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1 Michael Jackson - Thriller

All his music videos are best but there it is tough to choose between thriller and smooth criminal

It shouldn't take a second for a sane being to tell 'whats the best album/song/music video in history' is MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER babe...

Best song, best video, best album, best singer, just the best

A true master piece... The best of all time... and Mj was only a young guy when he did this... just shows the genius he was... - love4mjj

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2 Aha - Take On Me

One of the most creative music videos ever. - TopTenTed

This song is amazing, and it will never be forgotten because of its melody, its wonderful video and the great job that Morten, Mags and Paul have made in it. A-HA forever!

Definitely one of, if not the greatest. That combination of live video and rotoscope is hard to beat!

Magnificent idea and excellent execution! I can't listen to the song without thinking of the video! best music video ever!

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3 Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

New this video would be really high up there. But Thriller having 3 times as many votes, really?

The best song, from the best band, sung by the best singer, in the best video. Truly the best - lukestheman4

Stairway to Heaven is cancer. Led Zeppelin sucks and are talentless hacks. Emo Nu Metal? Lol no. I'm pretty sure you only listened to a few of their songs. I agree with Michael Jackson, Mercury, Hetfield, and others EXCEPT Rob Plant. - TheDarkOne_221b

Is and will be awesome - taranggodhari

Best Of The Best Music & Music Video... - RaminLp

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4 Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

It's really cool! I love how a lot of MJ's music videos are like short musical films. - Misfire

This should be #1 for sure. - truckturner

Check out the Radio Edit version and the 2008 version on youtube, BETTER than the oringinal version - SmoothCriminal

If we are going by truth, most of Michael's music videos should be on here..

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5 My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance IS GOLD AND THIS VIDEO IS ART - blueLight

It's an amazing video that expresses the true meaning of the song. The song is about a guy who died in the hospital, and death came to him in the form of his fondest memory, which was a parade. His best memory was watching a parade with his dad when he was a kid, so dead approached him in the form of a parade. The message is that death should be happy, and it should come in the form of your favorite memory, not sad and depressing as it usually seems to be. The video and song have a very deep meaning in the form of a beautiful little story. It's inspiring and great!

everybody c'mon this music video is just so powerful and epic and the story is superb! if you have never seen it you gotta cause you're gonna lose your breath watching it!

Best video with great lyrics! Your memory will carry on My Chemical Romance!

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6 Guns N Roses - November Rain

It's good, but I am honestly kind of lost. Why did the girl die? - Misfire

The storyline is great, full of emotion, the video is one of the most expensive music video of all time. You watch it and I'm sure that you will not regret it. - ronluna

This is a garbage list where breaking the habit and bad romance got higher position then November rain.

Perfect blended emotions and music together... Everything is so great in GN'R... Slash and axl are the best... come on people... Find a way for it... It must be in the top ten..

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7 Michael Jackson - Beat It

Almost every MJ music videos are really good, in my opinion. - Misfire

Michael was great in this music video. He was the pioneer for the short film music videos. This was an amazing video and the dancing was the best... It was an early video ; but one of the best... xo MJ love xo - love4mjj

Michael Jackson's music videos were and still are the best to watch because their like mini movies. Rest In Paradise MJ The King of Pop

Oh ya this was a great video... for sure of all time... beside Thriller... love it... - love4mjj

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8 Eminem - Stan

Stan flow was so great that I repited this video a lot of times

Why the hell is this so low

Oh so what you're saying TAYLOR SWIFT IS BETTER THEN EMINEM?! This is an outrage! Number 2 at least! (Thriller is the best though. R.I.P. the King Of Pop, He will be missed. ) - izakronalddonnelly

Why is this so low? This is my favorite music video other than thriller. I want to find out who puts these things so low. No one knows music these days.

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9 Evanescence - Bring Me to Life

I enjoyed it! - Userguy44

Amy lee is enough for being best... - Belder

In one word, a master piece.

This is a very good video, when I first saw the video I downloaded it. laugh out loud..

