Best Nick Drake Songs

Nick Drake was a great songwriter, his lyrics had always a poetic touch. Unfortunately, he left us too soon. He was only 26 years old when he died from an overdose of the anti-depressant Tryptizol. Nonetheless, he made it just in time to produce his three solo albums.

The Top Ten

Pink Moon
Day is Done
Northern Sky
Time Has Told Me
River Man

Beautiful masterpiece with a man who has a amazing voice. - Mumbizz01

Three Hours
Black Eyed Dog
Which Will

One of my all time favorites. He had a knack for writing hypnotizing songs

Cello Song

Beautiful. Honestly surprised to see this song only at no.10, but I guess the man made a lot of great music. I think Road, River Man, Black Dog, Things Behind the Sun, Time Has Told Me and Northern Sky are my favourites although I've always preferred Nicks more acoustic stuff.

The Contenders

Things Behind the Sun
Time of No Reply
Place to Be
Clothes of Sand
Hazey Jane I
Hazey Jane II
Fruit Tree
Free Ride
From the Morning
Tow the Line
One of These Things First
Milk and Honey
They're Leaving Me Behind
Bryter Layter
Been Smoking Too Long
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