Best Scott McKinzie Songs

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1 Don't Make Promises

Yeah, this is probably his best song of all time. People don't vote for it because they know it's the best, and they're just jealous as hell.

But we do well voting for this cult song!

How can the San Francisco song be even more highly rated than this one? Damn, I'm losing my faith in humanity. This song has to be the number 1 song. Well, at least it is to me.

Sure, this is his best of all time, no doubt about it.

2 San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair)

This was undoubtedly one of the most successful songs going back in time. The vocals are not really impressive, but the lyrics and their depth, in themselves, knew how to give a good show to each of the common people and even fans of the progressive music of that time.

This is not exactly a masterpiece, but this song also could be one of the most cared-for songs by its author. I simply believe in the affirmation that claims this song's (Ultimate Version, 2018) as one of the best remastered or updated versions of all in music.

3 Like an Old Time Movie

Hearing this song is like reliving an immortal essence of cinematographic culture.

Hell no, I can't accept this song being outside of the number 1 position. Come on, be the first! It's one of my favorite songs of all time!

This song is a classic, not so well-known yet, but still one of the best songs from the '60s.

4 Reason to Believe

This song is still one of my only reasons to look at life and believe in music when I'm so depressed.

5 Celeste

Greatest song by Scott McKenzie, in my opinion, and also one of the most important songs released in 1967, if I remember correctly. Even my sisters love this song a lot since it's a big classic that could never die because of its quality points.

How is this song underrated? This is the best Scott's song I've ever heard in a while. Please make it Top 5, at least.

One of the best songs to dedicate to a beautiful or handsome girl.

6 Look in Your Eyes

Agree, the song is just so relaxing. Also, I've got to mention it's one of my Top 90 favorite songs of all time. I think this song should be at the number 2 spot, at least since the other songs cannot be real competition to this one and its lyrics.

Most relaxing song to look into someone's eyes.

7 Holy Man

I didn't really expect to see this song outside of the top 3. Damn, this is a very well-crafted song for each year. I feel that this song could be ranked at number 4, at least. It's so good, in my opinion, guys!

One of the most pure songs in lyrical terms. I wonder how high it can be ranked, since it's by far the best Scott McKenzie song of all time, in my opinion!

This is a pretty good song, in my opinion. I don't know, but it just should be the 2nd or even 3rd. I didn't expect to see it so low on the list, although I respect opinions too.

8 What's the Difference

Good and clean song, why isn't it second?

9 No, No, No, No, No

One of the best songs in classic hippie rock.

10 It's Not Time Now
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