Top 10 Best John Mayer Songs

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1 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

This song is simply the best ever. It describes a relationship, that's falling apart, so beautifully, it makes you numb as you go deeper and deeper into the lyrics. And to match the lyrics, there's this beautiful mellowing guitar in the background. Robbie McIntosh really fills a lot in the song. And to pair with it, there's John's voice that's like an echo in itself. Literally sends shivers down the spine. Truly the best.

It is so beautiful and true, it almost makes me cry.

You can feel the emotion and the pain in his voice, and I think that everyone can feel it in his or her heart.

This song isn't only the best song of John Mayer, it's the best song in my life!

With sincere lyrics and a beautiful melody, this blue oriented master piece is easily the best Mayer song. It conveys love, soul and pain in a melodic heartbreaking, yet romantic, ballad.

2 Your Body is a Wonderland

Alright yeah let us be honest, this song is just fun and so easy to love. It is catchy and light, and for some odd reason I was against liking at first, probably because it's meaning made me stand-offish when I was younger, but now I cannot get enough of it!

Mayer's most well-known song. And rightfully so. The lyrics and melody not only allow one to relax and have fun, but they also allow for one to think about their own lover's wonderland. My personal favorite by Mayer.

A breathtaking song. It's sure to make a woman feel so, so, oh-so good and appreciated. I love it and I love John Mayer! Such a talented singer...he is what a good musician sounds like.

3 Gravity

This is the song that I can relate to the most and I love the lyrics and John's voice is so amazing, it takes my breath away... Such pure emotions and depth in one song... No wonder it won a Grammy... This song made me love John Mayer and this song is the reason why I started listening to the rest of his songs and got to find out how amazing he is as an artist.

This is my most favourite song. Out of all the artists I listen to, this one track makes me feel the most. The guitar and the entire intro is absolutely phenomenal and the lyrics, and Mayer's ability to tell a story in so little time is incredible. The very last bit "Keep me where the light is" speaks absolute volumes.

Gravity is John Mayer's poetic masterpiece. From the soothing baseline, to the powerful vocals, to the passionate lyrics, this song is just plain gorgeous in every sense of the word.

What particularly stands out his John Mayer's phenomenal guitar solo found in the live version of the song.

4 Half of My Heart

Reasons for making this number 1 instead of 2

1)John Mayer's Voice is Magical. He just have to make a girl listen to him and she is him's.

2)Lyrics are Awesome.. We just like beats and tunes but words have greater significance.
I like it how he expresses that he may not love the girl forever etc.

3) There's Taylor Swift in here. Figure her out if you haven't.

So Now Please make it number 1 by Voting and Vote my comment too.

The way this song is written, it's a work of genius. It makes you feel so human, so vulnerable, you can actually feel what the guy is feeling as he contemplates his love for this woman that he can't keep on loving but he can't seem to stop either. Beautiful.

Taylor Swift's voice make this song perfect. The deep meaning of Mayer admitting himself as a playboy is somehow respectful but also kinky. This song is absolutely awesome.

5 Heartbreak Warfare

I just LOVE this song so much! In my opinion, it should be the number 1! I can listen to it forever without getting sick of it. His voice is so great in the song, at the theme is amazing.
Great job John!

This song hits you so hard you feel like smiling and crying at the same time.. all the memories, good and bad come rushing.. truly great writing and beautiful music from the great John Mayer!

Amazing song! The lyrics are superb! Good to know its just a game, disappointment has a name, its heartbreak warfare!

6 Daughters

On top of his beautiful lyrics and strong vocal performance, he gives a piece of advice to fathers: your daughter will love like you loved her. So love her unconditionally.

This song got me hooked. Beautiful lyrics that a lot of you would find very meaningful if you give it a listen. Still to this day, sometimes I tear up when I listen to it!

This song made me give John a second listen. Now, I'm hooked. He has Stevie Ray going on with a great voice and inspired lyrics. Who could not love this and be moved by it?

7 Say

This is my all time favorite song. The music and the lyrics just talk for themselves. Maybe in 10 or 15 years, when I'll hear this song again I'll think of the amazing times I spent when I was 14-15-16 years old, when Say by John Mayer was my favorite song..

Honestly quite overrated and the lyrics are very repetitive. The chorus is just "say what you need to say" so many times you want to vomit. I love John Mayer and all of his songs except this one, just one man's opinion though

I came here thinking "SAY" would be the top song with the crown on top if it... but at 7? It's the first song of John Mayer I heard, and it's just amazing.. I feel it deserves a slot higheer than number 7 though...

8 Waiting on the World to Change

Beautiful lyrics.. No matter which part of the world you are from, you can relate to this song instantly...

This song is without a doubt one the greatest songs, and the lyrics are incredible
It never get's old. A breath taking

Timeless. This is the song that ultimately defines John Mayer-- soft guitar rifts, meaningful lyrics, awesome voice

9 Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Such a great song by John Mayer! Deserves to be in the top 10 at the very least. It is so emotional and raw and breathtaking all at the same time. Hard to resist listening to this song over and over again!

It's Is the Most amazing And heart-touching, I Don't believe that it is on 18 it must be on top 5 the song is Very Real very emotional. You don't even realize that when it started and when it's end! Just brillant

Amazing. Most people can relate to this song in one point in their lives. This Excellent melody can bring tears to your eyes.

10 Edge of Desire

It's a real heartwarming song.
This is the best song I have come across.
This one deserves a place in the top 5
Top 10 would be undermining the quality of this song.

