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21 Doomfist

I despite him, Doomfist is extremely overpowered. - GalaticStarArtist12

Sick fist, Sick Hero.

cool name

22 Ana Ana

Not like she's the best burst healer and deals a fast charging game changing ultimate or anything

Ana is a multitasker. You can't expect her to get gold in healing every time, as she's also trying to help in dealing out damage. A good Ana is incredibly useful in any team, regardless of how many cards she gets, or how many medals.

She is easy to play

Come on guys. Give some love for the grandma and one of the founders of overwatch. practicaly Soldier 76's sidekick.. And is so underestimated. A good ana could takle anybody. AND I mean ANYBODY. EVEN GENJI.

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23 Zarya

Her shield is the greatest/most annoying/most helpful ability in the game, but I've never found her main attacks very good.

A Zarya who knows what he/she is doing can be a force to be reckoned with. Like my fried with Zarya goes
3-5 with 200 damage blocked. However I took the time to learn how to play her and I go 26-3 with 3,500 damage blocked. Her weapon up close deals massive amounts of damage (it will also increase your aiming skills). Her ability to block d.vas ultimate for herself and a team mate makes her extremely useful, and last her ultimate is in my oppion the best in the game. Why? Because One if the payload is coming and you're the only one left you can get them off the payload while your teammates respawn. Also when you use it with McRee, Gengi, D.Va, (just to name my favorite ones to combo) if used right you can get the team kill pretty easily, and if not a team kill almost always at least 2-3 opponents.

24 Torbjörn Torbjörn

My favorite defense hero.

He's the best defense hero - BrianScott01

Play of the game - Hater


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25 Orisa Orisa

BEcause the other on the list is spelt wrong so orisa should be above

Good defensive

Why is she so unpopular? Great offense and defense, her ult is brilliant, powerful shield, a ton of ammo, a self heal, she makes it way easier to hit everyone, and after all that she's least popular? And why is her name spelt wrong ranked higher? in my opinion best charecter in the game.

Sucks TO BE HER - boiman

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26 Moira

Moira was well needed and we should be happy. she will play a big part in the story

Just getting her on the list. Also, who the hell are Marcus and Liao?

she sucks

27 Oriza

Even if she is new, she is a pretty good tank. The only bad thing about her is that when you play her, there is no moment that you think you can surpass everyone (use your ultimate for example). She definitely needs a buff. Until then, she just needs skill to use.

You spelled wrong yo jackass


A buff is definitely needed for her ult. She is good but her ult nah - PBoi_N_J

28 Liao

Not the best option...

29 Penguin

Lol penguin is my main! - Granton8ter05

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