Best Songs Influenced by Lovecraft

Lovecraft is one of the greatest horror, fantasy and science fiction writer. His works have a big influence in music, especially in heavy metal music. This list is about the best song that speaks about Lovecraft or about his works.
The Top Ten
1 The Call of Ktulu - Metallica
2 The Thing that Should Not Be - Metallica

The Best Song They Ever Created

3 Call of Dagon - Therion

Really? Metallica? Come on guys. Metallica prays to Therion before they go to sleep. Make the right choice here.

4 Behind the Wall of Sleep - Black Sabbath
5 Cthulhu Dawn - Cradle of Filth
6 All Nightmare Long - Metallica
7 Cthulhu - Therion
8 Morbid Tales - Celtic Frost
9 The Ancient Ones - Morbid Angel
10 Lovecraft's Death - Septic Flesh
The Contenders
11 Mother of Abominations - Cradle of Filth
12 Nocturnal Fear - Celtic Frost
13 Dunwich - Electric Wizard
14 The Watchman - Fields of the Nephilim
15 Cthulhu - Zombeast
16 Lost In the Ice - Rage

Perfect lyrics, awesome composing. A song in Rage style which is a good feature. Interpolation of some classical instrumental makes the song only better. Good guitar solos, also.

17 R'lyeh the Dead - Adagio
18 The Outsider - Electric Wizard
19 In a Nameless Time - Rage

Amazing song! It's like "The Call of Ktulu" by Metallica, only with lyrics!

20 Shadow Out of Time - Rage
21 Awaken (Mustakrakish) - Dethklok
22 Weird Tales - Electric Wizard
23 4th Arra of Dagon - Nile
24 Dagon - Malevolentia
25 The Silver Key - Dark Moor
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