Best Nite Jewel Songs

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1 Nowhere To Go Nowhere To Go Cover Art

Do you feel like? Maybe somewhere somehow Way I feel inside We go... Projecting Out there Hallucinatory power And I been there Out here Insomniatic driver
Pitch back Make bail Desert flower Cactus And now what I? Nowhere to go x7... Can't see a thing I mean it's so dark Can't take the thing I've come too far. Nowhere to go x6 Nowhere to go Go Go No no.

This song can put my mind on such different levels of beauty and calming. And I remember this song was in Grand Theft Auto V in the mirror Park radio Fm
Well I think...

One of the very chill songs ever done in earth, the sounding it's just inhuman.

Absolutely perfect song to calm yourself when you get angry!

2 What Did He Say What Did He Say Cover Art

One of the most culturaly rare songs I've heard in my life. - that's why I love great modern rock music like this, be this first it's a good song I like it.

Whoever doesn't it likes this song just gotta' be on drugs. This song is so damn perfect in anysense!

The only good or decent song by nite jewel.

This song gotta be first

3 Weak for Me Weak for Me Cover Art

I think this is a much better song than nowhere to go and it's one of the best competitors to beat that song for the ranking number (official) #1 possition!

4 She's Always Watching You She's Always Watching You Cover Art
5 Memory, Man Memory, Man Cover Art
6 Bottom Rung Bottom Rung Cover Art

I am impressed to see a list about this beautiful singer, and although she is not very well known yet, I recognize that she has caught me very deeply with this piece of magnificent song. I do not even know how I could describe this... It is simply a very beautiful song which has how mixes of genres the Contemporary Chillwave, Indie Rock, and even includes some calm in the environment of itself.

Still the best song by Nite Jewel or could be one of the really best ones if not the truly bests. I just love the beat!

Good song, I would rate it as a 7/10 and probably the number 1 song of the list.

I love this song, is probably her best since it's too catchy!

7 In the Dark In the Dark Cover Art

Sounds kinda of decent

Only Number #8.ยก ? What a good joke... this is an awesome song that should be number 3 at least.

8 Let's Go (The Two of Us Together) Let's Go (The Two of Us Together) Cover Art

Let's vote this song for the win! Guys

9 We Want Our Things We Want Our Things Cover Art

the first experience I saw was gettin' older than a simple internet matshup, but there's a path to choose between two lines which makes difference on not the same crystal, also tommy get the piano and he got introduced to the new contemporary audience with simple black and brown hats speaking about horses before he started the discussion, a discussion? discussion to what...? ...a discussion to tell.

One of the best songs of Nite Jewel of all time! this is so smooth.

10 Want You Back Want You Back Cover Art
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