2019 NBA Playoff Predictions (Feat. htoutlaws, Randomator, 2storm, phillysports, TristGamer)

Ok the Playoffs are here. The Playoffs for me are amazing. In the playoffs most teams are looked at as equals. Every player on every team matters and every year we have someone explode and we see teams get shocked. This year I got some fellow TopTenners to collaborate on this year's playoffs. I want to thank everyone who helped. Without further ado let's get into it.
Note - I will be moving around the way the users arranged their prediction, but I will not be changing anything they wrote.

Let's go ahead and start with me.

East First Round
#1 Seed Milwaukee Bucks Vs. #8 Seed Detroit Pistons
Bucks 4-1
This series should be relatively easy for the Bucks. The Bucks were the best team record wise in the league and they are lead by, most likely, the MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo. They have a great system and hopefully they get Malcolm Brogdon back soon which could really help them. As for the Pistons they are a good team and Blake Griffin has been on a tear. They have some nice role players surrounding him in Andre Drummond, Luke Kennard, Reggie Jackson, Ish Smith, and Wayne Ellington. I can see the Pistons capturing one game, but the Bucks are just too good. Bucks in 5.

#4 Seed Boston Celtics Vs. #5 Seed Indiana Pacers
Celtics 4-3
I was really back and forth on this one. The Celtics have been very inconsistent and they are going to be without their team leader, Marcus Smart, for at least the first two rounds. Plus Jayson Tatum is coming off some small injuries. If the Pacers had Victor Oladipo this would be an easy series for the Pacers, but they don't. If they want to win this series they have to have big performances from guys like Bojan Bogdanovic, Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis, and Thad Young. I still have Kyrie and the Celtics pulling it out in 7 though, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pacers won.

#3 Seed Philadelphia 76ers Vs. #6 Seed Brooklyn Nets
76ers 4-2
First off we should all give the Nets a big hand. I personally think they have been the most improved team this year. D Lo has been amazing and he deserves a lot of credit. They probably have the best team chemistry out of all the teams. They just don't have enough talent to pull down this Sixers team. Simmons has really been taking some crap recently from ESPN 'cough cough' Stephen A. Smith. I would really like to see him push it. The only worry for me is this Sixer team is their chemistry, Joel Embiid's healthiness, and how they all fit. Nonetheless I have D Lo and the Nets getting two game. Sixers in 6.

#2 Seed Toronto Raptors Vs. #7 Seed Orlando Magic
Raptors 4-0
The Raptors are gonna sweep em. The Raps have the players to limit Vucevic, Lowry can probably shut down D.J. Augustin, and Kawhi and Danny Green can shut down Evan Fournier and Terrence Ross. On the other end the Raps will just outscore the Magic. The only way the Magic can win a game is if Mo Bamba goes off (lol). Credit to the Magic though for even making it, but now you got to bow out with a sweep.

West First Round
#1 Seed Golden State Warriors Vs. #8 Seed Los Angeles Clippers
Warriors 4-1
The Warriors have this series. The Clippers have been good this year and have good chemistry. I love Montrezl Harrell and he has really turned into one of the better centers. I like Lou Will and I think they will win 1 game. They just don't have enough talent to beat the Warriors 4 times. The Warriors should be splashing it all day on them. Warriors in 5.

#4 Seed Houston Rockets Vs. #5 Seed Utah Jazz
Rockets 4-0
The Jazz, in my opinion, have actually gotten worse. The Rockets will have an opportunity to just get back in that playoff groove this round. The Jazz may be able to capture one, but I just really don't know. The Rockets have learned how to attack the Jazz and how to expose Rudy Gobert so this should be a walk in the park for James Harden, CP3, and the Rockets. Rockets with the sweep.

#3 Seed Portland Trailblazers Vs. #6 Seed Oklahoma City Thunder
Thunder 4-3
I can see the Thunder pulling this one through. Before the official seedings were announced I told myself and all my friends that as long as the Blazers did not play the Thunder first round I thought they would win their first round series, because they have a chip on their shoulders. Well they got the Thunder. I think Westbrook and PG13 will be better than Dame and CJ. Plus the Thunder have the center advantage since Jusuf Nurkic went down. This should an interesting series, but I got the Thunder in 7.

