My 2018-19 NFL Season Playoff Predictions

The playoffs are on the doorstep. 12 teams have survived the regular season, now they will face playoff time. The lights get brighter, most will fail, one will win. Here are my 2018-19 playoff predictions.

NFC Wild Card
4 Seed Dallas Cowboys Vs. 5 Seed Seattle Seahawks
24-28 Seahawks
The Cowboys have been pretty good this year. This matchup is Dak Prescott Vs. Russell Wilson. The reason I'm going with the Seahawks is simply because Seattle has the better defense and Wilson is a lot more proven. I expect it to be a really close game. It may come down to a game winning drive.

3 Seed Chicago Bears Vs. 6 Seed Philadelphia Eagles
17-3 Bears
With Foles injured I just don't see this being competitive. Foles is going to be starting, but I just don't think he has the magic. Trubisky will probably make some mistakes and doesn't have many receivers available due to injury, but I see that defense keeping it all together. Plus Jordan Howard has had a good last few weeks.

AFC Wildcard
3 Seed Houston Texans Vs. 6 Seed Indianapolis Colts
48-38 Texans
I can see this game being a high scoring affair, but in the end I have to go with my man DeShaun Watson. Both these teams are really hot and it will be a very tense game. I just would take the Texans in this situation.

4 Seed Baltimore Ravens Vs. 5 Seed Los Angeles Chargers
35-3 Ravens
This is about to be a near shut out. It is proven that the Chargers do not match up well against the Ravens defense. They have also added a potent force in the running game. Every team in the AFC should be scared of this Ravens team.

NFC Divisional Round
1 Seed New Orleans Saints Vs. 5 Seed Seattle Seahawks
48-14 Saints
I expect a blowout here. The Saints should start their postseason with a bang. I feel sorry for whoever ends up facing this team. When this team is healthy and when they are actually trying then the upset potential is very low.

2 Seed Los Angeles Rams Vs. 3 Seed Chicago Bears
34-27 Bears
Yep I have the Bears pulling the upset. The Bears are a team to fear. The Rams are really good, but for one they have been on a slump and for some reason it just doesn't feel right when I pick them to win. We haven't said this in a long time, but Bears are in the NFC Championship.

AFC Divisional Round
2 Seed New England Patriots Vs. 3 Seed Houston Texans
48-9 Texans
Out of all the teams in the playoffs the Patriots are probably least deserving of their playoff spot. I think the Texans will destroy the Patriots. The 1 2 punch of Watson and Hopkins is like a wrecking ball. Texans are in the AFC title game.

1 Seed Kansas City Chiefs Vs. 4 Seed Baltimore Ravens
20-21 Chiefs
This game would be lit. A great offense vs a great defense. I can see the Ravens getting into Mahomes head, but then Mahomes redeems himself in the end to take the Chiefs to the AFC Championship.

AFC Championship
Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Houston Texans
48-42 Texans
Yep this game will be a shootout. Both of these teams are amazing. The Chiefs are amazing, but I could see Mahomes throwing a pick to put the game away. The Chiefs have a bright future, but the Texans' time is now. The Houston Texans are in the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship
New Orleans Saints Vs. Chicago Bears
35-23 Saints
This Bears team really scares me, but I still have the Saints on top. The Saints have an amazing team I just don't see anyone stopping them. I can see Alvin Kamara and Jordan Howard having a competitive game. But in the end the Saints will book a ticket to the NBA Finals.

Super Bowl
New Orleans Saints Vs. Houston Texans
42-39 Saints
The Saints are the champions. Drew Brees is going out like Peyton Manning. This game will be a contest. I think these teams are mostly evenly matched besides two factors. Drew Brees is better than DeShaun Watson (Even though both are elite calibar) and Alvin Kamara is better than anybody the Texans can put out.

Well their are my predictions feel free to disagree.


Oops I accidentally put NBA Finals instead of Super Bowl. I guess that tells you a lot. - 2storm

I see we both have a Saints vs Texans Super Bowl - Randomator

Every playoff picture I’ve seen from users have New England going one and done, including mine. Their team has too many holes to be a true contender. - PackFan2005

Just watch them somehow still make it to the Super Bowl - Randomator

I wouldn’t put it past them - PackFan2005

Wow the Texans love is strong, its too bad that Offensive Line was so horrible that led em down. - htoutlaws2012