Best The Orioles Songs


The Top Ten

1 It's Too Soon to Know

This song's quality it's just unexplainable. - Q-ube

Yeah it's kinda thrilling.

2 Barbara Lee
3 A Kiss and a Rose
4 Getting Tired Tired Tired
5 Pretty Pretty Rain
6 (It's Gonna Be) A Lonely Christmas

I wouldn't put this song outside the clearest and lightning Top 5 places. This song just gotta' be in there, why did even this song wasn't originally the number one or at least number three song?

This song is awesome, it could be the number 2 song on this list man. - Q-ube

One of the best christmas songs!

Greatest christmas song from the 1950's!

7 I'd Rather Have You Under the Moon
8 I Challenge Your Kiss
9 Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
10 Happy Go Lucky Local Blues
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