Top Ten The Pretty Things Albums

The Pretty Things were an English R&B band formed in 1963 by vocalist Phil May and guitarist Dick Taylor w/ John Stax (bass), Brian Pendleton (guitar), and Viv Prince (drums).

The Stones' greatest competitors in their earlier days, the band's breakthrough album, "S.F. Sorrow", was released 1968, followed by top-flight album "Parachute" in 1970.
The Top Ten
1 S.F. Sorrow

Perhaps one of the most innovative albums of it's time- S.F. Sorrow follows a heart-wrenching journey indeed.

2 Parachute
3 Emotions

My personal favourite Pretties' album. The reason Emotions isn't as critically-acclaimed as it's successors is because it is a transition album for the band as they discover their "new sound" w/ S.F. Sorrow.

"The Sun" and "House Of Ten" are beautiful compositions whilst "Progress" is a terrific and upbeat single.

4 Get The Picture?
5 The Pretty Things

"Road Runner" is terrific and "Rosalyn" is top-flight but the remaining tracks are all average covers that the Stones' had done better.

6 Rage Before Beauty

A terrific later album that doesn't get spoken of enough. Has a fantastic rendition of Barry's "Eve of Destruction" and a couple beautiful tracks from Phil May.

I especially appreciate "God Give Me The Strength (To Carry On)." It can be perceived as May's musical autobiography;

"If a moment in time can be captured forever
Make mine black and white- so sharp to the eye.

Full of strength in my heart and illusions unbroken
For the song on my lips and the love in your eyes."

7 Freeway Madness

Freeway Madness is a "safe" album- not objectively bad but boring.

Jon Povey's "Over The Moon" is lovely though. It's one of his greatest contributions to the band.

8 Savage Eye

Surprisingly under spoken Pretty Things' album. It was recorded in the midst of turmoil and Phil May quit soon after recording but a solid effort nonetheless.

9 Silk Torpedo

I found Silk Torpedo tedious. "Dream / Joey" is worth checking but the rest of the album is skippable.

10 Cross Talk

NOT a fan of Cross Talk. The songs are too underwhelming and unmemorable for me as the Pretties' engage in new wave movement. Apparently some people do enjoy Cross Talk though. To each their own.

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