#2 Seed Denver Nuggets Vs. #7 Seed San Antonio Spurs
Nuggets 4-2
I have the Nuggets winning this one. The Spurs have a chance. Coach Pop is a legendary coach and his teams will always be competing. I just think the Nuggets have more talent with guys like; Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Malik Beasley, and Paul Millsap. I would not be surprised though if the Spurs pull off the upset, but I just got to go with the Nuggets. The Spurs will have to have some big performances from LA and Demar, so I'll go Nuggets in 6.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals
# 1 Seed Milwaukee Bucks Vs. #4 Seed Boston Celtics
Bucks 4-2
I have the Bucks winning it. The Celtics have just been way too inconsistent and I just don't see how they can win against this nearly unstoppable Buck team. Bud Ball has been so effective for this Bucks team. Last year the Bucks came just short with a lot worse of a coach, a not as good Giannis, Bledsoe, Middleton and maybe Brogdon, and they didn't have home court. This series should interesting, but the Celtics just have not been good. Plus Smart will still not be back, so yeah I think that is enough to rule out the C's. Bucks in 6.

# 2 Seed Toronto Raptors Vs. #3 Seed Philadelphia 76ers
Raptors 4-3
This series is going to be amazing. Raptors Vs. Sixers. I got to go with the Raptors though. I think the Raptors are just a little bit deeper. The X-Factor for the Sixers is again Ben Simmons. If he comes out and performs then Lowry won't be able to guard him, but then Kawhi and Green can pick up Simmons. I think Siakam can make a big difference for the Raptors. This matchup is a dream matchup for basketball analyst like myself. This matchup is just so close. I'll go with the Raptors for this series though just because the Sixers just have such a awkward offense. Raptors in 7.

Western Conference Semi-Finals
#1 Seed Golden State Warriors Vs. #4 Seed Houston Rockets
Rockets 4-3
The Rockets are so underrated right now. The reason they lost last year was because of CP3's injury and some questionably calls in Game 7. So why are people just counting them out this year? If the Rockets are healthy I think they have a big chance. CP3 is the X-Factor. The Warriors are still the favorites in this series, but you know what I freaking hate the Warriors, so yeah let's go Rockets. America will be rooting for you. I can see this series going down to wire, but I'm going Rockets in 7.

#2 Denver Nuggets Vs. #6 Seed Oklahoma City Thunder
Thunder 4-1
I got the Thunder winning this one. The Nuggets don't have a single guy that can shut down PG and Russ. Steven Adams can guard Nikola Jokic. As long as Russ doesn't hijack the offense they will be fine. This series should be a competitive series, but I think the Thunder will win this. Thunder in 5.

Eastern Conference Finals
#1 Seed Milwaukee Bucks Vs. #2 Seed Toronto Raptors
Bucks 4-3
This right here is a great matchup. I would love to see this matchup. Two brilliant teams, but I think it will eventually come down to Giannis Vs. Kawhi. If Kawhi can lock down Giannis like he did LeBron, then yeah series over Raptors in the Finals, but most likely that won't happen. That means you have to look closer into the match ups. You got match ups like; Khris Middleton Vs. Danny Green, Eric Bledsoe Vs. Kyle Lowry, Brook Lopez Vs. Pascal Siakam, etc. This series will be very very fun if it happens. I will go with the Bucks in the end. Bucks in 7.

Western Conference Finals
#4 Seed Houston Rockets Vs. #6 Seed Oklahoma City Thunder
Rockets 4-2
I think this will be a tight series with CP3 and Harden Vs. Westbrook and PG. I would personally take CP3 and Harden. Plus their would be a competitive center match up with Adams facing Capela. They both have good benches as well, but ultimately I will be going with the Rockets in 6.

