Top Ten Nicest Places In London

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1 Richmond

I like a wonderful place and big park and coffee shop.

Although it is expensive it is a nice place to live and it is probably the safest part of London. Richmond Park is also just down the road and most shops are in big retail parks. There is a great decent sized Pets at Home there so if you have any animals it's a great place to live

Really posh Very calm And nice parks I've been to one with deers and came to eat my food But It was ok very kind and Lovely houses

Richmond is a very Posh Area in Southwest London with lots of Parks and Lakes

2 Chelsea

We love living rich housing and goods shopping kings road

Very Rich and Fancy Place in West London. Peaceful Pretty Area.

It's a good place, but I don't like the football team

The best! !

3 Kingston

Generally clean area with a large high street and architecture. right by the river thames further upstream where the water is more blue and there are swans and ducks

By no means the best!

In The Very South of London. One of the safest places in the city. Nearest Tube Station is Morden.

4 Kensington

Very expensive part of Central London.

Science Museum, Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, Q&A museum and Royal Albert Hall is there too. Even if you cannot live there it's a great place to visit.

5 Knightsbridge

My wife and I are American and come to London once a year. We have many British friends who tell us the best places to shop, dine and stay and for the last 9 years we must say that Knightsbridge is the best so far. Chelsea isn't too bad either, it's quite nice.

Expensive Posh Area, right near Chelsea, similar to Chelsea

Good shopping nice place

6 Hampstead

I went to Hampstead Heath and it's really nice and it's a place in London with Hills, the grass hills in Hampstead Heath are awesome.

North London Village. Calm Area with a Village-esque Feeling

7 Harrow

Peaceful and beautiful area but with benefits of being close and accessible to the city

Nice, peaceful and well connected.

Beautiful Town in the North West

8 Totteridge & Whetstone

In The Very North London, lots of green space and a very Peaceful Place.

9 Chiswick

Green Area with lots of Parks and Recreation near Hammersmith in West London

10 Greenwich

Lovely by cutty sark and beautiful royal Greenwich park. Lived there for about two years. Nice walks along the Thames too.

Renovation of Docklands mean North Greenwich (O2) is much better than it used to be. Just hop on the bus to North Greenwich. Takes about 5-10mins

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11 Highgate
12 Peckham

It's funny how the most dangerous place in London can be high up in this list. I live there, it's very nice and different and I don't regret it.


13 Camden

Camden Town is disliked by many critics, however I can't see how it is a bad place to live, there is a brilliant market and nearby, there are many nice, yet affordable, homes in close proximity to the centre of London.

14 Mitcham
15 Putney
16 Belsize Park

Just south of Hampstead, Belsize Park is an expensive, yet great place to live with excellent transport links to the City centre of London.

17 St John's Wood

St John's Wood, home to Abbey Road and Primrose Hill, is a very beautiful and affluent area of London. There are also many things to do in the area, as London Zoo and Regent's Park are both nearby. - aldwych94

Bit stuck up but still quite pleasant and no major hassles

18 Fulham

If I would live any where in London, it would definitely be Fulham - favourite area!

19 Morden

Why is Morden here? The place is now starting to become heavily deprived, with an increase in crime in the local area. There are nice towns nearby though, like Wimbledon and Mitcham. - aldwych94

Why is this high up the list? Europes biggest mosque is located there and loads of gang violence

20 Islington

Canonbury and Highbury are nice. Avoid Holloway at night though. Lots of crime there.

Very clean bright atmosphere. Sees like a pleasant civill district.
Architectual buildings compliments the sweet shops, restaurants, therefore blends in nicely with all form of buildings. No nasty fast food shops with their smelly stench.
The council houses difficult to distinguish because well keep, West end standard very cleanly maintained.

21 Mayfair

Mayfair, in close distance with Hyde park is quite a peaceful retreat from the chaos of nearby places like Westminster. It is extremely expensive to live there though.

22 Northwood
23 Golders Green

Lived there for 5 years now. Used to be a nice area but it has got worse now. Drug dealing, thefts and murders is something common in Golders Green now.

Run by : OJ-Patrick-Congo In Temple Fortune Lane / affiliated with C.A (child hills) & 197 (Finchley) #StrictlyBusinessGang

24 Swiss Cottage
25 Epsom
26 Ickenham

Great place I don't know why it's so low

27 Earl's Court

It my home and hotel nice place job school shopping and London underground one zones bus London

Good job cheap rent or hotel easy travel Earls Court to centre london working and open 24hrs shopping lower racism 💜

28 Stanmore

Nice Neighbourhood in North London. Family Friendly Area

29 Wimbledon Park

Wimbledon Park is a rather peaceful area in South West London, with many green spaces and a nice village feel.

30 Blackheath

Its like living in the country with the Greater London area.

31 Ham

Seeing "Ham" is pretty funny when you're used to seeing West Ham or East Ham on the tube map. - Rocko

32 Dulwich

Dulwich has really nice houses, not to mention its very well known school Dulwich College

33 Maze Hill
34 Strawberry Hill
35 Barnes

I have lived there all my life - hardly any crimes, really nice sense of community and nice cafes!

36 Hackney

Are you kidding Hackney is full of thugs

WHY IS THIS ON THIS SO SO BAD don't GO HERE please don't


37 Walthamstow

Holy f imma HOME!

38 Primrose Hill

Nice and Local to Central London and Camden Town. Primrose Hill itself has great views especially on New Years Day where you can see great views of the fireworks other than the South Bank and Charing Cross which gets REALLY crowded. It's opposite Regents Park and Not too far from Hampstead Heath. Good place to raise children and great place to walk the dogs.

Primrose Hill is sandwiched in between Regent's Park and St John's Wood and is a peaceful retreat in close proximity to Central London.

39 Twickenham
40 Notting Hill

Originally quite a poor place, but eventually become quite an expensive part of London to live.

41 Edgware
42 Teddington
43 Kingsbury

Quiet suburban area, nice residents, good sized gardens, plenty of parking, well serviced, well connected

44 Sydenham
45 Pinner

A very affluent and peaceful area of Harrow with a beautiful high street. - aldwych94

46 Maida Vale

Wonderful place to live, village feel, open green areas and canal's to stroll along. Only 15 minutes to the centre of London and you could be in a pretty English village.

47 East Sheen
48 Hampton
49 St. Margarets
50 Haringey
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