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1 Take On Me

Excellent. Aha may not be a very well known band but this could be one of the best 80s songs of all time. The songs magnifence is beyond words. It is beautifully written and should be, unhesitantly, the number one pick. And even if it is number one, this song is so amazing that practically everyone should have picked this song as their number one a-ha song.

I think that aha is one of the top Band's of the 1980's Take on me is a magical song. Filled with joy and happiness this song is a Brilliant song that is worth listening to for many years to come! Chris mcbride.

I think that aha is a Brilliant pop group. Also take on me is a magical song. It rocks my world. Always and forever. Worth listening to because the 1980's is a Brilliant era for music. Chris mcbride.

2 Love is Reason

I love this song because it is the most romantic ballad song ever in the whole world also I have the most big crush on morten harket but the song feels like he actually likes bunty bailey.

This is best a-ha's song. Wonderful & Beautiful.

3 The Sun Always Shines On T.V.

I am amazed that this song sounds just as good today in 2015 as it did in 1995. It's truly timeless. The pop synth blended with strings is beautiful, surprising and stunning. Layered into this is a choir and Morten's vocals care the icing and cherry on top. The song is quite complex but harmoniously perfect. The Sun Always Shine On T.V. is not only my favourite a-ha song, but one of my favourite songs of all time.

Deserves to be #3. It's actually better than Love is Reason. It's a very haunting song. Morten's voice is like a whisper of a lovelorn ghost singing in an abandoned cathedral that is in the music video. His voice is dramatic and the way he sings the lyrics in a not -monotonous way gives this song "power quality".

A-ha... simply great. This song has such strong melody and vocals. Even though Take On Me is somehow a bigger hit (and also a great song) I really think that The Sun Always Shines On T.V. is their best song (once more: not from far, but still the best).

4 Stay on These Roads

Such a beautiful song. A hard choice though. Love all 10. My actual favourite a-ha song is out of blue comes green, but that isn't on this list!

Sees the boys at their moody best with lyrics that tell a sad, hopeful story.

Amazing song, saw them in concert recently, in fact, love all there songs!

5 The Living Daylights

This is definitely better than Duran Duran's A View to a Kill! Morten's lyrics may have been incomprehensible but once you read the song's lyrics, you can make out what he was singing! DD's A View To a Kill sounds very lame to me. I wonder how it became #1!

One of the most definitive bond songs and a-ha at their very best, it should at least be at the top 5... Period

I think this is one of the best James Bong songs.

6 I've Been Losing You

Love the edgy lyrics and atmosphere. I can see why they got to do a Bond theme.

My favourite. Still sounds as fresh as the day it was released.

The one that I love most...

7 Hunting High and Low

Definitely better than the commercially successful 80's-pop-song "Take On Me" that put everyone to dance and that sadly has become, as almost always happens, the representative pennant of the group as everyone likes it (easy to listen).

"Hunting High and Low" achieves a more exquisite performance of the instruments, vocals and melody changes that indicate an early stage of maturity.

Another song that I would like to suggest is "Cold as Stone", from the album Memorial Beach (1993), that also achieves a higher level of complexity due to the maturity of the group. Obviously, not a commercial hit as it was not composed for dancing... but to listen and be penetrated by its strong melody.

This is just simply an AMAZING song. Honestly way better than "Take on Me" despite the fact that it IS a great and very catchy song. It has kind of a classic feeling to it and that makes it into a real deep song. His voice is beautiful in this one though. Some parts (especially the instrumentals) sound like a movie soundtrack.

8 Cry Wolf

Catchiest song of all time! I just had to vote for it, it's way too low!

Cry wolf should be in top 5. I don't know who voted for this top 5, girls?

9 Crying in the Rain

In my opinion Crying In The Rain is their best song for many reasons, but for me most of them are very personal and connected to my relationship with my dad, so this may sound a bit bias.

Love the way Morten sings this! It's beautiful!

Another fantastic song, love the lyrics..

10 Scoundrel Days

Dark, haunting, and features Morten at his Bowie-est, in my opinion. Easily engaged by the lyrical dissonance and the soaring melody. A poetic opening to a dark bittersweet, pining sophomore album.

Probably the darkest lyrics they ever wrote and great musical experience. I can't get enough of this song since the first time I've heard it.

A-ha shows that they are more than just synth-pop.

The intro! The build-up! The chorus! I will never get tired of this song.

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11 There's Never a Forever Thing

Simple and beautiful song, should be in top 10. Catching piano part too, and the message the music brings.

Actually this is the most amazing song please... Please... Please listen to it guys definitely the most beautifull

Such a beautiful song. My favorite.

12 Here I Stand and Face the Rain

Overlooked this when I was younger, but now listening again this is a great track full of emotion and tension.

Same comment as the other one.

13 I Wish I Cared

Great sound. Too bad it's a sad song.

14 Summer Moved On

Every their song is wonderful, but at the moment I'm just fell in love with this one...
Again)) I love to sing it! And I can say, that it is definitely good for non-professional singer)))) Someday everybody will listen to me, that's for sure! ))) Take care, friends and good luck to all of you!
It is so sad that a-ha are almost at the end of their career, but we'll always love them! )

Just a fantastic song from a great album.

The best comeback single ever.

15 I Dream Myself Alive

I named my debut novel after this song!

16 Dark Is the Night For All

Very intense and deep song. A bit underrated, but certainly among the best they have ever wrote. Synth and guitars are at its best.

In my opinion the best a-ha song. Just so beautiful and catchy.

Just a beautiful song. Love Morten in this video.

17 I Won't Forget Her
18 Angel in the Snow

My moms favorite.

The music video...

19 Manhattan Skyline

Very incredible song! Without any hesitation, everyone who listens to it will say this is one of the most beautiful songs this world has and will ever hear! It's truly unique. I think it's the only song which starts slow and breaks out into a rock chorus? (Or maybe I have not heard of much songs yet? ) Regardless that, upon first listening, that one thing surprised me about this song and it's so nice - so this song will forever be stored in my mind as long as I live!
Why is this song remarkably wonderful? We can find it in the exquisite melody/music, the deeply heart-wrenching lyrics, and Morten's ethereally expressive voice! All melded together - BAM - resulted into this musical masterpiece we've been listening to since 1986! This is real musical art in all sense!

Tremendous song, still reminds me of my old mate Benny; we used to jam together like absolute bedfellows. Heart heavier than a kilogramme of steel when I listen to this, rest in peace Big Man.

20 Lifelines

Purely evocotive and beautiful song. A song that takes me back to Norway and helps me reflect on what was a truly wonderful and moving experience. This group were without a doubt one of the best ever in the world. With a voice like Morten's how could they go wrong? Answer, they didn't!

I have never payed much attention to the lyrics until...the Tour 2016 when magne sang and the marked different spots in the song. BAM!. The song hit me! Now I play iT over and over again.

Just wonderful. Unfortunately, almost completely unknown in North America...

21 Analogue

Why this song is here you don't have brain...
Or you don't know anything about music...
Come on please vote this song this could be at no 2 at least

This must be in the top 10. Morten's voice gets better in time. One of the best real music in the 21st century.

Even more I like cosy prisons. A very underrated song.

22 East of the Sun

An amazing album that probably was ignored back in the day. This is the title track and is haunting and beautiful sung exquisitely by Morten

HIs voice is much deeper than his earlier albums but still incredible. I do not remember seeing much of this album.

Probably my favorite album. Just so awesome and amazing.

23 Less Than Pure
24 Lie Down in Darkness
25 Forever Not Yours

Best song from 2000's.

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