2018 Phoenix Suns Off-Season Preview

So the Suns are all ready for the off season. They are in a do or die situation. They must have a good off season this year or their future is ruined.

Last Year's Roster
PG Elfrid Payton
SG Devin Booker
SF Josh Jackson
PF Dragan Bender
C Marquese Chriss
PG Brandon Knight
SG Troy Daniels
SF TJ Warren
PF Alec Peters TW
C Alex Len
PG Tyler Ulis
SG Davon Reed
SF Jared Dudley
PF Alan Williams
C Tyson Chandler
PG Shaquille Harrison
SG Danuel House TW

Free Agents
Alex Len (Unrestricted)
Elfrid Payton (Restricted)
Alan Williams (Could be rescinded)
Tyler Ulis (Could be rescinded)
Davon Reed (Could be rescinded)
Shaquille Harrison (Could be rescinded)
Alec Peters (TW)
Danuel House (TW)

1st Round 1st Pick
1st Round 16th Pick
2nd Round 31st Pick
2nd Round 59th Pick

So according to Basketball Reference and Spotrac they have about 3 million dollars in cap space if they accept all their team options. If they renounce all their all their rights they will have 21 million dollars in cap. If they were to go into the luxury tax they would have 43 million in luxury room. Now let's look at all their Team options.
Alan Williams
Tyler Ulis
Davon Reed
Shaquille Harrison
And they have two two-way players.
Danuel House
Alec Peters
In my opinion you should rescind Alan Williams and Tyler Ulis. I believe they should accept Davon Reed and Shaquille Harrison. They should give a real contract to Alec Peters and go ahead and cut House. That gives you about 12 million in cap room. I would go ahead and trade Tyson Chandler's enormous 14 million dollar contract for a maybe a 2nd in 2018 or 2019. That gives you about 26 million in cap. I would go ahead and attempt to match any contract that is thrown at Elfrid Payton unless it is over 14 Million. I'll say they'll be able to resign him for about 12 million for 2 years. For Alex Len they should attempt to sign him to a 1 year 5 million dollar contract, but that probably won't happen so yeah. That leaves them with about 14 million dollars to throw around and the luxury tax. In the draft I think they should take DeAndre Ayton. He is a lot easier on the cap and adds a Kobe/Shaq like combination with D Book and Ayton. They could also draft Luke Dončić and maybe take Clint Capela. But taking Capela from the Rockets may just take a max which would go 11 million dollars into the luxury tax which I don't think the Suns would be willing to take on. They would need some major revenue coming in to get back in the cap. Now if either of those options happen they would need shooters because between Payton, Warren, Jackson, and Ayton/Capela could end up getting ugly. So if they take Ayton excluding his contract they would be at 14 million. They could take Trevor Ariza who the Rockets may not be able to keep. He would probably ask for 9 to 10 million. They could also go with Seth Curry for a solid 4 million. They could throw offers at restricted free agents like Danny Green and Jabari Parker. Green for maybe 11 million and Jabari for 12 million. If go with option two you would over the cap and 11 million into the tax. I don't know how much more the Suns can take on and this is also excluding Dončić and his contract, but Dončić can shoot the three. So this is a pivotal moment in the Suns history. Up next is the Sacramento Kings.