Early 2019 NBA Mock Draft

I will only be doing the lottery for now. All draft positions will be based on standings. Don't take into account any trades.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Zion Williamson | SF/PF | 6'7 Height | 285 Weight | Duke
Zion Williamson is literally the prospect we have been waiting for. Zion has great athletic ability and he shows promise in the league. He reminds me of Charles Barkley. Zion is amazing and if he can just grow a jump shot he might just be unstoppable. Him beside Collin Sexton would be unstoppable. Collin Sexton has also grown into a good shooter. If the Cavs get Zion watch out East.

2. Phoenix Suns - Ja Morant | PG | 6'3 Height | 175 Weight | Murray State
I know I realize R.J. Barrett is better than Ja Morant and I don't think Ja is, but if the Suns got R.J. Barrett they would be loaded at the perimeter. I would consider getting Ja who will secure your PG position. He is a great playmaker and he can also put up tons of points. Ja Morant I think would be a better option than trying to get Kemba or Kyrie.

3. New York Knicks - R.J. Barrett | SF | 6'7 Height | 202 Weight | Duke
I love R.J. and if the Knicks can get him that would be amazing. Barrett has a complete game and he can do anything for you. He looks a lot like Grant Hill coming out of Duke. Barrett is a scoring machine and I think come draft day he could give Zion a run for his money.

4. Chicago Bulls - Nassir Little | SF | 6'6 Height | 220 Weight | North Carolina
I would go Cam here, but they already have Zach Lavine at the 2, so I have to go Nassir. Nassir also sticks to their defensive identity in Kris Dunn, Zach Lavine, and others. If freaking Roy Williams would actually play Nassir then maybe we would actually see some of his potential.

5. Atlanta Hawks - Cam Reddish | SG/SF | 6'8 Height | 218 Weight | Duke
Cam is a ultra talented 2. He has had a upsetting season, but it is understandable. Cam also has great length and he has good defensive potential. The Hawks would love to add Cam to their shooting guard position.

6. Washington Wizards - Rui Hachimura | SF/PF | 6'8 Height | 230 Weight | Gonzaga
Rui Hachimura has really high potential and he has a improving shot. The Wizards need to reset and getting Rui Hachimura would be a great start.

7. New Orleans Pelicans - Jarrett Culver | SG | 6'5 Height | 190 Weight | Texas Tech
Culver is quickly rising and he has proven to be a takeover player. The Pelicans whether they keep AD or not would really like to get a scorer like Jarrett Culver.

8. Orlando Magic - Darius Garland | PG | 6'2 Height | 175 Weight | Vanderbilt
Garland is a special player. Darius Garland is special he even has a day celebrating him in Brentwood Tennessee. The Magic need a point so yeah. Hopefully he comes back healthy from the Torn Meniscus.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Kevin Porter Jr | SG | 6'5 Height | 220 Weight | USC
Kevin Porter Jr would be a great player to add. He has great potential and he would be great around Kat and crew in Minnesota.

10. Brooklyn Nets - Sekou Doumbouya | SF/PF | 6'9 Height | 209 Weight | France
He would be great on the Nets. He has a great improving game. He would be great with De'Angelo Russell, D┼żanan Musa, and Jarrett Allen.

11. Utah Jazz - Quentin Grimes | PG | 6'5 Height | 210 Weight | Kansas
Grimes has had a disappointing start, but I still see some potential in him. The Jazz really only have one position to improve and that is the point.

12. Detroit Pistons - Keldon Johnson | SG | 6'6 Height | 205 Weight | Kentucky
The Pistons really just need more backcourt players and Keldon Johnson is a very efficient backcourt player.

13. Dallas Mavericks - Bol Bol | C | 7'3 Height | 235 Weight | Oregon
Bol Bol would be a really good addition to the Mavs who might need a center after DeAndre Jordan is gone.

14. Memphis Grizzlies - Romeo Langford | SG | 6'6 Height | 215 Weight | Indiana
The Grizzlies just need some scoring punch and Romeo Langford is just the man they need.