NBA Finals
#1 Seed Milwaukee Bucks Vs. #4 Seed Houston Rockets
Rockets 4-3
In the Finals I have the Bucks facing the Rockets. Giannis Vs. Harden. This would be a very very good serious. Maybe one of the best ever. Bud Ball Vs. Morey Ball would be on full display. The defense of the Rockets would have to be amazing and the same for the Bucks. In the end though I will go with the combined efforts of CP3 and Harden to win it.

First Round
(Eastern Conference)

#1 Milwaukee Bucks Vs #8 Detroit Pistons
Hmm… one really good team, and one team that doesn’t know its own identity crisis. My Pistons are so bad they manage to make it in the terrible eastern conference well one thing I can look forward to is Antetokounmpo is gonna beat the Pistons all by himself.
Bucks 4-0

#2 Toronto Raptors Vs #7 Orlando Magic
This Magic maange to get a surge when it was needed, and frankly i’m not sure if there good enough against this Leonard led team to be honest. The Raptors can be beaten with a new head coach it's possible, but when will that be exactly?
Raptors 4-1

#3 Philadelphia 76ers Vs #6 Brooklyn Nets
Oh two of the better teams in that conference that could do some damage in this thing. 76ers have an almost superstar loaded talent potential whereas with the Nets there building and trending in the right direction, and they played some great basketball down the stretch. This could be an exciting opening series, but i’m giving the experience to the Philly corner.
76ers 4-2

#4 Boston Celtics Vs #5 Indiana Pacers
Two talented in the middle team that could go either way Celtics need to kick that groove right now because frankly i’m very cautious if I should even consider them right now. They got the stars, but the coaching is the other while the Pacers are a bit overlooked a bit that could at least win this round.
Pacers 4-2

First Round
(Western Conference)

#1 Golden State Warriors Vs #8 Los Angeles Clippers
This should be all Warriors controls, there too much and Clippers emerged up after the awful trade the Pistons received while chipping some of their better guys. Yet they have fallen from six to eight which means first round and bye bye even though Clippers are a much better 8 seed than the Pistons by far.
Warriors 4-1

#2 Denver Nuggets Vs #7 San Antonio Spurs
Well for the Nuggets they should be happy to Face the Spurs right now and not the Thunder who have played great when it's most needed. With no more Khawi I do not see that same team to contend just more less a team that fends to wolves, and just getting to the playoffs will be the team's accomplishment for now until a better unit is established.
Nuggets 4-2

#3 Portland Trail Blazers Vs #6 Oklahoma City Thunder
In this case I really love the lower seed here Russell Westbrook wants this now, and Portland seems a bit unknown in terms of roster so i’m gonna go all on the Thunder here. I think it’d be more suprining if the Blazers actually one here.
Thunder 4-2

#4 Houston Rockets Vs #5 Utah Jazz
Dropping a seed actually helps the Rockets not wanna face the Thunder and instead face a somewhat more compatible Jazz team that had a good showing last post season. Salt lake won’t walk away quietly, but Houston will prove to be to much.
Rockets 4-1

Divisional Round
(Eastern Conference)

#1 Milwaukee Bucks Vs #5 Indiana Pacers
Of the #1 seeds Bucks have a more favorable path then the warriors thus they should be to handle the Pacers overall it's the next game they gotta prove to be their the team to beat. Sometimes it is not always about one player.
Bucks 4-2

#3 Philadelphia 76ers Vs #2 Toronto Raptors
The better of the eastern matchups that could be possible outcome. A talented 76ers team Vs a heavy defensive loaded back up bench of the Raptors. This one could favor the final beater of game 7 to be honest, and while the Raptors i’m not quite there with them yet it's time for the 76ers to get up the ump and face not progression as a team, but possible live up to expectations.
76ers 4-3

Divisional Round
(Western Conference)

#6 Oklahoma City Thunder Vs #2 Denver Nuggets
The match I fought we were gonna see in the first round could be a more exciting high drama build semi-final game. Once again as good as the Nuggets have been all year. With a team building on its massive streak i’m taking this down to the wire but Russell Westbrook be clutch once more.
Thunder 4-3

