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1 Super Mario Sunshine

Why is this game number one?! It is definitely not a bigger highlight in Mario's history( but it isn't bad either), but this game was still accepted by most Mario fans! I swear sonic deserves an entry at number 1 far more than Mario. I barely see any hate towards Mario games despite that Mario has also had problems, but I swear Sonic's fan base is far more unforgiving than Mario's fan base.

How the hell is this game overhated? Practically everyone seems to like it from what I've heard. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It was mainly back when it was released. And it is often dismissed for stupid reasons like voice acting. - HeavyDonkeyKong

I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I have a list idea for this when I think about it more. - Rue

Wait, I thought I hated this game and I didn't look like a bandwagoner - SpectralOwl

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2 Sonic Unleashed

I really enjoyed this game. This game showcases Sonic at his fastest yet. No game following this has ever reached Sonic's speed in Unleashed and what's even cooler is when you actually experience that sense of speed for yourself. The werehog stages are not as awful as many people claim it to be in my opinion. While the stages are really long, it was always satisfying when I discovered a secret or beat up a ton of enemies. Along with that, it was a great change of pace from the daytime stages. As someone who has also played Generations, Colors, and Forces, I still always find this to be my favorite. That's just me though. - chopsie01

This is overhated because people don't like the idea of Sonic being a hedgehog-werewolf hybrid. I find this game mediocre. I don't want no mediocre. Don't want no mediocre.

It has great combat, puzzles, challenge, bosses, and great level design

The wii version was bad, but the Playstation awas great

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3 Mario Kart Wii

Um, what is this game doing here. I don't know anybody who hates this game! This is a great game no question, but it doesn't get much hate at all! For that reason, I do not think this game should even be on this list!

It actually does get a lot of hate for how the items work and the retro courses. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Why is this game in this? It's awesome!

This game is amazing. Why would this be in here

Wait people actually hate this game? - chopsie01

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4 Shadow the Hedgehog

I love the game! Stop being so negative people I mean seriously!

Great game, only problems were slippery controls and the fact that there were multiple endings that were complicated to get.

This is one of my least favorite games

Can see why this is on the list - ORLY?

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5 Sonic Lost World

It's not a Galaxy rip-off. Galaxy took elements from Super Mario 128. This took elements from Sonic Xtreme. See the difference? - HeavyDonkeyKong

It has an acrobatic system which can help stop cheap death because Sonic can also grab edges.

I actually really enjoyed this game, sure its repetitive but its really fun

Mediocre game - ORLY?

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6 Mario Kart 7

Um, why is this game here? I know few people who don't like this game. This is a great game, but I don't think it gets enough hate to qualify for this list.

Amazing game - ORLY?

7 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Its seriously the same thing as sonic adventure 2 what's so bad about that? The improvements? The minor improvements? Yeah that's what I thought! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Why the hell do so many people bash on this game nowadays!?!? They loved it back when it first came out so why the hell would they call it junk today? Especially that idiot ProJared who pulled a bunch of reasons for hating the game out of his ass just to troll fans of the game such as myself. - deltanine

Why is this game here?! This game is just as overrated as the original SA2! Like the original, only Sonic's portions are good.

This is my 2nd favorite game of all time. Yee.

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8 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

It's like these morons don't know what research is, if they did they could look up "sonic 06 review" and understand why it's so hated and no, sonic 06 has 9 playable characters the most characters playable in a sonic game is in sonic heroes (12)

What is this doing in this list?! This game is awesome! Great music, amazing new characters, great level design, only game EVER where Sonic died! This game has it ALL!

I would have actually loved it, but the bestiality ruined it. Why couldn't Mephiles kill Elise instead of Sonic? Then that bit (you know, THAT bit) wouldn't have to be there. - TwilightKitsune

There was a lot about this game that I didn’t like but the inclusion of Silver, a non speedy hedgehog who is psychic, was a nice touch. I like playing as characters with different powers who are not just recoloured, edgier versions of Sonic.

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9 Sonic Heroes

Hey, it's not that bad. - Delgia2k

I liked it. The only problem was the abysmal camera. - Garythesnail

This was without a doubt one game underrated by critics like IGN or Metacritic, but when nearly every fan says this is the number one underrated game, it gives me the feeling that it deserves a lower spot ( no, I'm not saying it is bad by any means.)

Great game - ORLY?

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10 Super Princess Peach

It's actually kinda fun just too easy in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Without Peach, The mario games will be about sewers.

Stop Hating Peach! She's Good.

Good game - ORLY?

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11 Mario Hotel

But you have to give it respect for being the god of YouTube poop.

This game honestly suck DONKEY BALLS!, this is the WORST Mario GAME

At least it is playable though it could have had voice acting from the cartoon.

It is the worst Mario game.

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12 Sonic and the Black Knight

I don't understand how this game is hated more than secret rings. Sure the idea of Sonic wielding a Sword sounds odd, but at least sonic kept his speed unlike the werehog in Unleashed (not that the werehog was bad). In fact, I really liked slashing the crap out of every enemy at high speeds, and I LOVED playing as Shadow, Knuckles, and Blaze in story mode. And most importantly, the controls are EONS better than Secret Rings, along with improved graphics, an improved soundtrack, improved voice acting, and even included some stages that, SPOILERS, were inspired by sonic's days before wielding a sword (if you unlock them post game that is). And to those that say that the homing attack is useless, you actually have to use a homing attack on enemies in those stages because the sword actually does not work on enemies in those stages. Overall, while it does have a few problems like tiring out arms (which should only be a problem if you swing too hard or to frequently because I've played the ...more

Why Does Everyone Hate This? - VideoGamefan5

Sonic and the Black Knight is actually pretty good, and deserves more love.

13 Super Mario Land

This is actually fun Nintendo had ideas from country's and areas

14 Mario Party 7

Mario Party is actually a lot of fun and this is my favorite one in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I love this game! I grew up with it!

15 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I think this game looks like a lot of fun. - Garythesnail

You can have some simple fun with it. I didn't like it but you will enjoy it. - DCfnaf

A VERY OVERHATED game but is quite a good game although it actually passes mediocre

I actually am not a fan of this...big surprise. - DCfnaf


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16 Sonic Colors (Wii)

Um, why is this game here?! This game receives very little hate!

I'm gonna reach for the stars,9.3/100

Its underrated because people think sonic sucks even though this game tevived it and its shadowed by sonic generations

Also released for the DS.

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17 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

I personally didn't hate sonic boom rise of lyric (mostly because I'm a sonic fanboy) all people care about now are glitches. Like a new Mario game comes out and people are like "duuuh. This game is glitchy that makes it bad." I'll admit that it would have been better if they kept sonic synergy and I wish it had more speed but over all I like this game

Don't know what they are talking about when they say it's glitchy. I didn't run into a single glitch that forced me to restart my Wii U, in fact, I barely ran into any. Sonic 06 on the other hand... 7. Words. Get off the wall Knuckles and Rouge!

18 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Yeah, I said it! This game is way too underrated for its overall witty presentation and traditional RPG gameplay of the SNES gameS!

19 Yoshi's Story
20 Sonic CD

Not the best sonic I ever played but it sure isn't the worst, all because its on the sega cd, its like saying ssb4 sucks because its on the Wii u, really guys, also this game is better than sonic 1

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