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101 Very Ape

Personally, this is not my favorite song on this list, but I am voting for this to restore balance. This is a fantastic song by Nirvana, and defiantly deserves to be higher on this list.

If you have not heard this song before, I defiantly recommend listening to it.

Great riff, and the only nirvana dong with a synthesizer. I don't know why this is so low, just listen and you will love it. It has a great beat to dance to.

Great song truly underrated

102 Spank Thru

Listen to this song live at Rome!

Insane song only hardcore nirvana fans know this song so don't vote poofs

Look up the version of this from Sub Pop 200. Amazing! - Kfox101

103 Been a Son

This song is ironically funny. It may have had nothing to do with his daughter francis but the situation in general is funny, because those parents believe they are disgracing themselves and their family by the things they do. But in reality are just trying to express themselves and their parents can not except that cause they had to leave themselves behind because they never found ones true self.

What man. I did not expect to see this awesome song at #60! That's insane. It may not belong in the top ten but 60 is crazy. I love this song as it's fast paced and easily recognized by Nirvana fans.

This is one of the best Nirvana songs that Kurt wrote. It's one of my favorite Nirvana songs. Please, I'm asking all true fans to vote for this song like crazy!

All of the greatest nirvana songs are in the back, anyone else notice that? - Gruunge

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104 D-7

Straight as an arrow...

It starts off quite slow and about a minute and a half into it, it becomes amazing.

I can't stop listening to this amazing song

105 Help Me, I'm Hungry

Help Me I'm Hungry, Come on Death and Vendetagainst are all the same song - Kfox101

106 Nobody Knows I'm New Wave

Not sure, if the song was just an unreleased track or created on the spot, but the beat and the lyrics are NIrvana.

107 Suicide Samurai
108 My Sharona
109 Misery Loves Company
110 Horrified
111 Baba O'Riley
112 Imodium

This is literally just a 1990 take of Breed. No need to vote for it.

113 Erectum
114 Half the Man I Used to Be

The Song is actually called "Creep" and it's by the Stone Temple Pilots. Was not written nor performed by Nirvana. Remove please.

What? How comes this one is here in 111, It deserves to be at least in 30. bring it up man this hurts.

This isn't by Nirvana, and the title isn't even "Half the Man I Used to Be" it's "Creep" by Stone Temple Pilots. - Gruunge

115 Across the Universe

This isn't a Nirvana song. The version people think is by Nirvana is actually by Seether - Kfox101

I love it. It's such a beautiful song...

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