Most Overhated Linkin Park Songs

These Linkin Park songs get a lot of uncessary hate.

The Top Ten

1 Heavy

What's so bad about this song? So what if it's poppy? It's just Linkin Park experimentating like they always do. The lyrics are good and it's better than most pop songs that came out this year, hell it's better than Starboy.

To be honest I like this song - RoseCandyMusic

2 Battle Symphony Battle Symphony

It's not all that terrible.

3 Guilty All the Same

Overhated it is.

4 Lies Greed Misery

One of the only good songs from Living Things.

5 Numb

Read, 9 and 10 enough said.

6 Blackout

I've heard far worse songs than this.

7 Burning in the Skies

I don't get the hate for this song.

8 Points of Authority

Also by a certain LP hater.

9 Crawling

It's not their best but BURN IT DOWN is worse.

10 In the End

By a certain Linkin Park hater who I won't mention *Cough *Cough*

The Contenders

11 Given Up
12 Pushing Me Away
13 Castle of Glass
14 Good Goodbye
15 Bleed It Out
16 Talking to Myself Talking to Myself
17 Invisible
18 Sharp Edges Sharp Edges
19 Nobody Can Save Me Nobody Can Save Me
20 Halfway Right Halfway Right
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