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1 Tracer

She's so quick, good for getting to objectives, and just all around amazing

She's my go to character who can dodge opponents and get behind them in a second.

Shes on the cover of the game, that's enough to prove how badass she is - khali98

Tracer is definitely one of the best Overwatch characters. She has fun gameplay, an interesting character, & she completely dominated her "Death Battle" with Scout. Also, do any other "Doctor Who" fans realize she's a British person who time-travels? Clever move, Blizzard. - JohnOfArcades

2 Genji

So good

He is the best

How is Genji not number 1 on the list. He is the most mobile and the deadliest character in the game. If a Roadhog hooks you, you can just deflect his shotgun blast back in his face. Sombra may be able to hack and take away Genji's abilities but he can just climb to safety using his passive ability called cybernetic agility. He can counter everyone in one way or another. All those Tracer mains think that just because she can recall and blink she is so powerful. She legit can be killed in one dragon blade hit. Or for that matter just a regular melee attack. I read that guy who made that long comment going on about how he switched mains from Genji to Sombra man he made a big mistake. Besides Genji can be strategic when you know how to play him. Anyway Genji should be number 1.

Love genji have a high win rate

3 Reaper Reaper is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Definitely the coolest and most badass character in the game, and he's fun to use

As a miserable teen with 40+ hours in Reaper, the first thing I spent my credits on was his Mariachi skin.

He isn't as easy to play as most believe. His damage falloff means he can be picked off by any hero with range if they know how to backtrack. He is easy to use in that his range of abilities are quite limited and simple in use. At the end of the day, what separates a good Reaper from a bad one is their map knowledge, their ability to make judgement calls and how to behave when faced with different heroes.

For example, a Tracer can easily kite you. You have the power to 2-shot them (headshot + melee) but you need for them to get close. Go around a corner and wait right beside the door. Make sure your shotguns aren't sticking out for them to see. If they're smart and know what you're doing, they'll leave you alone, in which case, you're free to go.

If a Mei is freezing you, most people will use Wraith Form. You can also use Shadow Step since it takes less time ...more

So good ULT, Everybody nows that if you hear ' die!, die! die! ' all people with a brain runs AS HELL

Reaper god mode

4 D.VA D.Va is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

D.VA is a very versatile hero. She can fly around with her boosters, which can be used to engage and escape. Defense matrix can eat many abilities which can prove dangerous to the team, such as sleep dart, flashbang, and some ultimates such as graviton surge. Her micro missiles can also provide good burst damage, and although people say her primary fire is weak, when used properly with her other abilities, it can be very effective. Finally, her ultimate can be very dangerous and powerful, provided it is used under the right circumstances.

D.Va's awesome

No words needed.

Defensive mech is OP, can eat ultimates. Her self destruct ultimate can be deadly when many of the enemies are hovering around the payload or the point. D.Va is by far one of the best characters in the game. - BryanM

5 Junkrat

Junkrat to OP

Junkrat is seriously underrated - but a good junket means a real threat to the enemy. He poses as a good attack hero as well as defense and his passive ability is amusing to get kills with. As for his ultimate, it is perfect for a situation where the enemy team are all on the payload/objective. He is one kickass hero

I Junkrat main he is just overall an amazing character

How is Junkrat not number 1

6 Soldier: 76

Generally boss

Helix rockets. Enough said

He kills, and his sprint helps make him good to run away and heal himself. He also is great for kills with his helix rockets

The first hero you use and is currently my most used. Helix rockets are great with the addition of healing.

7 Reinhardt

Rein is the best character in the game because he can defend an entire team, take down an entire team with clever use and can take a point single handily while only losing half his health.

Guys Reinhardt is the strongest character in my opinion

I'm a Reinhardt main and his backstory is so sad.

With clever use of his shield he is the most valuable tank in the game. Overwatch is about teamwork. Between him and Lucio, both are huge benefactors to aid the team as whole, and not just themselves...something I have noticed many people don't get.

8 Roadhog

Because he is fat and has cool chain- me 2018

God, I can't believe reaper is higher up than him. Hog is a better, higher damage version of reaper who can heal himself infinitely and hook enemies for an instant kill. Hog deserves at least no. 3 spot.

One of the best. His hook is amazing and can heal with a short cool down. Obviously the best character, especially against a mercy meta

My personal favorite. A self healing tank with a chain from Scorpion, Awesome! Great against Hanzo if used right.

9 Lucio Lucio is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

My dude

He's a pretty OP healer. Um... yeah use him for attack on point games yeah awesome. I swear I've saved the game with 30 secs left playing as him. Try him. Oh and always vote the HEALER! - PBoi_N_J

Lucio is bae. This guy is an awesome healer on both offense and defense, and he has some jazzy tunes.

