos of All Time

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Thriller - Michael Jackson

The top 10 should all be Michael Jackson's music videos.
Here is the perfect list of Best Music Videos of All Time:
1. Michael Jackson - Thriller
2. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
3. Michael Jackson - Remember The Time
4. Michael Jackson - Bad
5. Michael Jackson - Black or White
6. Michael Jackson - You Rock My World
7. Michael Jackson - Earth Song
8. Michael Jackson - Beat It
9. Michael Jackson - They don't really care about us
10. Michael Jackson - Jam

Michael Jackson turned music videos into a 'pop event' with the release of 'Thriller's' music video. Everything about the video - the props, the dance moves, the storytelling in the music video, EVERYTHING. He was so ahead of his time when it came to mv's just like Madonna was. A true definition of a TRAILBLAZER... no one was like him and never will be. The KING OF POP!

Thriller has to be the best video of all time, no questions asked. Through out his life Michael is in the top 5 most successful artists of all time next to The Beatles and Elvis Presley. MJ was such a talented man and his music will live forever. This is why to this day he is still known as The King Of Pop

John Landis created a masterpiece. He may not have created the best Horror movie of all time with An American Werewolf In London (comes close though), but he created the next best thing. Greatest music video ever. Of course; MJs ideas helped. But that's where the music fits in.

Take On Me - A-ha

Don't beat me but, this song has to be number one! because of it's great animation, message, beats, and acting. The 80s Music Videos would be called the golden age of music videos. - Connor4808

Before I saw this one, I always would have said Michael Jackson's Thriller is the best. But I think this one is much better, simply because it's something entirely new and groundbreaking. The Thriller video is awesome make-up and dancing and costumes and all. But Take On Me... It's something so new and unique. So many of A-ha's other videos have that same uniqueness to them (The Sun Always Shines On T.V., Manhattan Skyline, Train Of Thought). Take On Me is heart-warming and beautiful. Love it. The 80s were an awesome time for music videos, which surprises me since it was such a new form of art back then.

The animation was so ahead of it's time. Such a beautiful animation, cinematography and editing all blended together to show a great story, along with a great pop song, makes this the greatest of all time.

This song is amazing, and it will never be forgotten because of its melody, its wonderful video and the great job that Morten, Mags and Paul have made in it. A-HA forever!

November Rain - Guns N Roses

One cold November while driving this broke my heart over an ex so much I had to call her to rekindle our relationship... But nothing lasts forever as Axl says! Unfortunately. Still hurts when I listen all these yrs later. And more so in November such as it is right now ( time of posting! ) awesome video to spectacularly well composed track and lyrics. Fits so perfectly into many peoples lives

Okay, one question... why is lady Gaga above guns n roses?! Axl is 10 times the musician she is, without a doubt in my mind. November rain is a beautiful song, and the video may be the only thing that even comes close to it! I love the part where slash leaves the church to play his solo.

This video has something that the others lack. It's not dance moves, it's not weird outfits, it's the emotions that the video gives you. And November Rain is full of emotion...

The storyline is great, full of emotion, the video is one of the most expensive music video of all time. You watch it and I'm sure that you will not regret it.

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

The amount of effort that went into making this is astounding! Awesome video.

This video was amazingly talented and creative why isn't this top ten

Best video ever. So much time and effort went Into this

This video is just something magical.

Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park Cover Art

The best song, from the best band, sung by the best singer, in the best video. Truly the best

New this video would be really high up there. But Thriller having 3 times as many votes, really?

The greatest Linkin Park music video. One of the greatest of all time.

It has loads of depth and the music is also way better than most other songs.
It should be no. 1..! (Y)

Stan - Eminem

Why is this so low? This is my favorite music video other than thriller. I want to find out who puts these things so low. No one knows music these days.

Are you kidding me? Lady GAGA is better than this legend? This is the best Music video I've ever seen.. And the way it tells the story, It's far more better than Madona or Lady gaga!

Awesome song best video...I think it must be in top three at least...

One of the most iconic music videos of all time.

Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

I was hoping I'd see this on the list. Otherwise, this whole thing would've been a big joke.

Check out the Radio Edit version and the 2008 version on youtube, BETTER than the oringinal version

If we are going by truth, most of Michael's music videos should be on here..

Truly a beautiful work of art. I honestly think all of his videos should be here.

Lemonade - Beyonce
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

It's an amazing video that expresses the true meaning of the song. The song is about a guy who died in the hospital, and death came to him in the form of his fondest memory, which was a parade. His best memory was watching a parade with his dad when he was a kid, so dead approached him in the form of a parade. The message is that death should be happy, and it should come in the form of your favorite memory, not sad and depressing as it usually seems to be. The video and song have a very deep meaning in the form of a beautiful little story. It's inspiring and great!

