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1 Angel with a Shotgun

I think it should be 1 it's my favorite

My favorite nightcore song. Pretty little psycho is a close second.

Listening to this song as I vote for it! Angel with a shotgun is my favourite nightcore song.

#1 hit song ever
the best song in the world also I love it too

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2 Second to None

Shout out to my ex

I tried to listen to it at school, but it's restricted T^T

3 Anima Libera

I'm listening to this song right now lol

Amazing even though I don't understand it

I love this song cheers my mood up

Its ma fave song

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4 Monster

I love this song

Works great if your doing a video about scorpion or kratos. Oh yeah and it sounds hype too...

The song that got me hooked on nightcore!

loved it!

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5 Around the World
6 Battlefield

This song is so good in nightcore

I am Hooked to this sooo good I love this song SO MUCH

7 This Little Girl

This and Pretty Little Psycho which is oddly not on the list.

Like, this song is the bomb!

This sing is dedicated to my enemy also my brother Is in the army so it reminds me of the army

Is beautiful

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8 Ravers In the Uk

So good if you need to move and sing along in the same time! ❀

9 Pyromania


10 Demons

Reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail. Anyone agree?

Original version is already so awesome so you imagine it in nightcore

It is amazing

This song is just WONDERFUL

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11 Everytime We Touch

Literally made for nightcore

Yo, this is BOSS, man! This song is so good and awesome πŸ‘πŸ»β€" let's just share this awesomeness right now on my tablet/iPhone/iPad...I'll be going now...BUT FIRST LET ME LISTEN TO THIS

12 Dollhouse

Thank for the great music

One of my favorite songs--it creeped me out at first lol but that was awhile ago

Its amazing

This one has a really great beat plus it’s really catchy.

13 Angel of Darkness

This is the second song gotten more than 10,000,000 views. This song should be higher rated, just like "Angel with shotgun" lyric.

This song got more likes than Angel with a Shotgun if the number of views are the same. - ilar9118

! It should be first or second! - ilar9118

Should be in the top 5 - Maya159610

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14 Pretty Rave Girl
15 Because the Night
16 God Is a Girl

Just make you feel great


! BEST SONG ever

17 Welcome to the Club

Welcome to the club now everybody up now this is an emergency music is my galaxy

18 Bad Boy


19 Clarity

This song is amazing!


20 Dam Dadi Doo

This whole list is corrupt. How on earth is this so far down. Some of the songs above aren't even nightcore originated. This should be at least top 5..

This list is the worst I've ever seen. Where are the classics? "Forever", "Look At Me Now", "Destiny", "Reality", "Lucky Star", "Paradise and Dreams"? Y'all need real Nightcore!

How is one of the original nightcore song down the list? Y'all have no taste. tsk tsk.

21 Poison

One of the better ones


22 Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me to Sleep
23 Moonlight Shadow
24 Tell Me Why
25 I Don't Care
26 Begin Again (Purity Ring)

This is my new favourite,the bass is incredible!

27 Forever Gamer

Anyone notice how it sounds like Craig from south park?

28 Heart Attack

Should be higher its really good if you like nightcore combinations try cake and heart attack its really good - Maya159610

This is my love life lol


29 Pumped Up Kicks
30 Time of Dying

Why is it only number 6? >. > Foolishness.

31 Like a Vampire
32 Listen to Your Heart

Love it, so inspirational

33 Airplanes
34 Headstrong
35 Whispers In the Dark
36 Doktorspiele

I really like this song I love the concept

37 Siren

It sounds great. It sounds like a real song, un-nightcored

38 Infinity
39 Raindrops
40 Welcome To Da Club Now
41 I'm a Freak
42 Flute
43 All the Things She Said
44 What Hurts the Most
45 Crazy Baby
46 21st Century Digital Girl
47 Flesh

A excellent seductive song, it was very enjoyable and I thought it was downright amazing!

48 Your Biggest Mistake
49 Now I'm Free
50 One In a Million
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