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1 Need for Speed Most Wanted

The best Game 4 ever. I say it and I have right because the graphics are so cool, the cars the same and the rivals are good you need to work to be the best not to do one race then finish the game. xD This game is so cool

This game really cool good graphics and very cool cars lamborghini, audi and many more

By far the best nfs of all. The driving was easily the best of any nfs also you could control your car! Games that try to be too realistic leave you with a car that's unnecessarily hard to control when I hop into my m3 I don't break the steering wheel making a left turn... Great races, free roam fr w/ cop chases, customizable cars and cops that gave you a challenge but couldn't arrest you by pulling up next to you, they actually had to stop you! Everything about this game was great only way to improve it would be to make it longer.

Lots of cars, lots of police, excellent graphics, great storyline, plenty customizations, many races, its the best racing game I've ever played!

Most Wanted was definitely the "complete package" of the series. It had a stacked car list that showed great diversity, from everyday "tuners", to modern muscle, all the way up to dream cars and exotics. Customization, though toned down a bit in comparison to the Underground games, was still definitely prevalent and made each performance part feel like it was benefiting your car each time you equipped something new.

The way each car controlled was exactly where it needed to be, easy to pick up and get going no matter which of the cars you decided to drive in-game (something I wasn't too fond of when it was switched up in Carbon), meaning that you really could play through the game with the car you want to reach the endpoint with, whether it be a starter car like the Cobalt SS or Fiat Punto, to something much fancier like a Lotus Elise, Dodge Viper SRT-10, or Porsche Carrera GT.

The police chases are without question, the star of the show. On the ...more - BloodyThunderX

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2 Need for Speed Underground 2

Great gameplay, and you can't just skip to your events. The graphics were good, maybe not compared to games now, but for that time they were awesome! It was real street racing with the tuner cars that street racers would actually use, not just the whole exotic car bullcrap (even though those games are fun, too! ).

UG2 had the most customization of all the NFS games, a great soundtrack and probably also the best, and no crazy physics to deal with. If you turned the car, it turned. It didn't take a while to start turning nor did it suddenly spin out or oversteer. The car did what you want, when you wanted it to, and that's a lot more than most of the new NFS games can say. ALSO, it was the first NFS game to have a Free Roam mode, which was simply amazing when it first came out. In all honesty, this deserves to be the NFS game at the top of the list but I think the one reason why it isn't considered the best NFS game there is, is because there's no cops, and the graphics are now a little dated, or at least more so than Most Wanted. This game and Most Wanted were both the best NFS games ever made as well as the beginning of the end for the NFS series. EA (and NOT Critierion) need to make Underground 3 or make a modern version of Underground 2.

The game that started taking the series to the top. It's a shame that Undercover was the one to start ruining it all.

Best race game I ever played.

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3 Need For Speed Carbon

its nice... graphics quality is good

Great game, good graphics, but I think that is based on "Fast & Furious: Tokio Drift", beacuse its tracks have a lot of corners that makes you use the Handbrake.

Awesome Game! Better than Most Wanted because you could put as many stickers as you wanted.

Need For Speed Carbon has plethora of modes, features and... cars! It's a very fun game to play, the best thing I loved about this game is that there's real sense of speed when you drive your supercar at high speeds, you can feel the power of the car as if you're sitting in it. Another cool feature is the part when you evade from police.

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4 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)

Most complete NFS game of all times. Experience the reality and drive the most exclusive cars ever made. No tuning, just pure racing. Godlike!

Simply outstanding! Graphics, gameplay and content are just right. But best of all, it is what every game should be about in the first place, it's fun.

Ya its pretty cool.. Like the graphics.. And all the cars are just mindblowing.. If you want some race just go for it.. It is indeed the best nfs game so far..

Best physics and handling, hands down best NFS game

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5 Need for Speed Underground

This game should at least be number two, all the great memory's that this game caused are enough despite the fact that it hasn't got that good graphics nowadays, it still pulls you into the game, it has great soundtracks and well about every pc/laptop can run it, there are loads of modifications you can add and it's the first one which also lead to need for speed becoming famous at all, which leads to all the other need for speeds, conclusion this NFS should be honored

This game is easily top 2 for me, it has a special place in my heart. It's what has gotten me in the NFS franchise if I don't count the NFS 1 from 1994.