#1 Golden State Warriors Vs #4 Houston Rockets
This could of been the final game, but instead in this result it would be a semi final game, but man people are gonna see this america will be rooting for James Harden rather than the team who has created a dynasty. The Warriors are so hated they remind of the bad boy Pistons in a way in which they get my respect, but that’s a different story. This might be the one team that could stop another 3 peat (should of been a 5 peat by now). Redemption will be all for the Rockets and I think they can get it done this time, and if so would decimate the warriors roster a little based on talks of Kevin Durant, and many of the other superstars on the starting lineup.
Rockets 4-3


#1 Milwaukee Bucks Vs #3 Philadelphia 76ers
You like at most of the teams in the eastern conference who would of said any of those teams could possible beat Golden State well now let’s change the subject now let’s play the what if factor of this outcome being a bit predictable, but also makes a lotta sense seeing this is what they have to offer a giant big man who looks almost unstoppable vs a unit of guy of the 76ers who have now been very established overall and thus i’ll take the entire team here over the one man MVP of this season.
4-3 76ers

#4 Houston Rockets Vs #6 Oklahoma City Thunder
I feel the western conference people are saying is weak I vastly disagree, but anyways this would be one not very would expect to see, but personally it would interests those if the Warriors did fall in this tournament. This is gonna be a battle between two dynamic players in James Harden and Russell Westbrook. They could trade big time shots at one another something's gotta give though. I say the man who was in my eyes the MVP before being bested by the Warriors a year ago will prevail here.
4-3 Rockets

The Game

#4 Houston Rockets Vs #3 Philadelphia 76ers
These are two teams I really do not only like, but also the matchup sounds great on paper. This would show off you need almost a perfect 5 squad team to reach the finals, and both these teams have that trait to see. In terms of supporting cast 76ers may have that advantage somewhat, but if both Harden and Paul lay down a pretty good chunk of points then they could be your finals champions.
Rockets 4-2

Eastern Conference 1st Round:
Bucks (1) vs. Pistons (8)

Bucks win by 5: Antetokounmpo has been carrying his team averaging almost 30 points leading the Bucks to become the team with the best season record this year. Pistons are a great team led by Drummond, a phenomenal rebounder and Blake Griffin but their bench is completely mediocre with Zaza Pachulia leading it. I think Bucks will go through by five.

Celtics (4) vs. Pacers (5):

Celtics win by 7.

Although Pacers were hit with Oladipo's injury, they still seem to be dominating every second half with Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. I think Celtics will sloppily go through because even though they are being led terribly by Kyrie, they are pretty inconsistent, and are hit with injuries, I think they would still have what it takes to go through an Oladipo-less Pacers team.

Sixers (3) vs. Nets (6)

Sixers win by 4

D'Angelo Russell has been the best player for the Nets with his shot-creating ability in my opinion. I think that they can somehow tire out the Sixers. But just a little, Joel Embiid proved he is the best center in the league when he averaged 30 pts and 14 boards this season. The Sixers may just easily go through.

Raptors (2) vs. Magic (7)

Raptors win by 4

The Magic is a team I have never really watched. All I know is that they have a good center: Nikola Vucevic. But Raptors can easily counter that with their frontcourt. They can counter the whole Magic team with the stacked lineup of Siakam, Lowry, and Kawhi.

Western Conference 1st Round:

Warriors (1) vs. Clippers (8)

Warriors win by 4.

Clippers just don't have any key components that can counter the Warriors. Clippers may have a chance with their frontcourt: Lou Williams, Landry Shamet, and Shai Gilegous-Alexander are all sharpshooters and can easily drive to the rim but that's it. This is without a bias as a Warriors fan too.

Rockets (4) vs. Jazz (5)

Rockets win by 5.