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10 Metallica - One

Yep, this is the best. - CedreticFomento

The video is really incredible. - Userguy44

I hope when people vote for a video that isn't this very video, they understand the true meaning of this video. From the deep political, anti-war themes set over a dark horrifying atmosphere to the solemn and dreadful tones of one of the most influential bands at the very peak of there career. This video isn't even comparable to any other video on this list because of the sheer talent, emotion and history that was poured into it.

For those who just think of One as an awesome metal track, watching the video alongside it shows the true meaning of this very moving song.

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? Imagine Dragons - Believer UListen to Sample
? Radioactive - Imagine Dragons UListen to Sample

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11 Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon
12 Green Day - Basket Case

This should at least be in top 10, but number 11? That’s to low

It all keeps adding up it sucks that It's not top this site makes me annoyed Yeah yeah yeah! Should be so much higher so should boulevard of broken dreams, Wake Me up When September ends, and when I come around

people this is the best music video of all time. Show some respect to REAL MUSIC

So funny and amazing. It's their best song. Billie, Tré and Mike really rock this

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13 Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Any human being with a brain knows that Bad Romance was not only one of the best music videos of 2009, it was one of the best music videos of the decade. I mean the choreography, the set, the costumes, and even the song. Come on, the song was one of the best song I've heard in my life. If you're a Little Monster, you know Bad Romance was the best thing you've layed your eyes on. It was nominated so many times at the 2010 VMA's and win a lot of those nominations. Vote this up people, Gaga killed with this video.

Mi video favorito.

This is probably Lady Gaga's best work. She was able to make a clean eye catching simple video with all her crazy corky ideas. It's pure genius, everybody who worked with her must have had the best chemistry ever because the result is astonishing. All of her videos always have a good idea behind it, but sometimes it doesn't take the best direction & either looks like too much at once, sort of like a mess. But Bad Romance is just perfect, I wouldn't change anything about it & could watch it all day long. Also, it's her most iconic, it really defines her as an artist & includes most of what people recognize in her.

Lady Gaga is so talented. I love her so much. All of my friends hate her because she can be a bit wild and crazy, which, I admit, she can be. But, in the end, she's a really nice woman with a kind, loving heart. #LittleMonsterForLife

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14 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

An artistic masterpiece

How is this not in the top ten? - Userguy44

This is in the 300s? Really? This is the first music video. Every other music video would not be on here if not for this music video. Could we at least bring this into the top 50?

And by the way, why are there such a large number of horrible choices near the top of this list? You know who I'm talking about.

This is not the first video. This is mostly a performance video, and before Queen other artists already had music videos, like Billy Joel's piano man. - JoLeKosovo

This should be number one in my opinion, or at the very least in the top five. Anyone who knows anything about music knows this video.

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15 Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Most amazing video ever the power when the guitar solo comes in and it's a MASH PIT, I go to 1 every year and it ain't pretty

This is one of the most influential bands of all time with this iconic video and personally Michael Jackson is mentioned to much in this list

This video still sends chills down my spine like it did when I first saw it 22 years ago.

Why Is This Below Lady Gags what This Is One Of The Most Imperative Music Videos Of Music History - FettiMC

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16 Linkin Park - Waiting for the End

The best song of off Linkin Parks worst album but its not anywhere near the best song to me but this one of the all time greatest music videos to me

Such An Epic Video

Best song. best video - MaddSpazz

Best music video, thriller is overrated in my opinion.

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17 Jonny Cash - Hurt

Brave to display such pain, but THERE it IS...

brave to use someone elses song; but only works from such pain.

thanks Johnny,

and NIN!

TOO MANY people on here that don't appreciate REAL beauty and genius.

Anyhow, if you can somehow get through your extremely biased views (I'm talking to you Michael Jackson worshipers, among others), this is clearly the best video. It shows the emotion of the song. The music video is (Supposed to be, at least) a form of art. You can play this video non stop in an art museum. It has no flaws. It's absolutely perfect.

The raw pain and emotion in his voice and expressions alone make this worthy of the top 5. To be able to still make music after going through the death of your true love is just astounding. Johnny Cash will always be a huge influence on all genres of music and will never be forgotten.

Not the best cash song but I agree that out of the few videos he did this is the best

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18 Linkin Park - Castle of Glass

But I'm only a crack,... in this castle of Glass!