It has all, a nice storyline, very nice customization and above all, a kickass song playlist that feels like it was made for racing and overall the game looks really good.

A remake of this would be amazing because I keep coming back and replaying this one.

I simply loved this game back in the day, it was so full of color and awesome races, it's probably the Need for Speed that I enjoyed the most and would always gladly replay. Maybe we'll get a remake of this wonderful game some day, a really good remake, not something just for the grabs.

I love this game my first need for speed given to me and its simply need for speed not the mumbo jumbo we got today this is legit the underground series is legit

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6 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

I have had every single need for speed yet, and I think most wanted 2012 is the best. The reason being is that the dynamics in the game are absolutely awesome, the speed is great and the cops are more aggressive than ever.
There are a few things that can be improved for example, the graphics and a few glitches within the game.
I think most wanted is probably the best need for speed, due to one of the facts that there are numerous astonishing cars in the game that do not require to be unlocked but just to be simply found. For the first time, there is a withe range of cars from muscle cars, to exotic cars, to super machines like the ariel atom and also 4x4 vehicles.

Another great aspect of this game is that you can switch from one car to another car just by pressing triangle or jumping straight to the car anywhere from the city. Moreover, when the next rival car is introduced ; the art work and animations are absolutely brilliant.

Excellent production from citreon ...more

Great graphics, great gameplay, great cars. I think this game is extremely realistic, as a lot of attention was paid to details for example civilian cars type of road surface ( tarmac, off road), and the surrounding area like the buildings. Also the free - roam city is just HUGE! You can mess with cops for hours. The only bad thing about this game is that it doesn't have so many modifications on the cars you get like it had on NFS Carbon for example, but mind this. The cars you get are mostly exotic or super with a few tuner and muscle cars. What really big modifications could someone do to a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 or a Koenigsgegg CCXR? Anyway, I believe this game is the best due to the fact that the cars handle so realistically and the speeds that you can achieve are exactly those you can achieve with those cars in real life. It is not the hardest NFS game but nor the easiest. It is very well balanced and super realistic.

This game has the best graphic and the best cars

The most arcade-y nfs ever. I loved Burnout Paradise and this is just that but with actual cars. Some people don't like the Burnout feel but this game feels so much more alive, and it's actually SUPER fun, both single player and without a doubt the multiplayer

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7 Need for Speed: The Run

Man this game has to be in the 1st place because there are many more cars than most wanted, has life-like graphics, you can also have the most wanted challenge series.

Man this should be in the 2nd place. This is so good... Lots of cars around to play with and the police maneuvers are like in real life...

This is the best game ever till now in Need for Speed history. It has got cool graphics, life - like racing, cars like lamborghini aventador, porsche carrera s,
Chevrolet camaro zl1 and many such cars. This game should be in the first place

Mainly this was hated as much as it is loved,The game is pretty much has very fun Gameplay and is a good way for Black NOx as its final gift to the NFS Series

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8 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Best NFS I have ever played

This is the beginning of the golden era, a series of 5 games that are arguably 5 of the best in the history of racing games.
What puts this so high in spite of what the game was missing is the same thing that put Undercover so low despite everything it had. Physics. The handling in this game is by far the best in the series, I don't know what it is but the way the cars handle feels so satisfying, Police chases are also the most intense in the series and its quite hard to keep them off unlike the dumber AI cops of the newer games, and their cars actually weigh more than a cardboard box unlike Most Wanted.

Championship mode gets unbelievably hard in the later stages but every time you fail it makes you want to complete the challenge more, the soundtrack fits the game so well and keeps you in full focus through the races.
Hot Pursuit 2 didn't have as much content as the top two sadly but its simply impossible to ignore just how they nailed the physics!

Each game of ...more - typlo8

Best of the the classic NFS games. Especially the music, which is just this great Rock of the early 2000's.
Personally in my opinion, NFS HP2 is an example for how a NFS game has to be! It packs a lot of value into one package. However it seems that the PS2 version is better then the PC one, but the PC one ain't that bad either.

