Ways Men Are Sometimes Mistreated

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1 A girl can torture a man as much as she wants, but a man can’t defend himself because that’s “abuse”.

Since when was defending yourself considered abuse? If I feel threatened I should be able to defend myself without fear of it being called abuse

This is why we hate Amber Heard for how she treated Johnny Depp.

It's a annoying double standard.

2 Most of the time, you only ever see men being accused of rape and abuse.

If anything bad like this happens to a man then I don't feel sorry for them (men) at all.

3 A man is more likely to be accused of being sexist than a girl

It's a man's fault because they are the one that clearly started the sexism thing.

4 Some people seem to think only men can be criminals or cheaters
5 People constantly call a guy fat when he puts on even just a little bit of weight, but whenever a girl calls herself fat, even if it’s just a way to fish for attention, people tell her she’s beautiful just the way she is.

That's because work get more fat shamed than men.

6 The line, “Girls rule, boys drool”.

Not a good reason. This is literally a dumb saying kids say in elementary school.

What? Girls do rule! But boys rule as well.

7 When a girl cries, she gets all of the support in the world, but when a guy cries, although girls are mostly supportive, he gets told by other guys to “man up”

Damn! That is very sexist! Not cool!

8 When a girl sits at home all day, she is given the title “A stay at home mom”, but when a guy does it, he’s called lazy.

I don't mean to sound rude or sexist

*Proceeds to make rude and sexist remark*

I don't mean to sound rude or sexist, but men are actually very lazy.

9 When a girl gets her heart broken, she gets support, but sometimes when it happens to guys, he get laughed at.

Maybe you just need better friends

10 Men get longer prison sentences
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11 A bald girl gets called beautiful, but a bald guy often gets made fun of.
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