Greatest National Heroes from the Philippines

The Philippines suffered greatly from political disorder and instability but it also fought to freedom and prestige with the help of some of it's best known Heroes.

Here are some of the most well known National Heroes of the Philippines.

The Top Ten

1 Jose Rizal

The greatest National hero of our country. He inspired many people to oppress Spanish rule and fight for their freedom. His most well known works like "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" helped achieve greater standard any Filipino can achieve. His death was motivational and was a booster for political reform. He will be remembered as one of the most important people in our Nation. - Neonco31

2 Andres Bonifacio

The founder of the Katipunan. The 2nd greatest after Jose himself. He assisted isolated resistance groups and rebels into joining his cause. He helped the Katipuneros defeat the Spaniards during their many fights for freedom in the late 1890s. - Neonco31

3 Emilio Aguinaldo

In addition to being a hero, he was the first President of the Philippines. He helped established the 1st Philippine Republic and even fought against the Americans in which he failed. Despite the defeat, the Americans helped him in achieving the required standards for the Modern Philippines and it's path to Independence. - Neonco31

4 Lapu-lapu

The very first National Hero of the Philippines. In 1521, he killed Ferdinand Magellan during his conquest across the globe. - Neonco31

5 Marcelo H. Del Pilar

A key leader of the Reformation Movement, Del Pilar was also a lawyer, freemason, and journalist. - Neonco31

6 Apolinario Mabini

Apolinario assisted our fellow countrymen during the Philippine Revolution. Despite foiled attempts, he never gave up. After the war, He became the first Prime Minister of the Philippines. - Neonco31

7 Juan Luna

One of the greatest Filipino Generals, Juan Luna and his bravest men resisted American attacks. He has efficient strategy and skill which helped him defeat the Americans but he still can't stop them from taking over the Philippines. - Neonco31

8 Melchora Aquino

The Grand Woman of the Revolution, Melchora made many contributions to the Philippine society. - Neonco31

9 Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat

A Sultan from Mindanao, Dipatuan Kudarat helped the native Muslims drive out the Spaniards out of his homeland. Mindanao remained unconquered from many decades since then. - Neonco31

10 Gabriela Silang

The very first Female Hero of the Philippines. She led the Ilocanos in their revolts against Spain but sadly, she was executed on September 1763. - Neonco31

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