This should totaly be #1 because this song is too awesome.

NO. - AlphaQ


19 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

When I remix this list californication will be number 1 - Sabbath

Good music video. It's sad to see it at 125

93? This disappoints me. I don't see how such a delightful video, paired with such an amazing song is this low. It'll always beat Thriller in my mind.

Californication -i just love the song man! After'all its Gun's and roses we are talking about!

20 Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
21 Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

So hilarious! - MrHyde

This is an amazing music video! - hopeyf2

#3 on MTVs list for greatest video of the 2000's. Plus Panic! At The Disco is my favorite band!

22 Linkin Park - Crawling


Chester had some sweet hair back in the day.. - Chickenlegs

Great song, awesome video clip

Super cool song.. classic

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23 Korn - Freak On a Leash

Legendary video by a legendary band. This band helps people deal with the dark side of life.

This music video is cool

One of the top five.

Like this video if you're watching it in 2015!

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24 Dire Straits - Money for Nothing

Really?! 53?! It's easily Top 5. The creativity behind this video was ahead of its time.

Hmmm..simply,musically and conceptually the best..period.

What is this!
This music video is one of the first animated videos ever made if not the first. The animation looks horrible these days but was great back then. Should defiantly be top ten

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25 Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare

This music video is deserves top 5... Who didn't see the video yet, please see the music video... I just surprised when I saw the music video... This is awesome creation of Avenged Sevenfold... Love it

Just crude and straightforward. Definitely deserves a spot on the top ten.

This music video is deserves top 5. The song and the music videos is just awesome. Everyone should check this out.. And yaa this is a great creation of avenged sevenfold... Love avenged sevenfold foREVer...


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26 Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

It’s very weird. I think they were on drugs back then. - Userguy44

Wonderfully creepy. CG looks a bit dated now, but the concept still works great.

27 Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

This song and ESPECIALLY the video needs more attention. - Mcgillacuddy

28 Billy Talent - Red Flag

This video is great...

The song is very good and has a message

29 Linkin Park - What I've Done

The best video so far
Expressing all that needs to be known by the new generation.
A great song with the deep message... Explained by the video

Heartwarming music video...something ONLY LP can do

Beautiful video on human distruction of enviorment

30 Bullet for My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall
31 Madonna - Express Yourself

Young Madonna in bed wearing an iron slave collar... What more can you want?

Express yourself to get what you want.. To be who you want to be.. And to have that motivation, this song can be a tool to do that... The power of positivity is what the song preaches... So go ahead express it..

This music video was years ahead of its time; it spoke of women rights and standing up for what you believe in. It made a difference.

A truly iconic video for so many reasons.

32 Escape the Fate - Ungrateful
33 Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution
34 Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Such a fun music video showing the youth of teens in the 90's!

Be this 1st

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35 Beyonce - If I Were a Boy

I'd still be hated because of my Super Bowl performance - TopTenListmaker

36 Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away

There is so much feeling in this song and video

In this music video we can see that their friendship are true... This is one of the best video I've ever watched. Just extremely touching...

37 Metallica - The Unforgiven

This is a song that could change a persons life.

38 Coldplay - The Scientist

This is the saddest thing ever! - MrHyde

Chris had to memorize the lyrics BACKWARDS! I MEAN COME ON! It's an EPIC EPIC video

The "memento" of music videos. - sepehr

Best Coldplay video!

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39 Lil Wayne - Prom Queen UListen to Sample
40 Garbage - Push It UListen to Sample
41 Dinosaur Jr. - Little Fury Things
42 My Chemical Romance - Teenagers

Such a classic ❤️

43 Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

One of the most memorable music video releases of all time.

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44 Beyonce - Lemonade
45 Rihanna - Diamonds
46 Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show


47 The Who - Who are You?
48 Humble - Kendrick Lamar UListen to Sample
49 Chief Keef - Love Sosa UListen to Sample
50 Britney Spears - Toxic

This should be very higher

Who doesn't like this video? Even though you hate to admit it, you know deep down that you love this video. - theOpinionatedOne

Queen of pop. That is all

Too dirty...I mean, although I literally hated it, but I just can't keep my eyes away from it. - xXLittleQueensXx

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