That top ten list is not complete without this song, in fact, it deserves to be right there at the top, any spot less than that is injustice. Period!

How can this song not be number 1?! Listening to it just makes me feel like nothing else. What he says is true love. You just feel how sexy he is.

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11 Stop This Train

Deserves to be top 3 at least this is a beautiful song the train like melody fits the lyrics perfectly and it is his displays his amazing songwriting ability.

This song speaks to anyone who is scared to grow up, no matter what age you are.

One of the songs which shows Mayer's skill of writing a song for pretty much every moment in my life good or bad. Also the king of writing a simple but effective song. Although playing this song on guitar while singing is another story...

In my 20yrs of life, this 'Stop this Train' was the first one to make me cry. Maybe it's because of my narrowed music selecting taste but...this song is just... It came to my heart directly.

I can definitely say 'My life has gotten happier after knowing this song and John mayer'

12 Why Georgia

Catchiest hook, one of his most upbeat, great place in his range, infectious drum beat and guitar riff, addictive lyrics, silky melodies. Hands down the best.

My favorite John Mayer song. I listen to this when I'm trying to fall asleep. It always makes me feel better when I'm feeling down.

I love it because it's so relatable. Also because musically it's ingenious. I love the acoustics and the rhythm of it.

13 Bigger Than My Body

It's so inspiring to me... It should definitely go up in the list... Maybe even top it... Because it so deserves that

This song deserves a better rank, you guys must listen it!

This song is incredibly well written and I can relate to it so much. John mayer absolutely speaks for me. (Pun intended ;))

14 Free Fallin'

It isn't often that the cover is better than the original.. But John Mayer completely gives Tom Petty a run for his money!

This is my ultimate John Mayer song even if it is a cover, he transforms it completely and makes it one of his own!

Takes a completely different spin on a great song. Had numerous moments listening to this cover version and just feeling pure bliss

15 Dear Marie

Unbelievable! This one deserves much more higher place than least should be up there in top 5.

A song that takes our love for John Mayer to the next level.

Best song by John Mayer... Love it

16 Neon

The riff is the bane of all guitarists, but it's such a good song, it just makes me want to rip my hair out some times. His voice is fantastic in this as-well.

Really good song,... Amazing music, I think the acoustic version of this song is excellent... And I love the guitar riff of this song...

It's top 3 no doubt. EASILY beats wonderland and half of my heart...

17 St. Patrick's Day

The music is composed at a masterful level with lyrics/story that is equally impressive! A must-listen for those who want a new experience!

WHAT? This should be on the 10 list! This is probably one of the saddest song ever been, oh man what is wrong with you.

18 In Your Atmosphere

This is undoubtedly my absolute favourite song I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I get chills every time I listen to it and always just have to take a minute to appreciate the depth and emotion it possesses musically and lyrically. I have been able to relate to this song in so many of my life experiences and it has brought me to tears more than any other song I have ever heard. Clearly I believe this song deserves the #1 spot, but John Mayer is such a brilliant songwriter and musician that I am quite in love with so many of his songs and am not upset about 19 songs being ahead of this one in terms of popularity.

Absolutely amazed that this song isn't ranked higher. The guitar in this song is fantastic, and I don't think I have ever heard John sing better than on this song.

What adds to the charm of this song (for me), is the fact that it hasn't been released on a studio album. He wrote it in the tourbus. Well, if In Your Atmosphere is a leftover song, I can't even imagine what kind of other masterpieces he has written in his tourbus.

19 In the Blood

Great build up to a wonderful theme that keeps evolving, giving us a truly masterful vocal melody that is one of the greatest highways any singer would love to navigate.
In 30 years we will see 'In the blood' as John's greatest contribution to our popular culture.
Definitely one of his greatest compositions!

This one is one of the best John Mayer tracks. This albumn requires more than just a one listen. The best John Mayer album is Continuum but believe me after that The Search For Everything is so deep. And this one is the best song. but is underrated

Touched my soul. Need to go find more of his music.

20 New Light

It's new but the tunes are so soothing and mesmerizing. This song brings me joy.

This Should be in top 3

21 No Such Thing

This is where I fell on love with John Mayer.

Easily top ten

22 My Stupid Mouth

The best song of John Mayer. It just reflects all of the cause of each arguments out there. Well, no all but some of them. The lyrics are great too. And so is his guitar.

23 Who Says

This song is really a nice one... The soft melodious guitar chords with a low heavy voice.. Composed of soft pitches... Evenly distributed.. It's a perfect song.

I'm not lying, listen to this song every day! This is why john mayer is my favorite singer of this decade! Best wishes for you man!

Should be higher in the list... When you are alone and listen to this, it makes the loneliness so beautiful...

24 The Heart of Life

How is this song way down here?! It is so sweet and kind of mellow in a refreshing way- plus the sharp vocals have some inspirational lyrics behind them.

Such beautiful lyrics. This song has a really great meaning behind it, definitely my favorite Mayer song.

This is such a beautiful song.
Placed 19th! Such a shame
For me this one definitely tops the list!

25 Clarity

Easily his best song. Each verse has a slightly different tune, and the music complements his voice perfectly. Huge variety of tunes.

Nobody said this is not his best work. Maybe I must said that in million ways, and that's why this song must placed in circa 3rd-2nd place.

This has got to be his best song! Got a GREAT beat. Really glad I found it as I looked through his songs.

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