Top Ten Misfits Songs

Top 10 Misfits songs of all time. Through all their eras.
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1 Last Caress

Last caress is simply a perfect punk song. It contains enough political incorrectness to make any conservative wince. Danzig's vocals really capture the audiences attention. Also, the song is just perfectly structured with the one two punch of the opening verses which leads into the chaotic ramblings of the choruses and distorted feedback.

There most popular song and for good reasons, fast and intense just like the Misfits should be.

Hells yeah. Can't get enough of this.

Sure die die my darling is nr 2 but not 1. I'm telling ya Last caress is way better

2 Dig Up Her Bones

This is the only good song the misfits made without Danzig.

I love this song! I think it's really good.

I'm 100% sure this song it's better!

One of those where you just have to sing along. Dig up her bones, helelna, and scream are my favourites

3 Die, Die My Darling

A classic Misfits song.

The cover by Metallica is badass, and this is absolutte weird and cool to (forgive me if my English is bad, I from Colombia)

4 Hybrid Moments

In my opinion the best Misfits song, epic vocals and ripping power chords.

I swear, this song is its own genre, it's a definite Misfits classic!

It's their best

5 Skulls

First Misfits song that I ever heard. Have always played this one with every band/jam session I have ever been in. Fun song to play drums on!

An underrated Misfits song with what I think some of Danzig's best vocals.

Best Punk song ever!

6 Saturday Night

Even though I prefer Danzig's era, this is definitely my favorite Misfits song!

7 Astro Zombies

Can't get enough of this song!

Love this song!

8 Scream

Great guitar riff

9 Helena

Voted this cause it deserves a higher spot, though some others do as well and aren't, this one is a recent favorite of mine, is easily top 2 or 3 in the album at least, could be #1 of the album as well and should easily be top 10 from their whole catalogue

Best Graves era Misfits song in my opinion.

10 Where Eagles Dare
The Contenders
11 Hollywood Babylon
12 TV Casualty
13 We are 138
14 Static Age
15 Bullet

Messed up but in that badass Misfits way.

16 Some Kinda Hate

Some great guitar and vocal work on this underrated track.

17 Fiend Club
18 Attitude

A classic punk anthem.

19 Halloween
20 American Psycho

Why the hell is this not on the list?

21 Spinal Remains
22 20 Eyes
23 Green Hell
24 London Dungeon

Clearly the best song by the Misfits, so why it is ranked in #26, come on guys wake up!

Not my favorite, but it's really low on this list so I have to vote for it.

25 Cough/Cool

This is Misfits first song and definitely on of their best. I absolutely love the sound of this song

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