The Jazz have always been a great team since Donovan Mitchell. But I have seen absolutely NO improvements. They play the same defense. I feel like Gobert is averaging less blocks after he won DPOY and a quarter of their roster is injured including Ricky Rubio. They're no match for James Harden, who has been scoring over 50 points a lot lately.

Blazers (3) vs. Thunder (6)

Blazers win by 7.

With the Blazers completely choking in the first round last year I feel that this could be their year. Yeah, Nurkic is out and Thunder have the big-man advantage with Adams but Lillard and McCollum have been completely showing that they're killer sharpshooters and Enes Kanter has been showing lots of strength too. I have never really like Russell Westbrook because he is pretty cocky and a horrible shooter but Paul George has been doing super good lately. This'll definitely be a close one.

Nuggets (2) vs. Spurs (7)

Nuggets win by 4.

I just don't think the Spurs are cut out for the playoffs. They lack defense and consistency which is pretty noticeable with the loss of Kawhi. Meanwhile, Nuggets have Jokic, who is a triple-double MONSTER and Gary Harris and Jamal Murray, two really clutch sharpshooters. I don't think Aldridge and DeRozan will have any luck

NBA Semifinals:

Bucks (1) vs. Celtics (4)

Bucks win by 5.

Bucks are doing way too well to lose to an inconsistent team this year.

Raptors (2) vs. Sixers (3)

Raptors win by 7

This one will be super close. Both teams are stacked! Sixers recently just acquired Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler who are both clutch, can take the ball to the rim, and are good defensively. Embiid, as I had said, is the best center in the league because of his strength, good rebounding, and IQ. But I think the Raptors will win by just a little. They have what it takes to counter the Sixers frountcourt with Siakam, Gasol, and Ibaka. But they're going to need to put Lowry in his best since he is matching up with Simmons who is 10 inches taller than him and can easily drive up. I definitely be watching this matchup (if it happens).

Warriors (1) vs. Rockets (4)

Warriors win by 7

Playing the Rockets in the second round will surely be a tough one for the Warriors. Last year, Warriors had came up 1-3 against the Rockets. The Rockets had pretty much choked with the injury of Chris Paul and the Warriors went through in a game of 7. The dominance of Harden is, to me, unbearable as I have once watched him live and he had scored 61. The Rockets do not have a good PG or SF to defend Curry nor Durant in this series. I'm really unsure what is going to happen here.

Nuggets (2) vs. Blazers (3)

Nuggets win by 5

Although the Nuggets may not have much playoff experience, they have beat the Blazers all four games they have played them this season. It will be a tough matchup with the backcourt since Murray, Harris, Lillard, and McCollum are all sharpshooters. I feel that with the absence of Nurkic, Jokic will dominate the Blazers.

Conference Finals:

Bucks (1) vs. Raptors (2)

Raptors win by 7

The Raptors may have done slightly worse than the Bucks this season and Antetokounmpo is on fire with the highest-rated plus-minus and East player and is an MVP race leader but I just don't think that they are as playoff-ready as the Raptors. Lowry, Gasol, Leonard, Siakam, OG have all had lots of playoff experience. Their team can probably beat the Raptors this series.

Warriors (1) vs. Nuggets (2)

Warriors win by 6

I feel that the Nuggets are one of the few teams that know the Warriors. Mike Malone, Nuggets coach who I think used to be an assistant for the warriors, have usually set the best plays against Curry and usually Curry moves the ball most of the time. I think it's no contest though. The warriors have the parts to counter the whole Nuggets team with Cousins against Jokic.

Warriors (1) vs. Raptors (2)

Warriors win by 7.

It was a tough prediction. Raptors can easily counter the warriors with my evidence being their past games this year. Luckily for Kawhi, there is no Zaza to injure him. However, the Warriors are just too stacked and good in every side of the court no matter what situation they are in. Otherwise, I don't know what else to say about this one. Call me a bandwagon or not, I think the warriors are gonna win another one.

