Best *NSYNC Songs of All Time

*NSYNC is a pop group that was extremely popular during the late 90s.
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1 Tearin' Up My Heart

I think that this is a great song. I don't care what anyone else says, this song should be number 1!

Best ever.! Justin in his white wife beater, wind blowing his over shirt back... Epic

2 I Want You Back

Cause your all I ever wanted, Your all that I ever needed.

3 Bye Bye Bye

This song is such a classic. I don't know anyone who was a child of the 90s and doesn't know it along with the legend "Bye Bye Bye" dance move from the music video.

It's amazing and really catchy! One of the best songs I have heard from them. Better than most of the music nowadays for sure.

This song just about owns all the rubbish One Direction & The Wanted put out combined. Gotta love everything from the early 2000s!

4 For the Girl Who Has Everything
5 It's Gonna Be Me

I think the video really scores my vote. I like how they are suppose to be dolls it's funny but creative. I also like how they brought back that stalker girl from bye bye bye. The song isn't bad either but the video is the best one I think they have ever done!

Aw crazy memories of my early teens, great pop music back. I will always give the spice girls my number 1 for pop music from the 90s but sometimes I like to wrap up spice girls, backstreet boys, Nsync into one ball and put them up at number 1. This song brings me so many memories and a sense of nostalgia can't believe they're old and us too :(

6 This I Promise You

Yes, I love listening this song and it's truly great. Why isn't this number 1 it's totally amazing and JC sings his best vocals to date on this and it's most likely nothing will surpass it.

This is really a very amazing songs... They put a lot of emotions to sing it and it is a very good song. I don't like "bye bye bye" that much... I like this song better...

Uh, best love song of all time, come on people... This is definitely their best song of this album and of their whole careers.

7 Here We Go
8 More Than a Feeling
9 Pop

This one didn't get the credit it deserved. Brought a fresh spin to the pop sound that made them popular. I still like it better than anything Timberlake has done since NSYNC.

One of the highest moments into the dance pop music.

10 Gone

It was my favorite hands down. At the time the boy bands were getting old, and then N*Sync came out with this final album with this classic. I was so surprised and happy with the song. I still listen to it to this day!

Best song to me by far. This should be way higher. It also had one of the better videos as well.

Great song! Low how it is slow so I really like to listen to it.

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11 Girlfriend

This is the only song I keep singing over and over in my head. I was about 14 or 15 when this song came out...It made me feel sassy/flirty back then.

Still listening to it at 20
13. Its just so fresh.

12 No Strings Attached

This is BY FAR their best song! Top 3 at least! I don't see how songs such as this and Girlfriend are this far back!

1. ) No Strings Attached
2. ) Bye Bye Bye
3. ) Girlfriend

That's it.

13 I'll Never Stop
14 (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You

My mom song this song to me when I was a baby and it's a beautiful song honestly.

15 Music of My Heart
16 Thinking of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)

What... this song is the best, why placed as the 18th?

17 It Makes Me Ill

I just love this song so much. The intro by Justin timberlake is just so catchy. This is why I fell in love with nsync and Justin timberlake! By far the best!

18 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

It's a great song for Christmas time when we're setting up the trees opening it is a Merry Christmas

19 I Thought She Knew

While most of their songs showed their ability to make us (to quote "Pop") "get hyped, " this showed off their beautiful vocal ability. They were an a cappella group first, and this allows us to hear all of their voices´┐Ż"not just Justin and J.C.'s with a blend of the other threes'. Here we get a Joey solo (he was so robbed), Lance's bass notes, and Chris's countertenor. Definitely one of my favorites.

My favorite song of all time. I relate to to this song so much.

20 Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)

My favorite song! So underrated. I love the whole No Strings Attached album!

21 Could It Be You

Less people listen on this song I believe.. It a nice songs need to be heard. Support it support it.. Old good songs always remember. Like otehr songs "This I promise you", "bye bye bye", "I want you back" which I always listen too.

22 The Game is Over
23 Tell Me, Tell Me... Baby

*NSYNC at their most manic. Just fantastic. The third song in a spiritual progression of hard hitting tracks -- "Bye Bye Bye", "It's Gonna Be Me", "Tell Me, Tell Me... Baby"

This song is so catchy and amazing I could listen to this all day and I wouldn't be bored

24 Just Don't Tell Me That
25 Best of My Life
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