Top Ten Most Overrated Rush Songs

This is a list of the most overrated and overplayed songs from the hard rock/progressive rock band Rush

The Top Ten

1 Tom Sawyer

Every time I talk about Rush with anyone, they always bring up how great Tom Sawyer is, musically and lyrically. To me, this is the song is overrated and it's the song that gave Rush the O.K. to stop rocking as hard and make borderline pop music. Also, if the lyrics are so great, what's with "catch the spit? " - Aweso


2 Between the Wheels

This song sucks. This album sucks. And people seem to love them both. This song proved to me that Rush had completely lost themselves and moved over to 80s pop - Aweso

3 Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)

It's a song that no one cares about for the music and everyone seemingly loves because of the lyrics. LYRICS AREN'T MUSIC! If I wanted to hear someone speak about something powerful and meaningful I'd read a book or watch a movie with that message. I listen to music for the MUSIC. Lyrics are always secondary and this song's music is so boring that there is no reason for me to stay for lyrics. - Aweso

4 The Garden

Extremely overrated. I've tried liking this song after hearing so many great things about it but I just can't. It's boring beyond belief and I hate to say that considering it's Geddy's final contribution to Rush's final album. - Aweso

5 Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
6 New World Man
7 Force Ten
8 Animate
9 Mystic Rhythms
10 La Villa Strangiato

Not a particularly bad song, just gets a lot more praise than it needs - Aweso

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