Top 10 Saddest Deaths of 2024

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1 Donald Sutherland Donald McNichol Sutherland, OC, was a Canadian actor whose film career spanned more than six decades.

Another sad loss for cinema. This Canadian actor had a career that spanned over seven decades. He rose to fame in the late 1960s after starring in The Dirty Dozen (1967) and appeared in several movies from the 1970s to the 2010s, including MASH (1970).

Nowadays, he is best known for portraying President Snow in the Hunger Games franchise. Aside from being an actor, Sutherland was also an anti-war activist. He was the father of five children, including his son Kiefer Sutherland, who also became a successful actor, notably for his portrayal of Jack Bauer in 24.

He was 88 years old. RIP (1935-2024).

2 Louis Gossett Jr.
3 Carl Weathers Carl Weathers (1948-2024) was an American actor, director, and former professional football player. He is best known for portraying Apollo Creed in the Rocky series of films.

This is a significant loss for cinema. This American actor was best known for playing Apollo Creed in the first four Rocky films, Colonel Al Dillon in Predator, and Combat Carl in the Toy Story franchise. He also played a role in Happy Gilmore and in The Mandalorian. He died three weeks after turning 76. Rest in peace (1948-2024).

4 Shelley Duvall Shelley Alexis Duvall is an American former actress, producer, writer and singer. Over the duration of her career, Duvall garnered critical acclaim for her portrayals of various eccentric characters. Duvall began her career appearing in various Robert Altman films in the 1970s.

Another sad loss for cinema. This Hollywood actress was best known for portraying Wendy Torrance in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980). She passed away in her sleep following diabetes-related complications. She was 75 years old. R.I.P.

5 Toby Keith Toby Keith Covel, known professionally as Toby Keith (1961-2024) was an American country music singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and actor.

Country music has lost a legend. This singer-songwriter from Oklahoma had a career that spanned more than 3 decades and is best known for songs such as "Beer for My Horses" (a duet with country legend Willie Nelson), "How Do You Like Me Now?!", "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue", "I Wanna Talk About Me", "Should've Been a Cowboy", and "Red Solo Cup". He lost a battle with stomach cancer, which he was diagnosed with in June 2022. He was 62. RIP (1961-2024).

Country music lost an icon after a long battle with cancer. He was the 90s king of country. May he rest in peace.

6 Shannen Doherty

One of the Charmed ones. Shannen may be gone, but the Power of Three's legacy is eternal!

7 Norman Jewison
8 Alexei Navalny

This Russian dissident, who was imprisoned in the Arctic Prison, just died in his cell. His death intervenes a few weeks before the presidential elections in Russia and is a big blow to Russians who fled their country. The causes of his death have not yet been revealed.

He was serving a 19-year sentence for "extremism" and was only 47 years old. Rest in peace.

A great man whose courage and strength will be remembered - as well as being murdered by Putin.

9 Akira Toriyama

I lost my breath from this, and I'm sure the world has too.

The creator of Dragon Ball died of acute subdural hematoma, which he was going to have surgery for, and he kept it private. Dragon Ball has been one of the most successful manga of all time, along with Pokémon, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Doraemon, and became a cultural phenomenon.

He had so much work left to do, even though he stopped doing Dragon Ball. Such a shocking loss, which makes me think of all the other great legends passing too soon. This should definitely be number one at this point.

R.I.P. to the master of Dragon Ball (April 5, 1955 - March 1, 2024).

10 Dabney Coleman

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11 Kelvin Kiptum

A very, very sad loss for athleticism. This Kenyan long-distance runner was the fastest man in the marathon and has held the world record in this discipline since October 8, 2023. He was tragically killed in a road accident alongside his coach. At only 24, he could have made a significant impact during the 2024 Olympics. There are no words to express this devastating loss! Rest in Peace, gone way too soon (1999-2024).

The world lost an absolute icon too soon. He would've been the first and only person to run a marathon in less than 2 hours. History has changed now that he's gone, all because of a car accident.

The 2024 Paris Olympics won't be anywhere near as exciting as it would've been now that he's gone, since nobody will ever be alive to run a marathon in under 2 hours. This is a reminder of all the unfortunate events happening in the 2020s.

This is a day we'll never ever get over. Megamind said, "There's no Easter Bunny, there's no Tooth Fairy, and there's no Queen of England," and so far, there's no first man on the Moon (Neil Armstrong), there's no First Lady of Song (Ella Fitzgerald), there's no King of Pop (Michael Jackson), there's no fastest woman on four wheels (Jessi Combs), there's no First Lady of Country (Loretta Lynn), there's no Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth II), there's no King of Calypso (Harry Belafonte), there's no Mayor of Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett), there's no Queen of Rock and Roll (Tina Turner), and there's no fastest marathon runner (Kelvin Kiptum).

R.I.P. (December 2, 1999 - February 11, 2024).

12 Iris Apfel

What a long life she lived.