Playoff predictions round 1:
Bucks vs Pistons
I like the Bucks a lot in this series. I just think they’re too much for Detroit to handle. Giannas will have no problems here.
Celtics vs Pacers
Boston was kinda off it seems like. They were supposed to be the front runner in the East wit Lebron out of the picture. I’m actually gonna go Pacers in a close series
76ers Vs Nets
Nice to see the Nets in the mix again but I don’t see them making a big run out of it. The Sixers Just have too many playmakers to deal with. Sixers take this one
Raptors Vs Magic
Again nice to see the Magic here but the Raptors are the better team. They will overwhelm Orlando in a pretty one sided series.
Warriors vs Clippers
Golden State is the team to beat. Although they had some flaws it’s theirs to lose I have to pick them until someone proves otherwise
Rockets vs Jazz
Honestly this could go either way but I see James Harden being the deciding factor here. He gives Houston the edge
Blazers vs Thunder
I’m picking the underdog Thunder. I have a feeling Russ will make a big difference. Portland could potentially have issues containing him.
Nuggets vs Spurs
Denver has had a solid season. I expect some big things in this playoffs. The Spurs are in the ending of their dynasty. They don’t have a lot of notable players. Denver will likely win in a landslide

Round 2 Bucks vs Pacers
I feel like the Bucks would win this rather easily. Indiana won’t be able to overcome Giannas
Sixers vs Raptors
This will be a great series.and either team could win but I think Philadelphia would win a close one. I don’t trust Toronto in the playoffs. Not after Lebron single handedly beat them
Warriors vs Rockets a rematch from last years west conference finals. I feel like the Rockets will give Golden State a test but the Warriors will shut harden down
Thunder vs Nuggets
After stunning Portland I feel like the Thunder will have some fight but Denver will shut down Russ and OKC goes full Thunder In the playoffs and underachieves in this series

Round 3:
Bucks vs Sixers
I feel like the Bucks will struggle early on but Philadelphia has its flaws and Milwaukee will win after pushing it to game 7
Warriors vs Nuggets
The Warriors could struggle here but I still think they will overcome that and Denver will fall short and fail to close the series out

Finals: Bucks vs Warriors
I have the Warriors beating the Buck to win the title yet again in a thriller 6-7 game series. The Warriors star players will outnumber Giannas and shut him down

First Round:

(1) Bucks defeat (8) Pistons in 5 games
Bucks simply outmatch the Pistons in every way. Better starting lineup, more depth, and it should be a quick series especially if Blake Griffin isn't 100%.
(4) Celtics defeat (5) Pacers in 7 games
It should be a tough series but Boston's talent and depth should carry them over a Pacers team without their best player.
(2) Raptors defeat (7) Magic in 4 games
A veteran Raptors squad is going to trample a Magic roster with little to no playoff experience. All part of the learning process for Orlando.
(3) 76ers defeat (6) Nets in 5 games
Sixers should beat Brooklyn due to all of their talent regardless if Embiid is healthy or not.

(1) Warriors defeat (8) Clippers in 4 games
Warriors should roll the Clippers like the Yankees always roll the A's. Team building and utilizing unsung talents with a low payroll can't compete with a monster with five all-stars.
(4) Rockets defeat (5) Jazz in 6 games
The Rockets are streaky but their hot offense should get them past Utah's strong defense.
(6) Thunder defeat (3) Trail Blazers in 6 games
The Trail Blazers have historically underperformed in the postseason and the talented Thunder should get the better of them especially with Nurkic out.
(2) Nuggets defeat (7) Spurs in 7 games
Despite San Antonio having more experience, I see Denver squeaking out the series due to their team chemistry and improved defense.

Second Round:

(1) Bucks defeat (4) Celtics in 6 games
Bucks have more chemistry, more depth, home court and an MVP Giannis. Should get them past a disappointing Celtics team.
(3) 76ers defeat (2) Raptors in 7 games
I believe that the Sixers roster will start to click in around Game 2 and they will win a close series against a perennial playoff choker in the Raptors.

