My Chemical Romance Songs With the Best Bridges

On most My Chemical Romance songs, after the second chorus, the boys like to change it up a little bit. with tempo changes and whatnot, Here are the best ones in my opinion...

The Top Ten

1 Famous Last Words

Once the music stops, except for the simply plucked guitar, and Gerard sings that immortal line, "I see you lying next to me..." you are pumped. Anybody who isn't is lying. A powerful call to arms and standing up to sing. - Shaday7x

2 This is How I Disappear

Wow, yet another grim but infinitely memorable section of a great My Chemical Romance song. The whole guitar breakdown is epic before picking up the pace again. - Shaday7x

3 Demolition Lovers

Another dark bridge, highlighted by a great guitar/drum interlude to segue right into the grand finale of this opus. - Shaday7x

4 Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

"Everybody wants to change the world, but no one wants to die! " 'enough said.
Seriously, though. That shredding behind line is sick and opens up the guitar solo perfectly. - Shaday7x

5 Mama

This bridge is just so creepy and haunting. Gerard screaming "Mama! " over again is just so tortured. - Shaday7x

6 Boy Division

The whole segment after the second chorus is a complete tempo and mood changer, making an already-heavy song even heavier. - Shaday7x

7 Make Room!!!

Think Na Na Na's bridge, only done longer, and catchier. - Shaday7x

8 The Kids From Yesterday

The build-up to Gerard saying "Today..." over a soaring guitar riff is unforgettable. - Shaday7x

9 Dead!

God, something about the whole saxophone part over the solo is so well-placed. I dunno, but I love the lyrics of it as well. - Shaday7x

10 The Light Behind Your Eyes

A sad song all around, something about the third verse just gets to me every time. Gerard's vocals are on point and beautiful. - Shaday7x

The Contenders

11 Helena (So Long & Goodnight)
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