Best video with great lyrics! Your memory will carry on My Chemical Romance!

Amazing Imagery. This is something you not only see but feel as well.

It's such a beautiful music video, thankfully, it's in the top 10.

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

How can this be nirvana should be way up this list, come on they express every ounce of their energy to create a perfect song that took mj songs off the charts?

This video still sends chills down my spine like it did when I first saw it 22 years ago.

How is this 25? This video, along with the song, defined the 90s and changed music history!

This video changed the world!

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? Nightmare - Dry Kill Logic Nightmare - Dry Kill Logic Cover Art
? All is Full of Love - Björk All is Full of Love - Björk Cover Art
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Freedom '90 - George Michael
Like a Prayer - Madonna

Not a big fan of her or pop-music in general, but credit where credit is due. Clever concept.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

This is in the 300s? Really? This is the first music video. Every other music video would not be on here if not for this music video. Could we at least bring this into the top 50?

And by the way, why are there such a large number of horrible choices near the top of this list? You know who I'm talking about.

This should be number one in my opinion, or at the very least in the top five. Anyone who knows anything about music knows this video.

This music video may not be the first but it definitely inspired and popularized music videos today

How exactly is Basket Case by Green Day higher than this?

One - Metallica

I hope when people vote for a video that isn't this very video, they understand the true meaning of this video. From the deep political, anti-war themes set over a dark horrifying atmosphere to the solemn and dreadful tones of one of the most influential bands at the very peak of there career. This video isn't even comparable to any other video on this list because of the sheer talent, emotion and history that was poured into it.

For those who just think of One as an awesome metal track, watching the video alongside it shows the true meaning of this very moving song.

How the hell is thriller above this? Thriller is the most overrated piece of junk on this whole list. Metallica is a real band, real music.

By Metallicago This video shows the danger that the military soldiers thru every day on deployment and training. THANK GOD FOR THE TROOPS. GOTTA LOVE THEM.

Beat It - Michael Jackson

Michael was great in this music video. He was the pioneer for the short film music videos. This was an amazing video and the dancing was the best... It was an early video ; but one of the best... xo MJ love xo

Michael Jackson's music videos were and still are the best to watch because their like mini movies. Rest In Paradise MJ The King of Pop

One thing I dislike about this song is how Eddie Van Halen got absolutely no recognition

Of course beat it should make this it should be in top 5 for dancing

Sabotage - Beastie Boys

Great video 70s cop show - parody, cool as...

Buddy Holly - Weezer

It's just so iconic and classic how could you not love it

Simple, elegantly designed and a catchy tune to boot.

Love this video!

Basket Case - Green Day

It all keeps adding up it sucks that It's not top this site makes me annoyed Yeah yeah yeah! Should be so much higher so should boulevard of broken dreams, Wake Me up When September ends, and when I come around

So funny and amazing. It's their best song. Billie, Tré and Mike really rock this

Yes yes yes yess c:

people this is the best music video of all time. Show some respect to REAL MUSIC

When Doves Cry - Prince
Jeremy - Pearl Jam

136?...Really?! This isn't just a typical music video, it's art. There's so much significance in this music video... The messages it expresses. Definitely the most artistic music video ever. And it's at 136. Wow.

This should be ranked higher! This was very emotional and powerful. The pain on Eddie's face, the mental frustration of Jeremy, this was a great music video.

Really showed the point of the song and Jeremy's mental struggles, in the shooting to the vocals by Vedder

Young kid commits suicide in his Algebra class... Pretty dark stuff.

Bring Me to Life - Evanescence

Laugh out loud, best music video ever. Very action and ultimate EPIC

I don't care what everyone else says this video deserves number one.

This is a very good video, when I first saw the video I downloaded it. laugh out loud..

Amy lee is enough for being best...

Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon
Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim

Christopher Walken! Nothing else to be said!

Everybody Hurts - R.E.M. Everybody Hurts - R.E.M. Cover Art
Hurt - Jonny Cash Hurt - Jonny Cash Cover Art

TOO MANY people on here that don't appreciate REAL beauty and genius.

Anyhow, if you can somehow get through your extremely biased views (I'm talking to you Michael Jackson worshipers, among others), this is clearly the best video. It shows the emotion of the song. The music video is (Supposed to be, at least) a form of art. You can play this video non stop in an art museum. It has no flaws. It's absolutely perfect.

The raw pain and emotion in his voice and expressions alone make this worthy of the top 5. To be able to still make music after going through the death of your true love is just astounding. Johnny Cash will always be a huge influence on all genres of music and will never be forgotten.

Just hope people don't think this is his song. He is not the original. I love his version, just below the original who is one of my favorites of all time. For those who don't know, it is Soundgardens song

Trent Reznor/ Nine Inch Nails originally, however Cash made it his own and the video is incredibly moving. A must see even if your not into Cash

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