Puga Rants: Meghan Trainor

Puga Yay. Meghan Sprainor has had three notable songs, let's take a look at them.
The song is so hypocritical and just sums up how Meghan is the second biggest hypocrite in the industry behind "Taytay". How? Well, she says that everyone is perfect, but she's dissing skinny people all through the song. And if you're trying to defend her by saying that she's just playin', then why is she actually trying to convey a moral in the first place if she's gonna act like she's not serious? Anyway, Meghan has every right to feel confident in her "fatness"(she's actually average enough. She's acting like a victim), but she has no right to diss "dem skinny bitches".

This song is basically the exact same ass AATB, just with the beat faster, a low budget and sh*t music video and replacing "skinny bitches" with MEN. Yup, Meghan is sexist. She's clearly saying that all her partners ever do is lie and there's evidence all around the place to suggest she means the whole gender. And I don't usually care about the video, but it looks like a five-year old wearing a Rolling Stones shirt designed the set. And those close ups of her lips make me want to vomit.

This one I kind of have to talk about the video. It's been called sexist, but I'm not really sure. The lyrics are sexist in my eyes, but the video just seems to suggest that Meghan is not a kitchen whore and the men are being treated fair enough. The video is slamming down all the women stereotypes , so, it could be positive. However, the lyrics ARE sexist, suggesting that all men are people who just sit around all day and have their wife do all the work AND that ALL MALES live by these stereotypes. Now, I'm not saying that all men are innocent, there are sexist men and there are women who can realise men are being treated unfairly in media, but a Meghan believes that woman are the victims and that men get no criticism at all. That's just plain hypocritical and sexist. Read my previous rant to see why that is BULLS***. The last thing I'd like to mention is that the beat is completely unoriginal, just like the rest of Meghan Painor's music. The beat is stolen from Olly Murs' Dance With Me Tonight. All this hypocrisy means Meghan is now officially my second least favourite "singer" behind you-know-who. Here is my current top five:
5. Direction
4. Brown
3. Minaj
1. Swift
Dammit, I'm signing out, this has been another episode of Puga Rants.


Same "ass" AATB, you say? You really couldn't help yourself, and frankly I don't blame you. What shall she do next? Wouldn't surprise me if one day she further enhanced her hypocritical discordant droning and worked with Robin Thicke. - PositronWildhawk

*claps* My thoughts exactly. - RiverClanRocks

Good job. - Pony

Thanks to her there's that Damn commercial with the babies that I have to endure every Saturday morning - bobbythebrony

You people should check out the "All About That Bass" parody by Bart Baker. It's really funny. - visitor

Have you ever listened to Meghan Tranior's Title? If not, here's one word of advice: don't. - visitor

I share the same opinions as you and RiverClan. - PizzaGuy

Hate AATB,sounds annoying and hypocritical. - SamuiNeko

"I'm all about that bass", well, no one cares, and I'm not about it at all! - Skullkid755

Only good post ever made by 2015 me. I was giong through a phase. Blogs all piss - Puga

No, you have very good blogs bro. I'll admit, there were a few that could've been better, but they were good for the most part. - visitor

Dear Future Husband is sexist to both genres. It has shrunk on me, but is still on of her "better" songs - ProPanda

Ah Puga back in the old days. He was such a different user back then. Much more serious. - visitor

What a nonk amirite - Puga

Nah. He was still pretty good. - visitor

I wanted to read something like this. I got it. Awesome. In the song, I think she means 'base' and not 'bass' - visitor