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101 Barry Hall

Big bad barry is only good at punching people. he can't kick straight, he gives away penalties and he's a slow runner. well, the got the bad part right. - CrowdedChisel

102 Jack Nicklaus
103 Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett Kevin Maurice Garnett is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association.

Everyone hates the heat for forming the big three. Well Kevin Garnett couldn't win on his own.

104 Ilya Kovalchuk
105 Sam Aiken
106 Carey Price Carey Price Carey Price is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender who plays for the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League.
107 Mark Caguioa
108 Glen Davis Glen Davis
109 Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Yazid Zidane, nicknamed "Zizou", is a retired French footballer and current manager of Real Madrid.

Overrated? HE won the Ballon d'Or 3 times, won the worldcup and the euro, Champions league,La Liga and is noe of the greatestplayers ever...Not overrated! (Sorry for bad english)

110 Virat Kohli

Most Overrated Cricketer In History - Jefin

111 Roman Reigns Roman Reigns Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) was born on May 25, 1985. He is an American professional wrestler and former professional Canadian football player. more. V 1 Comment
112 Anders Jochumsen

Worst professional soccer player ever!!! - Coach

113 Alexander Semin
114 Kiefer Ravena
115 Brooks Robinson

Not arguing his defense - but on offense an average to below average third baseman - OB% low -seldon walked, lifetime Slug %.401 - not worthy of HOF - yes he had some bright postseason spot - really good 1970 - but not the super all around player made out to be - several third basemen overall better numbers

116 Mark Sanchez

His butt fumble was ridiculous. He is a freckle on the butt of quarterbacking. One day, we will look back and say "man, Sanchez was awesome? "

He played for the Jets. That explains why he's overrated.

117 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Your kidding right? Averaging mid 40s in test cricket is good if not great. He averaged like 55. And had over 45 test centuries. People these days...

118 Johnny Unitas Johnny Unitas John Constantine Unitas, nicknamed "Johnny U", or "The Golden Arm", was an American professional football player from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Baltimore colts got lucky to win that one super bowl against Dallas cowboys with johnny unitas as their quarterback.

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119 Dwight Howard Dwight Howard Dwight David Howard is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association.

He's built the great wall of China with all them bricks from the line

120 Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal
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