Top 10 Songs Where People Always Misinterpret the Meaning

Almost every song has meaning. Some songs have straightforward meanings while some others have complicated meaning and lyrics. There are songs that people always misinterpret the meaning of it. It is probably because of the good melody and hooks of the song. Here are 10 songs people misinterpret the meaning.
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1 Born in the U.S.A. - Bruce Springsteen

This is about America's involvement in the Vietnam War. Springsteen once said, "Born in the USA" the "most misunderstood song since 'Louie, Louie.'" Verse 2 explains it:
"Got in a little hometown jam
So they put a rifle in my hand
Sent me off to a foreign land
To go and kill the yellow man"

2 I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton

This is not a breakup song. This is about Dolly Parton's decision to stop working with her mentor Porter Wagnor. "I was with Porter for seven years, and I learned so many things from Porter. We had one of those relationships where we were just so passionate about what we did; it was like fire and ice." But this song could also work as a breakup song since the lyrics aren't much different from other breakup songs.

3 Blackbird - The Beatles

It's not about a blackbird whose wings are broken. Blackbird was written after reading about race riot in America. It was written to describe the struggle of African American. Paul McCartney also said it inspired by hearing the call of blackbird in India. Blackbird is a metaphor for young black girl.

4 Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls

It isn't just a normal love song. It is about unplanned pregnancy.

John Rzeznik told Billboard in 2018: "I was thinking a lot about the neighborhood I grew up in. 'Slide' is about a teenage boy and girl. They're trying to figure out if they're going to keep the baby or if she's going to get an abortion or if they're just going to run away,"

"They're dealing with these heavy life choices at a very early age. Everybody grew up way too fast."

Verse two explains it:
"Don't you love the life you killed?
The priest is on the phone
Your father hit the wall
Your ma' disowned you
Don't suppose I'll ever know
What it means to be a man
It's something I can't change
I'll live around it."

5 Like a Virgin - Madonna

It's about starting a good new relationship. The song actually didn't for a female performer. It is for the co-writer Billy Stienberg. He explained it at Los Angeles Times: "I was saying... that I may not really be a virgin—I've been battered romantically and emotionally like many people—but I'm starting a new relationship and it just feels so good, it's healing all the wounds and making me feel like I've never done this before, because it's so much deeper and more profound than anything I've ever felt."

About how a new relationship that makes it feel like she's completely new and unexperienced.
Also is it a hot take to say there are quite a few cases of songs which have "hidden meanings" where the hidden meaning is actually really silly or makes no sense? (This isn't an example though).

6 S&M - Rihanna

It's about her love hate relationship with the media.
"'Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it"
It's her reaction to the media abuse towards her when she changed to a more provocative style. She admits that she's bad and she thinks she's good at being bad. She like being provocative, but some people isn't.

7 The One I Love - R.E.M.

It isn't just a normal love songs. This is a breakup songs. Mike Mills the bass player say: "The song was incredibly violent. It's very clear that it's about using people over and over's a vicious breakup song". Stipe say, "It's probably better that they think it's a love song at this point."

8 Imagine - John Lennon

It isn't only about world peace. John Lennon once described the song as "virtually the Communist Manifesto, even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement."

John Lennon said, "'Imagine' is a big hit almost everywhere - anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional, anti-capitalistic, but because it is sugarcoated, it is accepted." He added, "Now I understand what you have to do: Put your political message across with a little honey."

9 Every Breath You Take - The Police

I don't know why I voted, it was probably due that 1 "stalker" comment.

10 Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams: "It's about making love in the summer. It's using '69 as a sexual reference." 69 is a position.
This part explains it:
"Standin' on your mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh, and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life."

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11 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

If you add items, can you at least explain?

12 Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

People think this is about a long distance relationship (or LDR). It's actually about a stalker, sung from the stalker's point of view.

Whoever added this, can you explain?

13 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
14 ...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

This song have nothing do with masochism. This song is actually about wanting her boyfriend to call her. The writer Max Martin think hit is a slang for call (he's Swedish).

15 I Like to Move It - Crazy Frog
16 We Found Love - Rihanna

Don't let the title fool you! Billboard just put this song on the Best Love Songs of 21st century list. It's about toxic relationship.

17 Closing Time - Semisonic
18 Wish You Were Gay - Billie Eilish
19 I Don't Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats
20 Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5

This isn't a love song. This song is about the band's frustration with their record label's pressure on making more material for their debut album. The band thought they had enough material for a release, but when the label told them to keep writing, Adam Levine wrote this song in frustration at the pressure.

21 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day
22 Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
23 American Pie - Don McLean
24 In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
25 Angel - Sarah McLachlan
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