She lived for 102 years and 183 days and continued to be a fashion model until her death, making her the oldest active model of all time as well as the oldest person to ever get a Barbie likeness.

She co-founded Old World Weavers, the company that redecorated the inside of the White House.

She just died on the first day of March. As Megamind said, "There's no Easter bunny, there's no tooth fairy, and there's no Queen of England." And so far, there's no first man on the Moon (Neil Armstrong), there's no First Lady of Song (Ella Fitzgerald), there's no King of Pop (Michael Jackson), there's no fastest woman on four wheels (Jessi Combs), there's no First Lady of Country (Loretta Lynn), there's no Queen of Great Britain (Elizabeth II), there's no King of Calypso (Harry Belafonte), there's no Mayor of Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet), there's no Queen of Rock and Roll (Tina Turner), there's no fastest Marathon runner (Kelvin Kiptum), and now there's no oldest active model (Iris Apfel).

R.I.P. to a truly unmatched legend. From August 29, 1921, to March 1, 2024.

13 Glynis Johns

Very sad. She was very good in Mary Poppins, among other things.

A British actress. Died at the age of 100.

14 Franz Beckenbauer Franz Anton Beckenbauer (born 11 September 1945, died 7 January 2024) was a German professional footballer and manager. Early in his playing career, he was nicknamed "Der Kaiser" because of his elegant style, dominance, and leadership on the field. His first name "Franz" is reminiscent of the Austrian... read more

Such a sad start to the year for football/soccer! This German icon, who played in a defending position known as "sweeper," won the UEFA Euro 1972 and the FIFA World Cup 1974 with the West Germany national team, and three European Cups (pre-Champions League) with Bayern Munich between 1974 and 1976. He also won the Ballon d'Or twice (in 1972 and 1976) and is one of only three defenders to win this trophy.

He later became the coach for the West Germany national team and won the World Cup in 1990 as Germany was reunifying. Just like Mario Zagallo, he is one of only three footballers who won the World Cup both as a player and as a coach (the third one is Didier Deschamps). He was also the president of Bayern Munich from 1994 to 2009. He died in his home in Salzburg, Austria, at the age of 78. Rest in Peace (1945-2024).

15 Christian Oliver
16 Mike Sadler

British Army officer, last original member of the Special Air Service, died at the age of 103.

17 Roger Corman
18 David Soul

This actor was best known for his portrayal of Hutch in the ABC series Starsky and Hutch (1975-79). He just died at the age of 80. Rest in peace (1943-2024).

19 Pete Rodriguez

Another huge loss for music. He was the man that popularized the boogaloo subgenre of salsa with his song I Like It Like That (which inspired many songs ahead & was interpolated in I Like It by Cardi B). He passed away after the 1st week of March. He would've turned 90 just 6 weeks later. R.I.P. (1934-2024).

20 Michael Culver

This British actor was best known for playing Captain Needa in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. He also played in From Russia With Love and Thunderball of the James Bond franchise. He was 85. RIP (1938-2024).

21 Steve Wright

Radio 2 presenter is still missed very badly, by his Radio 2 family and his hundreds of thousands of dedicated listeners. Rest in Peace, Steve. Even Mr. Angry is devastated.

22 Brit Turner

He was the drummer of southern rock band Blackberry Smoke. He died at the age of 57, more than two weeks after the release of Blackberry Smoke's latest album Be Right Here and after a battle with glioblastoma, which he was diagnosed of in 2022. RIP.

23 Steve Harley

This British singer was best known for his hit single "Make Me Smile", which dominated the UK charts in 1975 and sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. It was also covered over 120 times by bands such as Duran Duran and Erasure. Steve Harley was 73. RIP.

Yet another huge loss for music. The artist that sang You Make Me Smile lost his battle to cancer on St. Patrick's Day less than 3 years after diagnosis. His song was among the biggest songs of 1975 & got a lot of covers from many of our other biggest artists & bands. R.I.P. (1951-2024).

Another legend is gone.
He lost his battle to cancer on St. Patrick's Day (which he was diagnosed with in 2021).
His song Make Me Smile was one of the biggest songs of the 1970's as well as one of the most covered songs in pop music.
R.I.P. (February 27, 1951 - March 17, 2024).

24 Nicholas Rescher
25 Marlena Shaw

She was a true artist and has contributed to music from many other artists ahead.
She lived longer than we thought, which's amazing for a legend.
She was assumed to be born in 1942, but an autopsy revealed she was born in 1939.
What's also interesting was that she continued singing and performing until her death.
She was one of those artist to turn gibberish into musical art, long after the classic age of jazz.
She truly was the queen of California soul.
R.I.P. Lady Marlena Shaw (September 22, 1939 - January 19, 2024).

Another big loss for music. She was one of the top jazz, soul & disco legends & her music was played in commercials & other artists' songs. Her most famous songs were California Soul, It's Better Than Walking Out & Woman of the Ghetto (in which her gibberish vocals were interpolated in songs such as Boyfriend by Mabel). R.I.P. (1939-2024).

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