Top Ten Natural Highs

Who needs drugs / alcohol when there are natural highs in life?
Have your own idea of a natural high? Feel free to add.

The Top Ten

1 Music

Good or evil, fine or foul, music is the language of the spirit.

Music is my life

I added this item before "Falling in Love" because not even falling in love gives me that heady sensation that music gives me; especially Blues music; particularly Butterfield when he sings or plays harp; or Bloomfield on guitar. Nothing else manages to lift or gets me driftin' and driftin' quite like Butterfield Blues Band. Sweeet... - Britgirl

2 Falling in love

Yep. That's a really great high! - clusium

3 Laughing

Britgirl, It's like a universal fact that you are such a genius.. I'm serious.
Great list ( Like others of yours) - Ananya

@Ananya - thank you very much ;D - Britgirl

4 Family / friends
5 Good memories
6 Watching movies

And you just can't stop watching them - Ananya

7 Achieving your goals

The feeling that you keep working for something all the time...The goals which don't let you sleep, It's something...That... I can't explain, It's just so positive - Ananya

8 Pursuing hobbies
9 Duvet days

Ahh...those days when you wrap up in your duvet for at least one day a fortnight when you do nothing but eat junk, watch, junk and talk junk? - Britgirl

10 Farting

The Contenders

11 Sunshine

England has the sun today! Goodness knows what will happen now...! - Britgirl

12 Faith

It brings the believer such a great joy in knowing that God Loves them! - clusium

13 Dancing

"Have I a hope for half a chance to even ask if I could dance with you?
Would you greet me or politely turn away...? " - Britgirl

14 Being Naked

Everyday is naked day at my house

Not when you wake up that way on Sunday morning, just before services, on a pew in an unfamiliar church. (Not that a familiar one would be any better.)

15 Sleeping In

You just feel so much better. - EliHbk

16 Writing

I pray I never get bad arthritis or go blind; I couldn't cope with not being able to write. - Britgirl

17 Giving birth
18 Puppy breath

'Specially, pit bull puppy breath:).

19 Campfire
20 Pasta Pasta
21 Singing
22 Walking in the countryside
23 Window shopping

Funny ;). I went into a store which had a penny sale on. A great disappointment to find out there weren't any pennies for sale at all! - Britgirl

Last time I shopped for windows, I saw a lotta pane.

24 The kindness from strangers
25 A good friend standing by you

Even if it's only in spirit, knowing that they think of you is enough to lift your spirits. :). - Britgirl

26 Reading a book

Oh well...I think many people can find it relatable. Also, I had read it somewhere " Ever realised how surreal book-reading is? You stare at the slivers of a tree for hours...Hallucinating vividly " - Ananya

27 Peace of Mind
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