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1 Enemy

This song is absolutely amazing! The riffs are awesome, and Jericho's voice is on a whole other level. You could rave to this song all night - I know I have. If this isn't on your list for the best Fozzy songs, then I think you have a problem.

"Enemy" was the No Way Out 2005 theme, and the most amazing thing about this song is the perfect blend of everything! It's a highly addictive cocktail that makes you want to listen "just one more time".

You know what happens when you dislike this song? You just made the list! Also, Jericho made my PLAYLIST!

2 Judas

The rhythm and tempo, along with the voice, absolutely fit the range of emotions that the hero feels. From slower and quieter sections to shouting "WHAT'VE I BECOME?!" with quick, paranoia-like repetition: "I'm becom' - I'm becom' - I'm becoming...". This is just perfect and a jump to a new level for Fozzy.

If you don't like this song, not only have you betrayed everyone you've ever loved and pushed them all away, but you also MADE THE LIST!

In my opinion, this is the greatest wrestling theme of all time and one of the best songs in the world. Also, Jericho is the greatest wrestler/singer in the world today.

3 Lights Go Out

It's a different style of metal from Fozzy, but it's very awesome. Go and check it out!

I honestly think this song is better than all of the rest, no matter if it's new.

This song is the best! It should be number one, baby! This song is awesome.

4 Sandpaper

This song is a great blend of metal and rock, with Jericho and Shadows' voices mixing perfectly. It's an amazing song and will be one that the band is known for in the future.

Awesome song! A cat scratch, a whiplash, a witch hunt in black. Sandpaper. Chris, Rich, Paul, Frank, and Billy did a great job with this. SANDPAPER!

Jericho's voice is amazing on this song, and Shadows' voice makes it even better. This is definitely Fozzy's best song.

5 Painless

If you are going through a tough time, this song makes it painless.

6 She's My Addiction
7 Do You Wanna Start a War - Fozzy
8 Martyr No More

Martyr No More should at least be in the top three. It's an awesome alternative metal song and truly deserves that spot!

This song has sick guitars, an amazing voice, and an amazing beat. It was the best theme song of Royal Rumble 2010.

9 Nowhere to Run
10 To Kill a Stranger

Walk up to a guy, say hi my name's...shoot, steal, squeal with laughter.

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11 Grail
12 All That Remains
13 Stand Up and Shout
14 God Pounds His Nails
15 Under Blackened Skies

This song has an amazing intro! The drums and vocals kick in and fill you with energy. The drumming and vocals are great, and the lyrics are too! This is up there with Enemy and Martyr No More as being the best!

This is right up there with Enemy! It's an amazing song with great lyrics too!

16 Broken Soul
17 It's a Lie
18 Let the Madness Begin

Yes, let Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, and The Great Khali out of their cages! It will be like monsters attacking humanity.

19 Stay Hungry
20 Lazarus
21 Break the Walls Down
22 Wormwood
23 With the Fire
24 The Test
25 One Crazed Anarchist

This is a really underrated song! I immediately liked it when I first heard it. I was really surprised when I heard some low fry screaming in the chorus!

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