It was a great game not the best but a great race game it has good cars good graphics and wonderful gameplay nobody played this game and said it was bad because it isn't

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9 Need for Speed World

This can be downloaded for free! You can play even you don't have money to buy almost every cars but if you want, sure. So many places to drive-in and discover. You can also look at the hundreds of cars to choose from! 3D, fast-based and a long running NFS game. They actually update the game almost every week! For me, one of the most fun and exciting game ever made!

Most wanted would never beat this because it has carbon mixed in with it, my name is yspaceicufo add me please! Only 1 more person. Anyway, it might have carbon canyon on it and rockport. - themaster2

The best car-racing social experience ever! A bad thing that it has been ceased.

Actually this game is cool, but here's a lot of DONATION. (I hate donation in games)

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10 Need for Speed: Rivals

Love it

Best game ever

Rivals is a brilliant, fast paced and tense game, which has combined the best elements from hot pursuit (2010) and most wanted (2012). Could do with a pause button, but apart from that it's incredible.


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11 Need for Speed: Undercover

Best game from NFS series

It makes you feel like you're the one, the racer, the spy, the secret police, the one man army, introducing most wanted part2

The best ever NFS game till date. It's not only just a racing game but a mix of hot pursuit which really gets with a lot of chase.

The feeling when you hear the credits roll in and the words: "I'm on my own, but I know it won't be long until your home", when I listened to that song after a few years it gave me goosebumps... one of the best nfs games ever

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12 Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed

The best balance between realism and fun. The first NFS game with a decent physics model, you felt horrified driving that 911 turbo or Moby Dick.

It's the only game in the NFS series where the race can't be restarted or aborted, and you gotta repair your damages. This added tons to the risk feeling, making you drive to your limits but not exceeding them. Almost giving you the feeling that the car is really yours and you don't wanna crash it. I've never felt that way in any other racing game.

The "factory driver" mode was far from perfect, and there a few bugs here and there, but it's still my favorite

The best and more accurate real life kinetic physics out of all the NFS games.

I can't believe this is just on 11. This is the best one in my opinion, amazing driving and amazing cars. And landscapes are still great in 2012. I enjoyed this one so much. - thomaskop

It gives you real feel of racing, amazing control, good graphics and actual damage.

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13 Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

I found this Need For Speed to be very good in fact, on par with its predecessor. I have never been fond of the direction the Need For Speed took after the first Underground, the games were too much arcade-like. This one is not and even though it often posses enough challenge, it still is a great fun.

Real Driving Experience! :')

ILoveItSoMuch! (Y)

Slighlty Mad Studios, You Really Rock! M/

It's a great game with good gameplay
Nice story mode!
It;s so good you must play it!

Nice games cause this game have a good graphics and the races what is very hard to beat

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14 Need for Speed: Shift

I've been playing this game since I was 4, now ten years later it's still my favorite Need for Speed game. Great cars and great graphics, this game never gets old.

Awesome game... Improves great driving skills... Good cars, good graphics n a lot of fun competing with great opponents... Really cool! Try this game... Its worth it...

Best nfs game in my opinion. Its so realistic none of those new nfs games have such a high level of realism.

Great online racing game

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15 Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

This game has everything you need about cars. Pictures from cockpit, slideshows and lots of things. Gameplay is very good too. And it has the kind of music what a race game should have.

For a 1998 game, this game sure is a masterpiece.

the first cop introduction - moose4life19

This is game best for Need For Speed series soundtrack good and graphic good the 1998 really awesome gameplay and even a car just 100 percent

The best of all need for speed games.

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16 Need For Speed 4: High Stakes

Very innovative in it's time. Introduced many advanced features that survive the series to this day. Does not get enough respect on this list! #1 by far.

