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61 Korn - Got the Life
62 Satellites - Kevin Gates
63 Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Great video 70s cop show - parody, cool as...

64 Come To Daddy - Aphex Twin

The scene with the old lady is epic. This video really creeps me out. And why isn't Fatboy Slim's Praise You not in this list?

65 Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More
66 David Bowie - Lazarus
67 Lil Reese - Traffic
68 On GP - Death Grips
69 30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens
70 Evanescence - Everybody's Fool
71 Muse - Knights Of Cydonia

It has robots, lasers, Kung-Fu, cowboys, aliens, spaceship, sex and incredible music all in one music video, what more could you want?

Its just such an epic music video and a epic song, go watch it now - first time I saw it was just brilliant.

Muse and Matt Bellamy's everything is already perfect, unbelievable and really brilliant. Who wants more? How can?

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72 Metallica - The Unforgiven

This is a song that could change a persons life.

73 Beyoncé & Shakira - Beautiful Liar
74 U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name

I think this should be top ten; if people don't know why, then I'll tell you. U2 went (without permission) to a rooftop building. Which is already illegal. Then after pretty much finishing the song, the cops had to talk to them. U2 proceeded to make all of this footage the music video. Amazing the risk they took. Without a doubt, worth the reward.

75 Faith No More - Epic


76 Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk V 1 Comment
77 Pixies - Hey
78 Madonna - The Power of Good-Bye
79 Gucci Mane - Darker
80 The Beatles - I Am the Walrus V 3 Comments
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