Top Ten Best Neck Deep Songs


The Top Ten

1 A Part of Me

This is song is so emotionally perfect in every way

This song is amazeballs.

It should be #1!

2 Losing Teeth
3 Gold Steps
4 Candour
5 Zoltar Speaks
6 Can't Kick Up the Roots

This is what may possibly be the next "All The Small Things". Neck Deep have grown a lot, and this song is helping them make their name. If you need one and song to listen to start with, this is the one.

A modern pop punk classic.

7 Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
8 Smooth Seas Don't Make Good Sailors
9 Damsel In Distress

Love it from the 1st time I listened to it

10 Lime St.

The Contenders

11 Citizens of Earth

Daddy is best song indeed. From Wakanda. Wakanda forever.

Best song. super fast beat. AWESOME!

12 Blank Pages
13 Tables Turned
14 December

This needs to be wayy higher. this, or the mark hoppus version - tonygtony

15 Kali Ma

What a tune, this should be higher!

16 Growing Pains
17 Head to the Ground
18 In Bloom

Catchy song. Got me into them

19 Up in Smoke
20 I Couldn't Wait to Leave 6 Months Ago
21 Silver Linings
22 What Did You Expect?
23 Over and Over
24 Serpents
25 Staircase Wit
26 Mileage
27 All Hype No Heart
28 Threat Level Midnight

This song is very underrated in my opinion. It has the strong lyrics of December yet the wonderful upbeat tempo to make you keep listening. "I wish I could stop staring at the phone so I can get some sleep."

29 Rock Bottom
30 19 Seventy Sumthin'

Cool song, nice guitar riff, emotional lyrics. Good Production

31 Motion Sickness
32 Wish You Were Here - Neck Deep

If you ever lost someone you love, you can relate to this song in so many ways

33 Where Do We Go When We Go
34 Happy Judgement Day
35 Torn
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