Worst Things About Tool

I like Tool, but they’re an extremely flawed band and there’s a lot to hate about them. This list compiles all of their worst traits.
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1 The constant pointless noise and filler takes up a large portion of their albums and occasionally songs

First of all, don't try and defend "Ænema" by saying it's "to break up the album so you can listen to it as an album." If they wanted you to listen to it as an album, they wouldn't have needed all the pointless filler intermissions, interludes, and unnecessary noise.

If you listen to the song "Disgustipated," it's six minutes of song and nine minutes of literal crickets and noise. The song itself is incredibly repetitive and literally exists for no reason at all.

A lot of their songs are actually very uninspiring and lack substance. They cleverly disguise this by incorporating random fillers and weird lyrics.

2 They didn’t allow their music on streaming services

They say it's because they want their music to be listened to as an album. If you want it to be listened to like that, just tell people that. There's no reason you should disallow your fans from listening to your music because of that. You're just pushing people to pirate your music and do the opposite of what you want them to do. Also, don't tell your fans who listen to your music and give you money how to listen to your music. If you want to say how you think it should be listened to, that's fine. But there's no reason to be this immature about it.

3 A lot of their music is boring and/or repetitive

If you listen to Lateralus, it just goes back and forth between Maynard's calm vocals and the drums and the heavy part. There's also the boring intro and lousy guitar solo. It's just a snooze fest.

Looking at Disgustipated again, the entire song is 100% pointless. It's just an incredibly repetitive and awful six-minute song with seven minutes of pointless noise and filler.

Absolutely agree with this item. Their music is so boring and repetitive that I can't stand their songs for more than ten seconds.

Even if I am a fan, I consider this the pure truth.

4 They have a rabid fanbase

I mean, they act like Tool is the best thing in the world, and they worship Maynard like he's a god, even though he'd just as soon spit in their faces. And, like I've said, they overanalyze their music to no end.

I hate Tool. My ex was obsessed, and I'm so sick of hearing it over and over again. I never liked them, and now I truly hate them. They make my skin crawl.

5 They’re immature, both in their music and in real life
6 They’re overhyped

I can never escape them on the Internet, especially on this site. Plus, they're way more popular than they deserve to be. There's no reason they should be more popular than Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Dream Theater, etc. Those are all bands that came before Tool and also worked way harder than they did.

7 They have weak and generic instrumentation

Referring back to Lateralus, the drumming is just boring and the riff is nothing special. The bass isn't either, and Maynard has weak vocals. His screaming is just meh, and there's nothing all that special about it.

8 The lyrics aren’t that good

I've seen all kinds of people praise their lyrics as "genius" and overanalyze them to the point that it's annoying. Tool doesn't have deep, complex, meaningful lyrics. They just write about things pretty much anyone could write about. Their rabid, awful fanbase overanalyzes the lyrics and makes them seem much better than they actually are.

If you look at "Octavarium" by Dream Theater, that's a song you can actually analyze and find a lot more of value in. It's a far more unique song with much better lyrics and is vastly superior in every way. "Lateralus" is repetitive and drags throughout the entire song, while "Octavarium" is incredibly varied and never drags.

9 Maynard isn’t a very good singer

When he's singing calmly, it's just boring. When he's screaming, it's laughable. Just because he sings with emotion doesn't make him a great singer.

10 A lot of their songs are way longer than they have to be for absolutely no reason

First of all, don't argue that Dream Theater is guilty of this. They're still cranking out great epics to this day. There's no reason half of Tool's songs should be as long as they are. Disgustipated shouldn't even exist. Lateralus is boring and has no reason to be nine and a half minutes long.

I don't have a problem with long songs. A lot of my favorite songs are longer than Tool's songs, but Tool's songs are just unnecessarily long. Meshuggah does this as well, but at least Meshuggah does a good job at it most of the time.

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11 They promise to release an album, but don't
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