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61 White Cluster

How is this not in the top ten? This song is so beautiful, that I started shaking at the end of it.

Still life is their best album in my opinion. this song is amazing should be higher

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62 Patterns in the Ivy

A masterpiece indeed...
Strange no one mentioned it!

63 Face In the Snow

This is one of the best opeth songs I've ever heard. I wonder why no added this

Because it is a special edition track

64 Will O the Wisp

Smooth acoustic riffing with finger-picked guitar,this one is a must-listen track from the album Sorceress.Akerfeldt's soulful vocals are a big bonus along with some great melodic solo-ing from the band.The outro is heavenly.One of the best acoustic based ambient tracks of Opeth.

65 Sorceress

Best music from Opeth I've heard until now.

This song is brillant

Great song

This album is similar to pale communion
Not bad

66 Moon Above, Sun Below

Best song off of the newest album. Definitely deserves a mention on this list.

67 In Mist She Was Standing

How is this in the newcomers? This is a great song in general. It is very melodic, epic, and beautiful, and also has some amazing guitar work. This song is where the whole band shines, especially Akerfeldt. In the mist she was standing is my favorite Opeth song, with Burden being second and either The Moor or The drapery falls being 3rd. Edit: by the way, the other comment on the song saying the same thing is another comment by me, I just posted it 2 times on accident then wrote something else. - Metalfan2112

This should definitely be in the top ten. It's very Melodic, Epic, and has some great guitar work in it. Personally my favorite Opeth song, with Burden being 2nd, and either The Moor or The Drapery falls being 3rd.

68 I Feel the Dark

It sounds so pristine and pure... Even, the vocals do... Not in the top 10 but deserves to be higher... Might be here because of people's distaste of Heritage

69 Atonement

This song got me into Opeth.. I found this while listening to Satriani and Petrucci! From thereon it was Opeth all along! Thanks Opeth

No clue why it hasn't been voted for yet, deserves to be in top 20

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70 River

Best song of pale communion in my humble opinion. Great evolution. Beautiful acoustic intro, gorgeous vocals and harmonies and the ending is very sinister and evil sounding. Lots do other reasons why this song is one of opeth's best, but can't list them all, phenomenal song.

71 Famine
72 Still Day Beneath the Sun


73 Bridge of Sighs

Enjoyable hard rock yeah!

Best melodies in stylehardrock of

74 Den Ständiga Resan

I thought I had heard it all with "Blackwater park", "Still life" and "Ghost Reveries", their three best albums on this list, and then I tried "Watershed". It rapidly ranked #1 in My personal top 5 Opeth's albums, and from all the songs this was THE song. Simply amazing. Give me shiver every time I listen to it. Way better than "Burden".

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75 For Absent Friends

This is a short, jazz influenced instrumental track from deliverance. Very calming and relaxing. Definitely worth a listen.

Should be higher

76 Karma
77 Elysian Woes
78 Häxprocess

May not be the most complex song, but the clear Vocals are so close to your ears when you hear it, its definitely worth a mention in this list.

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79 Patterns in the Ivy II

Listening to this masterpiece, driving up a mountain while it snows... an unparalleled beautiful experience.

80 Strange Brew
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