Best SeeU Songs

SeeU the vocaloid has many great songs (thanks to the person who voiced SeeU and the people who create her songs) and this is me, listing my opinion for the world to see. This will be listing covers that Seeu has done also.
The Top Ten
1 I=Fantasy

This has got to be the song that everyone thinks of when someone mentions Seeu. Weather you like it or not it's recognizable with it's beat, smooth voice, and memorable english translation. Unlike lots of vocaloid songs, if someone were to do an english cover of this song on the radio it might become very popular.

She sound so cute in the song!

2 Hide and Seek

Taking away the innocence, comes a Seeu singing about the demonic game of Hide and Seek Alone. The song is based off a scary story about a possesed doll that makes the song all the more scary. Not only that but her voice changes a lot from clear to raspy which really makes the song all the more frightening.

3 Error

Though (like most songs) the origanal is much better I have to say that this (and the Oliver version) makes Seeu seem much more innocent and I see her as a better "person" after listening to a dirty song such as I=Fantasy. Seeu's clear voice went perfectly with this song and I love how powerful she sounds.

4 Mission

It's cute. No really, it's adorable! Lot's of the words are in english so it's easy to sing along to. Hearing Seeu sing "Be my baby baby" has got to be the cutest thing I've heard. Her voice is just right for this song!

5 Reflection

Wow, Seeu's english is really fantastic in this song. Congrats to the creator of this, I mean wow. There was one little thing that bothered me throughout the song. Seeu's Rs were way too strong to sound like a normal person, she held them for too long. When she sang "girl" it sounded more like "Guhrrl" but it was still understandable, clear, and made me flashback into my childhood. Good job for the person who made Seeu song this!

6 Happy Snthesizer

The one with Miku singing with her makes Seeu sound all the more smooth and happy. This was one of the first songs I heard Seeu and Miku sing together and probably the best. I honestly can say this song made me smile.

7 I=Nightmare

A sequel to I=Fantasy, this would have been higher but it kept the same beat, tune, and didn't add on much from the first. This also would have been lower if it weren't for that little bit added on. The singing in the background that causes fast beats and slow beats to combind really throw your ears off causing a creepy tune. Once again, good use of Seeu's voice.

First time I heard this, I was stunned. Amazing.

8 Love is War

The original was better and it seems that no one can sing it quite right like Miku but I've happen to stumble across some where Seeu has been applied with just enough power to make me happy, but not enough power to make it past 8th best.

9 Gangdam style

No! No! The only reason this is here is because it's funny. Her soft voice isn't meant for rapping so it's funny! And yes Ponponpon is worse than this.

10 Alone

The beat is so entertaining and keeps me wanting more and more! The story is pretty sad too, but I just love all the emotion in the song.

Alone is a great song

The Contenders
11 Ponponpon Korean Version

Hearing Seeu singing Korean in a famous is wonderful, seeing MMDs where she dances to it is even better. The only reason that it's last is because her smooth voice doesn't go well will upbeat happy songs (not counting happy synthesizer and Mission)

12 Run
13 Strawberry
14 Uninstall
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