On PCs, it is undisputed among those who actually played NFS since the 90s...High Stakes was, and still is, the true, the definitive, the best NFS of all time. You will not find a more perfect gameplay. You will not find a more perfect menu system. Perfect cars. Perfeact maps. Later games can only dream to be this good. Top notch music. Cop A.I. perfected. Car selections superior. It is perhaps forgotten by youth, perhaps too dated for them, however I assure you all, even in 2018, High Stakes is the best. Still running in Windows 10 as of 2018 using the software render and still looks amazing. Works with DS4 controller no problem, triggers functioning like proper triggers and all unlike modern NFS which treat triggers as buttons... I have modern NFS. Some are good, sure, but most are laughable. *cough* SHIFT *cough*... Forget those "realistic" NFS that try too hard and make it unrealistic by doing so. High Stakes is how it would feel in real life. This is what makes racing fun. High ...more

This is the best by far, of course its down the list cause its old no respect this game is amazing, music, racing, difficulty, gambling your car, dealing with the damage repairs, how weather completely alters the gameplay. to be honest there is no comparison in later games

Being able to drive police traffic police cars, like Crown Victorias, Caprices and Eagle Talons is a touch that only Need for Speed 4 has really delivered well. Also, the idea of a 5 member police squad and being able to switch between the cars was genius!

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17 Need For Speed 2

This is the best because it had the best track designs, innovated car damage, had interesting races. It was more of a simulator than an arcade racing game. I'd put this up in the Top 10, because this is what made the Need For Speed series.

Just bought it today lol - TealBoyxx

Insane arcade game that doesn't feel like Burnout! (Wich is good)
You also have the option to play in less arcadish physics in simulation game style. This game was a just about the true racing experince with exotic cars and exotic tracks, things that recent NFS lacks! Crash here is very dangerous and you can actually spin and roll your car, crashing in MW and Carbon is like nothing compared to this!

The best of all I think.. I wouldn't be intrested on NFS if I hadn't played this series as mine 1st NFS GAME

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18 The Need for Speed

the genesis of need for speed - moose4life19

Most realistic Need for Speed ever. It's a shame the series turned to a more arcadey experience, though I can understand it from a commercial perspective... But none of the sequels ever managed to be as impressive in terms of graphics and state-of-the-art as this one was back in 1994. The first Need for Speed was a technical marvel and one of the most enjoyable racing simulations I've ever played.

Good game but the music annoys me.

This is an upcoming reboot. It's gonna be the best ever. I know it!

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19 Need for Speed V-Rally

This game is so awesome I could just FARRT

WAAT?! V-Rally isn't even a NFS game! It was developed by Eden Games, not EA! But it's pretty cool.

20 Need for Speed: No Limits
21 Need for Speed Most Wanted U

I love the multiplayer in it

I play it a lot

22 Need for Speed: Underground Rivals
23 Need for Speed II
24 Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0
25 Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
26 Need for Speed: Edge

Watch it on youtube it will released in 2016 it will be an amazing race game more than need for speed 2015

27 Need for Speed: Prostreet

I personally believe this game is awesome and should be on top 10

The reason why I think this game is cool because it is one of the longest need for speed games games and it has great graphics and cool cars and mean ass modifications for your cars.

This game us one of the best nfs games out there. There is an awesome storyline and great career mode autoscuplt is really cool and there is a variety of races the best being speed challenge

It has difficulty but excitement in it. it had many cars, extreme action and mystery.

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28 Need for Speed: Nitro

It's cartoony :D I like cartoon-styled games!

The muscle cars have nice roofs! I like it

I love the gameplay and it is very fun

I love the cartoony look of the cars!

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29 Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City

My Favorite Need for Speed on PSP - gui2310g

A good racing game for the psp

30 Need for Speed (2015)

I love this game

This game very good to play with becsuse of night mode... its feels like playing nfs underground

Now that the game is out, there is many cars to choose from (In the beginning you only have 3 to choose from which is good for starting out in my opinion), it's true what others say about bringing back customization like Underground and police chase like Most Wanted (Even that underground is considered rice nowadays, which the type of customization should not be compared with the current in the game). When it was launched, in rare occasions when passing a cop lets just say at 15mph, they will go and pull you over/pursuit (one con).

Why is this game not in the top 10 or close to the top 10, do y'all know what good games are? Car customization and mechanics are one of the best in the series. Campaign is pretty solid, and the races are fun. The Characters are cool, and car legends are in. The only setback has to do with the cops. - ShaunnyB0y

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31 Need for Speed Payback

Solid story, amazing customization, cool concept of switching people for different builds, and huge selection of cars.

I love the game

I agree but it needed some fixing and stuff.

Best story line ever good graphics

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