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201 Britney Spears - Toxic

Who doesn't like this video? Even though you hate to admit it, you know deep down that you love this video. - theOpinionatedOne

Too dirty...I mean, although I literally hated it, but I just can't keep my eyes away from it. - xXLittleQueensXx

The new queen of pop. Other than Madonna and possibly Whitney, no one has been praised by the amount of new artists E.G. Katy perry, Selena Gomez, lady gaga etc than Brit. This video completely changed the face of 21st century music videos with characters something hardly ever seen other than MJs videos. This inspired videos such as Kanyes stronger, and the song inspired 'don't phunk with my heart' by black eyed peas. Iconic.

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202 Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

#3 on MTVs list for greatest video of the 2000's. Plus Panic! At The Disco is my favorite band!

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203 Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

Beautiful, artistic, and deeply meaningful, the video perfectly emulates the tone and message of the song. Enhanced by Melanie Martinez's enthralling style and captivating sets, the video is truly a testament to the artistic genius of Melanie.

I absolutely love the story it tells! If you have time, then watch Crybaby or Carousel. She is fire.

All of the Crybaby music videos are creative and unique - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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204 Shakira - Whenever, Wherever
205 Coldplay - Life in Technicolor II Coldplay - Life in Technicolor II

Coldplay are great and this is a beautiful video.

This video is just great... I�'ve watched it hundreds of times and I don't get tired. Awesome! - joxoko

206 Ke$ha - Tik Tok Ke$ha - Tik Tok

I love your music videos

207 Duran Duran - Wild Boys

Duran Duran always broke the barrier with there music videos. And The Wild Boys one did that. Extreme but absolutely amazing. Stories of Simon Le Bon getting his head stuck under water while on the windmill shows the lengths they'd go to (even though not predicted). If you've never seen it, watch and like!

208 Sia - Chandelier

She got Maddie Ziegler dancing with the beautiful music! It's my ultimate favorite :).

209 OK Go - Do What You Want
210 Dark Crow Apocalypse - Your Lucky Day In Hell
211 Guns N Roses - Estranged
212 Single Ladies - Beyonce Single Ladies - Beyonce

This video is awesome: its good even on mute

213 30 Seconds to Mars - From Yesterday 30 Seconds to Mars - From Yesterday
214 Sublime - Santeria

RIP Lou dog and Bradley. They are dearly missed. Sublime lives on

215 Playful Excuse - Disaster
216 Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
217 Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl

Your videos are little bit Net

218 Adele - Chasing Pavements
219 Savin' Me - Nickelback Savin' Me - Nickelback

Very Emotional. Unlike other videos on the list, THIS ONE HAS A STORY. Just watch at it and see for yourself. Good directing. Creative Concept. - Castiel

I wanted to vote another video, but savin' me shouldn't be on 94.

If I could see how long people lived,  that would be awesome. one of the best songs ever!

220 Slipknot - Snuff Slipknot - Snuff
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