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1 Ernie Cefalu

Well here we are folks. My friend Ernie Cefalu is launching a new business venture and tonight shared with us a spot on YouTube to reflect his excitement as things get rolling. I'm proud to share this with you tonight. Over the course of Ernie's career in record album cover design (and corporate client design work as well) he and his associates/illustrative staff have created a vast portfolio of highly acclaimed design works over the years, so many that are immediately recognizable. He and his top illustrative artists have become world renowned leaders in their industry and we are proud of his many past successes and look with eager anticipation to the future as Ernie moves forward with yet another ambitious and just as surely successful business venture.

At Pacific Eye & Ear Ernie fostered a tremendous environment where creative genius burgeoned and he and his associates developed a remarkable portfolio of album cover art and corporate designs that were second to none, award winning and truly inspiring works for any aspiring illustrative artist. For the consumer these magical, historic album covers have spanned decades of custom packaging and become the coveted cornerstone of artistic excellence. Ernie was just recently inducted into the Album Cover Design Hall of Fame and so deservedly so. His gift has been ours to treasure for all these years and many yet to come.

The story will unfold in due course and I encourage everyone to Google search 'Ernie Cefalu' and also his name with 'Pacific Eye & Ear' to see just how remarkable Ernie's story has been through the years and continues to be to this day. I extend personal best wishes to Ernie Cefalu on this new business venture.

2 Joe Petagno

He's did artwork for bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Motorhead, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, and Sodom.

3 James Flournoy Holmes

Holmes has been able to translate
the rock zeitgeist for many decades.
A true artist.

I have #10/300 by James Flournoy Holmes... "Eat A Peach" One Of the best of All Time...

4 Abdul Mati Klarwein
5 Hugh Syme
6 Storm Thorgerson

Why the hell is he this low I mean he could be lower but ten is his minimum. His solo pieces are great enough to take on Dali

Storm Thorgerson's Pink Floyd covers are the stuff of legends!

8 seriously? look at all these Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden Covers. They're legends.

7 Anthony Hudson
8 Drew Struzan

Illustrator of no equal.

9 Marcus Keef

Massively influential on photographers... And an entire population of metal-fans... He did the first Sabbath cover. RESPECT!

10 Shusei Nagaoka
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11 Milton Glaser
12 Derek Riggs

That man created Eddie (iron maiden's mascot).

13 Neon Park
14 Roger Dean
15 Frank Frazetta
16 John Berg
17 Cal Schenkel
18 Rod Dyer
19 Lockart (Bob Lockart)
20 Klaus Voorman

He did the cover for the Beatles album "Revolver. " This guy knows his stuff.

A great musician with a distinctive art style.

21 Malcolm Garrett
22 Stanley Mouse
23 Norman Seeff
24 Ed Caraeff

Great Artist Ever

25 Dave McMacken

Zappa! The Beatles! Many others.

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