Can heal many people at a time and can push people

10 Widowmaker

Hard to use, but when used well, OP. She has a grappling hook that takes a long time for a cool down, and her venom mine doesn't do that much damage. Full-auto mode rarely gets any kills, and that leaves you with sniper mode. Her escape plan isn't very good, and she can't heal herself plus the low health. When you get POTG, teammates will be impressed by your skills. She and Genji are my two mains.

Oh come on! I had to add her myself? Widowmaker is AWESOME great fighter and my go to on overwatch

Widowmaker should earn number 2 or 3. She has a very Interesting and Awsomly Heartbreaking Background. She is the Queen of Attack and Defense. And she has one of the best Weapons in Overwatch. She's Sexy and totally Badass. She is literally the Nicki Minaj of Overwatch. And she's so Loving of her Husband that she actually went to his Grave in the Overwatch Christmas Comic. She's Independent and she knows how to kick some butt. And she defeated Tracer who's a Fast and Fierce Opponent. She has one of the best and gothic lines ever. Widowmaker is still one of the best dps along with Genji and Doomfist, which is pretty good considering that all her counters are meta as well. She's so tough that she took a Huge Punch from Doomfist's Gaunlet. She get's hated a lot because she's just too OP. Love or Hate Widowmaker she's still one of the best in Overwatch.

Snipe daily

The Contenders

11 McCree McCree is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

He has a good tactic that he can use to kill people easily

"It's high noon."


I already chose mccree

12 Hanzo

12 OH HELL NO I AM A HANZO MAIN AND I GET AT LEAST 20 kills each match

It's sad that most of the hanzo mains never switch not contribute damage or kills to the team. At least on that extremely rare occasion where you have a good handouts, he does all the damage.

Requires very high precision, but deals very large damage and easily the best ultimate ability in the game in an open area - khali98

Hanzo is a full out BEAST! He will kill any Overwatch character in seconds. SAVAGE!

13 Sombra Sombra is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

A very underrated hero in my opinion, Sombra's hacking in my opinion is very beneficial for the team as some abilities from the opposing team are what put my team at a disadvantage sometime, plus healing is much easier as the cool-down is faster and only my team can heal with those health packs. Plus the translocator helps get you out of a tight position and being stealthy makes for a great advanatage for the team, especially when killing characters such as Widowmaker, Bastion, Torbjorn or Hanzo. Finally her EMP, being able to hack all her enemies and stop them from using their ultimates, yeah very useful. - EJLEE0602

She is my favorite because she can hack

Just insane

She came from a hard childhood. She is not evil and she nice. She just wants what is best for all if you think about it even if she has to backstab to do so. She is also mysterious and can reveal a lot of lore. She is a badass.

14 Mercy

Mercy is very easy for beginners. She has great skins and can really be the difference between winning and losing (depending on the player's skill)

The best healer

Many people seem to think that playing a support is boring, but characters like Mercy that have to get close to their allies to heal them need to dodge attacks and balance out protecting themselves and healing teammates. This can lead to some serious gameplay.

MERCY is amazing she tried to rez me like over 100 times then I saw her die I was like

15 Bastion

Poor underrated Bastion! I scarcely play with another character he just really suitable my gaming style and I think he’s a unique difference in strategic skill


Has a tank mode for crying out loud.

Bastion is an overpowered monster capable of taking out the entire enemy team without even moving. As you scream out rage and break your game bastion will be watching and he shall drink your tears when you are sad and make you sad when you are happy.

16 Mei

Her gun is OP

Her gun is OP

Mei is a-mei-zing...hey someone had to do it.

If you think about it, Mei is one of the most OP (Over-Powered) characters in the game, her icicle is as sharp as anything and her freeze blast is totally OP, by freezing the opponent and then shooting an icicle. Plus she has an ice wall and she can heal without being hit by anyone. Then again she is very unprotected when she gets out of her healing thing.

17 Zenyatta

Absolute sunshine baby boy sweetheart cinnamon roll good boi who deserves hugs and love and rainbows. - regularshowman

As a Zenyatta main myself I can agree with this spot because other heros can beat him on 1v1s and although he has one of the best ultimates in the game, his speed is slow so he can't really run away from his enemy's. But I believe that his discord orb could rank him at least a little bit higher

Should be #1! He has the ability to make his teammates stronger, and his enemies weaker! He is hard to play but once you are good at him, he is one of the most useful healers.

Zenyatta is a really cool character. I think he’s a fairly balanced healer who can also do good damage to players. - thatboy6ix

18 Pharah

Her weapons are very powerful. Teamed with mercy, she's unstoppable. And, has a very high chance of being on fire.

Underrated character, extremely powerful and her ultimate can tear people to shreds - khali98

Shes good at a lot of things and has compelling relations with the others.

The reason I like this character is because of her missle barrage, her explosive shooting weapon, and how she can somewhat fly. Its very fun using her. - AlBrEv2003

19 Winston

I love Donkey Kong, he's my favorite pokemon. Play him all the time in fortnite on the Nintendo Playbox. My favorite weapon of his is his diamond sword #DonkeyKong4Smash

I wanna be Winston

Winston is one of the most fun characters to play. He might seem like he is really easy although you need to know when to engage and disengage and you need to have good positioning to kill people with his low damage tesla cannon

He is a genetically engineered, super genius, gorilla! What more could you want? He's powerful, smart, and he's trying to get the heroes of OverWatch together again.

