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1 Angel with a Shotgun

My favorite nightcore song. Pretty little psycho is a close second.

I think it should be 1 it's my favorite

Listening to this song as I vote for it! Angel with a shotgun is my favourite nightcore song.

Good one

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2 Anima Libera

I'm listening to this song right now lol

Just Loved it

3 Second to None
4 Around the World
5 Ravers In the Uk
6 Pyromania
7 Monster

Works great if your doing a video about scorpion or kratos. Oh yeah and it sounds hype too...

Not a bad song. Not a bad song at all. - Levi-Ackerman

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8 Pretty Rave Girl
9 God Is a Girl

Just make you feel great

! BEST SONG ever

10 Angel of Darkness

This is the second song gotten more than 10,000,000 views. This song should be higher rated, just like "Angel with shotgun" lyric.

This song got more likes than Angel with a Shotgun if the number of views are the same. - ilar9118

! It should be first or second! - ilar9118

I love this song If I could vote unlimited this is how much ill choose 1000,888996675 I don't care if its not a number at all. this song should be FIRST

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The Contenders

11 Because the Night
12 Welcome to the Club
13 Bad Boy V 1 Comment
14 Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep
15 Everytime We Touch
16 I Don't Care
17 Poison
18 Tell Me Why V 1 Comment
19 Forever Gamer

Anyone notice how it sounds like Craig from south park?

20 Dam Dadi Doo

This whole list is corrupt. How on earth is this so far down. Some of the songs above aren't even nightcore originated. This should be at least top 5..

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1. Angel with a Shotgun
2. Angel of Darkness
3. God Is a Girl
1. Anima Libera
2. Second to None
3. Around the World



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