(4) Rockets defeat (1) Warriors in 7 games
I think this is the year the Rockets finally get past the Warriors. Harden is playing the best basketball in his career, Chris Paul is coming back strong, and the Warriors' depth and defense is a real issue. Should be a tough, emotional series but I finally see the Rockets beating the Warriors similar to how the Capitals finally beat the Penguins in last year's Stanley Cup playoffs.
(2) Nuggets defeat (6) Thunder in 5 games
I think the Thunder will have their lack of depth exposed as the Nuggets (a very deep team) will begin to solidify themselves as "the new Spurs" with their depth and unselfishness.

East Finals:
(1) Bucks defeat (3) 76ers in 6 games
Despite the talent on the roster, I (as a Sixers fan) don't trust Brett Brown to make the right the decisions in crunch time and outcoach Coach Bud for a seven game series. Should be a great series but the Bucks chemistry will most likely overpower the Sixers less organized pool of greater talent.

West Finals:
(4) Rockets defeat (2) Nuggets in 6 games
I predict this to be the Rockets year and their playoff experience will allow them to best the upstart young Nuggets.

2019 NBA Finals:
Rockets defeat Bucks in 7 games
I have a sneaking suspicion that Houston will finally get their monkeys off their back with their veteran leadership and talent, and will take down a younger Bucks team with their offense coming alive. I trust Capela to do a serviceable job on Giannis.

So thank you for staying till the end. I took me for ever to edit everything and I probably still messed up some stuff, but still thank you. Thanks to the people who helped with the collaboration. We will be in touch and hopefully we can do this again next year.


Round 1
Warriors vs Clippers - Warriors in 5
Nuggets vs Spurs - Nuggets in 6
Blazers vs Thunder - Thunder in 5
Rockets vs Jazz - Rockets in 6
Round 2
Warriors vs Thunder - Warriors in 5
Rockets vs Nuggets - Rockets in 6
Round 3
Warriors vs Rockets - Warriors in 6

Round 1
Bucks vs Pistons - Bucks in 4
Raptors vs Magic - Raptors in 5
Sixers vs Nets - Sixers in 5
Celtics vs Pacers - Celtics in 6
Round 2
Bucks vs Celtics - Celtics in 7
Raptors vs Sixers - Raptors in 6
Round 3
Raptors vs Celtics - Raptors in 6

Warriors vs Raptors - Warriors in 6 - 2storm

That was GS99's prediction he was just a little late. - 2storm

This first day of the playoffs were so surprising. D.J Augustin going clutch against the Raptors and Nuggets doing abysmal... - TristGamer

Yep - 2storm

Ay, looks like got the Warriors vs Raptors prediction right. Haha - GS99

Same, I had the same prediction. I just can't believe some people thought the Rockets have the ability to beat the Warriors in 5 and even 4. - TristGamer

Warriors have lost the finals, not even forcing a game 7 that's stunning. Now they head into the off-season where they could lose two of its biggest pieces ouch it was a good run guys. - htoutlaws2012

I'll tell you what, I just love the fact Warriors lost. - 2storm

I'm not gonna lie but injuries were a key counterpart to the downfall of the warriors 2018-2019 playoff run. As a warriors fan, I'm both sad and also happy for the Raptors because they deserved it. Even without the warriors injuries, the raptors had a leader who wanted that ring, a phenomenal bench with a good work-ethic and overall just a more sophisticated team. The warriors on the other hand were hit with 5 major injuries to looney, curry, klay, kd, and cousins. Obviously, Kd had the most fatal injury on the Achilles, an injury mostly famous for historically killing a player's career such as Rudy Gay and probably Cousins. I don't know what wll happen this offseason but I do know that the Warriors may not win this year and maybe not the next whether we sign kd or not. Their bench is lackluster. After watching the NBA draft however, we actually got some good steals such as Jordan Poole and Jimmer Fredette from the Suns but it's hard to predict if they will show up or not for the warriors. ]Nevertheless, I'm not a warriors bandwagoner and I will try and stick with the warriors and see how they do this offseason. - TristGamer