Top 10 Most Hated Celebrities in France

These French celebrities are hated by many French people, for the right or wrong reasons.
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1 Gérard Depardieu

Very unattractive, monstrous. He fled to Russia, which some consider worse than France. Russia is viewed negatively.

2 Emmanuel Macron

Macron is a WEF puppet and has steered France down a slippery path at the expense of the legitimate citizens. The absurd immigration policies will haunt France, and it's become another country possessing "no-go" zones. At least he's not as incompetent and corrupt as Canada's Justin Trudeau, but it is time for him to go.

Every French president gets hate, but Macron has become the symbol of growing inequalities in France. He's also not as democratic as he pretends to be and is the reason why politics in France are doomed.

3 Gims

This French singer and rapper, formerly known as Maitre Gims, is best known for being the leader of the French rap group Sexion d'Assaut, which disbanded, and for his hugely successful solo career. Despite his music being extremely popular, he has a fair share of haters who accuse him of selling out and consider his lyrics shallow or pretentious. He was even booed by the audience when he performed a half-time show during the Coupe de la Ligue final in the Stade de France. He is also a conspiracy theorist who believes Egyptians received electricity with the Giza pyramids and told people to stop wishing him "happy new year."

4 Alain Delon Alain Fabien Maurice Marcel Delon is a French actor and businessman, with French-Swiss dual citizenship since 1999. Delon became one of Europe's most prominent actors and screen sex symbols in the 1960s.

He's a legendary actor, but his private life and far-right views have tarnished his reputation.

France is undergoing changes... yes, it's the 21st century... Where do you want to go? Backwards to Eastern Europe?

5 Eric Zemmour

This far-right politician is notorious for his sexist and racist views. He also ran in the 2022 presidential elections but was unsuccessful.

6 Nabilla Benattia

She is essentially the French version of Kim Kardashian, except less intelligent.

7 Cyril Hanouna
8 Kev Adams

This comedian was well-liked among French teens during the 2010s, but most adults find his humor childish and dislike it. He is also perceived as not being very nice as a person.

9 Roman Polanski Roman Polanski is a French-Polish film directer, best known for Repulsion (1965), Rosemary's Baby (1968), and Chinatown (1974). His former wife, Sharon Tate, along with their unborn son, was murdered by followers of Charles Manson. Polanski is also a fugitive from the U.S. criminal justice system; he... read more

Creepy person. It's unfortunate that the industry is filled with creeps, predators, and scary people, overshadowing the talented and good individuals.

10 Marine Le Pen Marion Anne Perrine "Marine" Le Pen is a French politician and lawyer serving as President of the National Rally political party since 2011, with a brief interruption in 2017. She has been the member of the National Assembly for Pas-de-Calais's 11th constituency since 18 June 2017.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen took over as president of the Front National (now called Rassemblement National). Although she is considered more moderate than her father, she still faces significant dislike from many.

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11 Jean-Marie Le Pen

Founder of the Front National, France's official far-right political party, Jean-Marie Le Pen is infamous for his conservative and extremist views and opinions. He has been accused of racism and antisemitism multiple times, leading to his dismissal from the Front National in 2015 after his daughter Marine took over as president of the party.

12 Nicolas Sarkozy
13 Dominique Strauss-Kahn

The former IMF boss was beloved and seen as the biggest contender to win the 2012 French presidential elections until his 2011 arrest for allegedly raping a hotel maid at the Sofitel in New York City.

14 Mata Hari
15 Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a French former actress, singer and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist.

She was beloved as an actress, but ever since she retired from acting in 1973, she became infamous for her hostile positions towards Islam in France, especially since the 1990s, and for her animal rights activism, which was uncommon back in the days.

16 Vincent Cassel

This once-beloved French actor has recently come under fire for stating that men are becoming "too feminine," suggesting it could be a problem. Many have accused him of misogyny.

Masculinity is fragile. Also, has he heard of "metrosexual"? That's a term that describes a lot of European men.

17 Jean-Marc Morandini

Very creepy and repulsive. Also, why are there so many people named Jean in France?

This TV host has faced accusations of harassing and corrupting minors.

18 Francois Hollande

The former French president was infamous for his apathy and lack of pragmatism. He is also cited as the reason for the decline of the French left wing.

19 Stéphane Plaza

This famous TV host was accused of violent threats by some of his ex-girlfriends. These threats include "love-bombing," which is a form of manipulation used by narcissistic perverts.

20 Enora Malagré

This TV presenter and journalist is infamous for her uncompromising attitude and lack of filter. She often finds herself in arguments with her colleagues.

21 Karim Benzema Karim Mostafa Benzema is a French professional footballer of Algerian descent who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the France national team as a striker.

He may be beloved in the football world, but Benzema's history with the French football team fans is very uneven. First, he was seen as a promising young player. Then, there was the Zahia scandal in 2010, where he admitted to having had a sexual relationship with the titular escort girl when she was still underage. In late 2015, the "sextape blackmail" scandal broke out and tarnished his reputation. This caused him to be blacklisted by Didier Deschamps from the French national team between 2015 and 2021. His popularity may have gone up again since, but the French national team will always be a bit of a missed deed for him. His distant attitude with French football fans didn't help either.

22 Franck Ribéry Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry is a French professional footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich.

He is beloved in Germany, especially among Bayern fans. However, in France, he has been mocked and despised on several occasions, often unfairly.

23 Laurent Ruquier
24 Yann Moix

This French writer, journalist and movie director has strong opinions that have generated controversy in France.

25 Alessandra Sublet

Another TV host who is hated for being overly dramatic and campy.

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