Top 10 Most Overhated Nickelback Songs

These Nickelback songs get too much hate to be honest.

The Top Ten

1 Rockstar

This is probably their most misunderstood song - Nickelback don't glorify this lifestyle, they criticise it / mock it. The song is very pleasant and meaningful, the video is fun to watch. - Metal_Treasure

This was actually called the worst song of a year when there was defiantly far worse this song gets the most undeserving hate I have seen in a song (Other than Baby by Justin Bieber but that song actually was terrible) - christangrant

What's so bad about this song? All it does is mock the style of a rockstar.

Nothing by nickelback should be hated at all. So many people just don’t understand what real music is. Nickelback is like my favorite band of all time. Their songs are just so beautiful and have such great meaning to them. And Chad Kroger the lead singer has the best voice I’ve ever heard. I just don’t know how anyone could hate them. But I don’t care what all these fools who have no taste in music think I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU NICKELBACK!

2 Photograph

Honestly the hate this song gets is annoying.

Not a big fan of this song but I like it and its defiantly not that bad - christangrant

Look at this photograph...

3 Something in Your Mouth

Sure the lyrics aren't great but The Guitar Riff is awesome I don't care what anyone says I like this song - christangrant

I like the music to this song. Lyrics, eh...not so much but I can ignore them. I agree the riffs are very good as well as the chorus. - Metal_Treasure

It's just a normal sexual hard rock song I don't see anything wrong with it.

4 If Today Was Your Last Day

Again it's actually decent.

Wait, it's hated? Then I vote for this. This is one of my Nickelback favorites.

Their best Pop song - christangrant

5 Someday

It's not as bad as people say.

6 If Everyone Cared
7 Gotta Be Somebody

Not that bad actually.

Another great pop song - christangrant

8 When We Stand Together

Honestly I don't get the hate for this song either.

9 Never Gonna Be Alone

Again just because it's a song from their Dark Horse album doesn't make them automatically terrible.

10 Edge of a Revolution

The Contenders

11 Far Away
12 How You Remind Me
13 She Keeps Me Up

A song in which Nickelback changes their style that still gets hated on.

14 This Afternoon
15 Lullaby

I've heard way worse to be honest.

16 Trying Not to Love You
17 I'd Come for You
18 Burn It to the Ground

Even their best song is overhated - christangrant

19 Bottoms Up
20 Feed the Machine
21 S.E.X.
22 Song on Fire
23 Next Contestant
24 Follow You Home
25 Too Bad
26 Someone that You're With
27 Savin' Me
28 Fight for All the Wrong Reasons
29 Animals
30 After the Rain
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