Pegboard Nerds Songs


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1 Disconnected

Always enjoyed to listen to the beginning and end. - AWOLkid

It must be at first

Sooo addicting. I love this song. - GGiant1921

I love this song!
My friend introduced me to it and I can't stop lstening to it!

2 Self Destruct
3 Hero
4 Fire In the Hole

It's better than "hero"

5 Bassline Kickin
6 Razor Sharp
7 Pressure Cooker
8 Gunpoint
9 Frainbreeze
10 Emergency

The Newcomers

? Deep in the Night (Muzzy Remix)

The Contenders

11 We Are One
12 Here It Comes

The wobbles are insane in this. Listen to this, and you will realize you should have voted for this.

Great song. Would be higher if the more hard drops weren't so all over the place.

13 Motion Picture (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
14 Rocktronik
15 Coffins
16 Revenge of the Nerds (JD4D VIP)
17 New Style
18 High Roller
19 Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
20 Badboi
21 20k
22 Larva (Far Away) (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
23 Close Encounter
24 Far Too Close (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
25 Nerds On Mushrooms
26 Make It Bun Dem (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
27 Don't Shake (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
28 Live for the Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
29 Lawless
30 This Is Not the End
31 Evolution (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
32 Lucid Dreams (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
33 Wonder (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
34 Quiet Riot (Pegboard Nerds Remix)
35 Razor Sharp VIP
36 Gunpoint VIP
37 How U Feelin'
38 So What?
39 Pink Cloud
40 Swamp Thing
41 Melodymania

So catchy. by the way PrestonPlayz intro song - GGiant1921

42 Just Like That
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