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1 Ernie Cefalu

School's Out was one of my very early and most loved albums. Alice Cooper had such a distinctive sound and the band truly rocked! First and foremost, I was drawn to that gorgeous cover design! It took me back to my elementary school days when desktops were exactly like this.
I was transfixed on every inch of that cover. Who would have thought for a second that I would someday befriend the designer of this gem among jewels! The cover was (and still is) so fresh, so original. I stared at this cover throughout the entire 9-song track extravaganza, and the title song just exploded right out of the box! Ernie, you captured this (then) young school boy's heart and imagination way back then, and to this day! Don

Don MacIver, Ernie, my friend, the artistic journey that has been your lifelong passion is the truest testament to your heart and soul.
You have an unparalleled vision of possibilities that extends far beyond the inquisitive, the soulful outreach; you have stretched the boundaries of the mind's intuitive landscape to reach new levels of the conscious mind's frontier to create the most exceptional client and customer experience imaginable!
I pray that your instinctive life fulfillment through your craft, your gift and your ultimate journey may forever change the perspective in the minds of those who dream to follow in your footsteps. While they will maintain their very own visions, were they to emulate your model how essentially purposeful and fulfilling their own careers and life in general be.

I went thru a gut wrenching 4 year Supreme Court Trial with my X, and ended up with 10 bankers boxes stuffed full of the trial transcripts etc. The ingenious hilarity of Ernie pulling off this magnif tongue stunt with part of a bankers box literally had me with a fully blown mind...he didn't do it because of what I went thru but he demonstrated in his incredibly fathomless creativity, that he could 'do anything with anything at hand' and blow a persons mind. THIS is the reason he's who he is today. A man who can have fun and act like a kid...and then invent a bankers box tongue for those lips... while 2 seconds later being acknowledged as the incredible force of nature he is in the designing department. NO ONE can walk away from Ernie and not feel blessed. Zelda

Ernie, your multitude of highly memorable works have captured the pure essence and none better than Alice Cooper covers. The intricate, textured detail, the fundamental representation; it's all there in spades and so elevating for the consumers who excite with every new rendering. Together with your phenomenal team of illustrators, you were predestined to develop the best, most engaging fine art for the generations. I truly do not feel that we will ever see or experience your calibre of artistry moving forward. Vision and external factors have a way of influencing what is produced and always will; your vision is truly our gift and treasure. Love to you for embracing that collective vision like no other.

2 Joe Petagno

He's did artwork for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motorhead, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, and Sodom.

3 James Flournoy Holmes

Holmes has been able to translate
the rock zeitgeist for many decades.
A true artist.

I have #10/300 by James Flournoy Holmes... "Eat A Peach" One Of the best of All Time...

4 Abdul Mati Klarwein
5 Hugh Syme
6 Storm Thorgerson

8 seriously? look at all these Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden Covers. They're legends.

Why the hell is he this low I mean he could be lower but ten is his minimum. His solo pieces are great enough to take on Dali

Storm Thorgerson's Pink Floyd covers are the stuff of legends!

If Magritte did album covers.

7 Anthony Hudson
8 Marcus Keef

Massively influential on photographers... And an entire population of metal-fans... He did the first Sabbath cover. RESPECT!

9 Drew Struzan

Illustrator of no equal.

10 Shusei Nagaoka
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11 Milton Glaser
12 Derek Riggs

That man created Eddie (iron maiden's mascot).

So amazing… although people would say Derek's artwork is navy, violent and controversial, DEAL WITH IT! IT'S HEAVY METAL! Plus! The artwork has lots of meaning and hidden messages!

13 Neon Park
14 Roger Dean
15 John Berg
16 Frank Frazetta
17 Cal Schenkel
18 Rod Dyer
19 Lockart (Bob Lockart)
20 Klaus Voorman

He did the cover for the Beatles album "Revolver. " This guy knows his stuff.

A great musician with a distinctive art style.

21 Malcolm Garrett
22 Stanley Mouse
23 Norman Seeff
24 Ed Caraeff

Great Artist Ever

25 Dave McMacken

Zappa! The Beatles! Many others.

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