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1 Waterloo Sunset

People compare this to 'Penny Lane', but that song is a consciously quirky tableau, static; WS is an open-ended story, full of movement, flowing like the river, already nostalgic before it's present moment is over, and yet timeless.

Hands down most beautiful pop song ever written. From Ray's lyrics and perfect voice to Dave's legendary guitar work...this is classic pop rock defined. It doesn't and never will get better than this. God save the Kinks!

They don't get much more classic than this every young person should hear this. Ray Davies performed it at the Olympics In London.

2 You Really Got Me

When punk bands recognize a song as the seminal sound of punk, and garage bands recognize the same song as their initial influence -- and then hard rock / metal bands recognize that exact same song as their genre's starting point, you have something incredible that almost no other band can lay claim to. As far as the Page myth - even Jimmy Page himself has admitted that he did NOT play on this song.

I absolutely agree with the comment about how difficult it is to realize how radical this song was over 50 years ago, but if you listen to nothing but Gerry & the Pacemakers for about a week and then put this on - that should do the trick.

Why the BS about Jimmy Page playing guitar on this song? As far as I can tell there is only one source in the world for this myth - Jon Lord. On the other hand, every member of the Kinks, their producer, their engineer, and Jimmy Page, himself, says he did not play on You Really Got Me. The real story is so much more interesting. A 17 year old self-taught guitar player, Dave Davies, changed the way all rock guitar was played thereafter. Who wouldn't dream of doing that? It is completely BS that this myth has robbed him of this fame.

3 Come Dancing
4 Lola

I named my dog after this!

A it's a unique picture.

Very good song

5 All Day and All of the Night

Came on this list expecting it to be number 1, but number 7!?!? That's just messed up

Brings back memories of when I was younger.

Hello, I Love You haha... I think The Kinks is such an underrated band

6 Sunny Afternoon

Great song... Makes you feel that you are just floating away..

Just a relaxing laid back feeling to this song.

The kinks are one of the few things that make me wish I was born 25 years earlier

7 Tired of Waiting for You

The part where the vocals go higher And then build up is so pretty. The kinks really are the most underrated band in modern music (with maybe Depeche Mode and Madness)

Their 2nd No1 single a very different sound to the first a bit more laid back with lyrics of sadness about waiting for someone you love.

Such a brilliant song that has inspired many equally excellent covers. This should be higher!

8 A Well Respected Man

Names the way normal society thinks.

Great song. Reminds me of Juno.

9 Destroyer

Really this should be in top 5 it's so addicting. Come on people this is a great kinks song man some people don't know the definitely of music

10 20th Century Man
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11 Days

Started listening this song in memory of certain someone, even today this song is still stuck in my head

12 Celluloid Heroes

It's really good song. It's one of the my favorite songs. Awesome!

13 Shangri-La

Starts off depressing, ends up becoming a masterpiece...

to get the real effect you still have to listen to the entire album, like Village Green...

14 See My Friends

In my opinion, this song belongs on the first page, if not the top ten. Has a very unique sound which drew the attention of the likes of Pete Townshend. I love the themes of loneliness and grief expressed in this song. Was one of the few songs at the time that Ray was proud of. Please vote for this song!

15 Better Things

The optimism in this song is beautiful and it makes me feel happy every time I hear it. Severely underrated though.

I just love be it.

16 Some Mother's Son
17 Death of a Clown
18 Do You Remember Walter?

Not sure who it is for, but is by far one of my favorite songs. In my opinion, the whole album is the best.

19 Rock and Roll Fantasy

I can't believe it is #51 on the list! This is my favorite Kinks song of all time! Great ballad leading up to triumphant ending.

Best kinks song by far! Should be number one!

20 Dead End Street

The message behind this song, I can't describe it, it just makes me feel humbled. Between that, and a really catchy beat, I love this song. One of my favorites.

21 Do It Again
22 Apeman

In this time of Covid 19 I'd like to go live in a jungle away from society. Just makes me think of a less complicated life.

23 Victoria

Oh my god. Not only one of the Kinks' best songs but surely an all time great. Croquet lawns village greens Victoria was my queen;suck on that Take That!

I love this song. It really should be higher on the list.

Needs more votes, what a song!

24 Strangers

Probably the most underrated song of all time! Always gives me the feels.

Sung by Dave Davies. Much better than You Really Got Me.

My personal favorite on the album. So underrated.

25 Dedicated Follower of Fashion
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