20 Symmetra

Her legs are beautiful

Symmetra is so good

Symmetra should clearly be first. Her turrets and teleporters just speak for themselves. She should at LEAST be top 15. Unbelievable.

How is she so low?!

21 Doomfist

He is the best!

At the start I didn't get doomfist potential. Then I saw some videos on YouTube, and I understood that he's one of the funniest and skillful heroes to play. There are many maps with awesome rollouts that allows you to reach awesome spots, using the jump with the rocket punch. Love him.

I despite him, Doomfist is extremely overpowered. - GalaticStarArtist12

Sick fist, Sick Hero.

22 Ana Ana is a playable character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a first-person shooter video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Nanoboost Reaper Death Blossom OP - ZeathChUnGuS

I like her

Not like she's the best burst healer and deals a fast charging game changing ultimate or anything

Ana is a multitasker. You can't expect her to get gold in healing every time, as she's also trying to help in dealing out damage. A good Ana is incredibly useful in any team, regardless of how many cards she gets, or how many medals.

23 Moira

Best healer, most balanced

Can't believe she's 23rd

The only Talon support, and the only healer (besides Brigitte) who actually feels like she can DPS as well.

Good at getting fast moving enemies

24 Hammond
25 Zarya

Honestly one of the most versatile heroes, should be higher

Her shield is the greatest/most annoying/most helpful ability in the game, but I've never found her main attacks very good.

A Zarya who knows what he/she is doing can be a force to be reckoned with. Like my fried with Zarya goes
3-5 with 200 damage blocked. However I took the time to learn how to play her and I go 26-3 with 3,500 damage blocked. Her weapon up close deals massive amounts of damage (it will also increase your aiming skills). Her ability to block d.vas ultimate for herself and a team mate makes her extremely useful, and last her ultimate is in my oppion the best in the game. Why? Because One if the payload is coming and you're the only one left you can get them off the payload while your teammates respawn. Also when you use it with McRee, Gengi, D.Va, (just to name my favorite ones to combo) if used right you can get the team kill pretty easily, and if not a team kill almost always at least 2-3 opponents.

26 Torbjörn

My favorite defense hero.

He's the best defense hero - BrianScott01

Play of the game - Hater

Guys I don't even play Torbjorn but I think he's valuable to have on your team so I voted for him. Why is he at the bottom of this list!

27 Orisa

Orisa is the best player to use as defense because her shield will defend your team from a lot of the incoming fire and can just put it back down at full health in only 7 seconds. She is also the best counter to Reaper as a tank hero and is probably the best defense hero in the game. I would personally not recommend using her as attack, though she is still good but not as good and is op in the map lunar colony on defense.

BEcause the other on the list is spelt wrong so orisa should be above

Good defensive

Why is she so unpopular? Great offense and defense, her ult is brilliant, powerful shield, a ton of ammo, a self heal, she makes it way easier to hit everyone, and after all that she's least popular? And why is her name spelt wrong ranked higher? in my opinion best charecter in the game.

28 Ashe

very comfy

New character=good

I main her and she’s so balanced and the MOST underrated. Once you learn to play her and master her and know when to throw and shoot your dynamite at enemies (especially when they are grouped up together) she’s a blast to play.

She's awesome

29 Oriza

Not a character - thatboy6ix

Even if she is new, she is a pretty good tank. The only bad thing about her is that when you play her, there is no moment that you think you can surpass everyone (use your ultimate for example). She definitely needs a buff. Until then, she just needs skill to use.

You spelled wrong yo jackass

A buff is definitely needed for her ult. She is good but her ult nah - PBoi_N_J

30 Bridgette

She is really good and should not be nerfed. I you complain about a Bridgette killing you all the time, your just salty and bad at aiming

New yes, but she is just badass. She's also very sexy

Just released on console

She is the new character

31 Liao

Not the best option...

32 Sigma

He's powerful, and fun once you learn how to use him.

33 Penguin

Not in Overwatch - thatboy6ix

Lol penguin is my main! - Granton8ter05

34 B.O.B

Bob for hero 31

He was there for Ashe when no one else was

He do something

35 Wuhbh

Is that just random letters - thatboy6ix

36 Putin

He's gay that's pretty cool

37 Echo
38 Junker Queen

I have seen MUCH fanart of her, and she isn't even a playable character.

39 Athena

Can't wait for her release hopefully she has a really cool boomerang shield that deals high damage to all the other scrubs on the other team

40 XQC

No words needed

41 RIP-Tire

This is an ability, not a character. - thatboy6ix

42 Baptiste
43 Pudge
44 Tomato Head
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