Top 10 Parody Names for Bob the Builder

Inspired by AinezoChan and ChatNoirFan2016. I still like the original Bob the Builder, but not Mattel's version.

The Top Ten Parody Names for Bob the Builder

1 Bob the F*****
2 Bob the Destroyer
3 Bob the W*****
4 Bob the Sucker
5 Bob the Loser

He is now my spirit animal (animal? Why can't being too negative ever work? ) - Ashes

6 Bob the Drunker
7 Bill the Bobder
8 Bob the Wrecker
9 Bob the Serial Killer
10 Rob the Builder

The Contenders

11 Bob the Pooper
12 Bob the Farter
13 Robert the Construction Worker

This is the more formal name for him. - SuperSonic17

14 Bob the Farmer
15 Bob the Stoner
16 Bob the Dummy
17 Bob the Idiot
18 Bob the Body Builder
19 Bob the Butt
20 Boob the Builder
21 Bob the Bitch
22 Boob the Bitch
23 Bob the Bob
24 Bob the Biller

He Pays Mortgage bills instead of building. - Rainbowkid38

25 Build the Bobber
26 Bob the Narrator
27 Builder the Bob
28 Bob the Pervert
29 Bob the Pedo
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