Top Ten American Stereotypes We Are Tired of Hearing

Not all americans are bad. There are bad people for every country, and stereotypes for every country. Note: please do not leave any racist comments on this list.
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1 Americans are fat

All Americans are fat? Are you kidding me?! Saying that makes any person sound very ignorant. Look at the statistics before you go about blatantly saying that, you arrogant brits!

It is true that america is ONE of the most obese country's. But not every body here is fat, there are people in this country that exercise. Besides, the most obese country is Mexico (no offense to any Mexican users or visitors.)

Mexico and certain countries in the Middle East have a higher obesity rate so we aren't the fattest country in the world.

2 Americans are stupid

I know how to do CPR, how to survive in the wild, long and short division, how to read and spell long words, how to treat a venomous snake bite, lots about nature, chemistry, and lots more but I'm American so I guess I'm a stupid idiot who doesn't know anything.

Americans don't even appreciate of when non Americans say that they're (Americans) are smart and not stupid at all. But Americans are STUPID and unappreciated Americans that only care for themselves.

America is probably one of the most intelligent countries in the world. How do you think such a new country gained so much control over the world within 200 years? We certainly aren't idiots.

3 Americans are egotistical

As an American, I do have to admit that my country isn't the best in the world because of corrupt politicians, white supremacists, mass shootings, gang crime, bullying in schools, and of course the infamous Donald Trump.

The best country in the world? The country with outdated beliefs on guns. Confusing calendars. The KKK. Yeah you are brilliant with entertainment, inventing things.

We're egotistical for a reason. America is indeed the best country in the world. Other countries are just jealous of the attention we get.

4 Americans always buy the newest stuff

Sure lots of Americans buy new stuff. But there's also some Americans that look for old stuff to buy and collect.

5 Americans are racist

Most aren't. SJWs love to exaggerate things way out of proportion. America is probably the least racist and most PC country in the world, but we're always accused of being racists because of how ethnically diverse our country is.

I'm racist against Chinese people. Proof: I have a friend who's Chinese and I'm interested in her cultures and holidays so I'm racist against Chinese people.

Not all of us are. And there's racist people in every country. And how come country can call us "racist," yet when we do it we get criticized?

6 Americans are lazy
7 Americans are greedy
8 Americans are mean

Probably just on the internet.

9 Americans think they're the best at everything

I'm an American, and I don't think this. I admit the U.S isn't the best country, but to be honest, there is no best country. Every country has flaws.

10 Americans start wars with every country

Not true. America defends Australia and New Zealand as well as their own country. American heroes are AWESOME!

What about Nazi Germany? They were the ones who started wars with the most countries as I assume.

Not true (coming from a Non American).

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11 Americans all say "howdy", "yeehaw" and "y'all"

Everyone thinks they have the "yeehaw" accent, I have barely seen anyone from Texas with the yeehaw accent, only ones I know with the yeehaw accent were from south Carolina.

So many of them post y'all on the internet, not seen yeehaw.

Only cowboys and kids pretending say Yeehaw.

12 Americans are conservatives

This is not a stereotype, and if it is it's not a bad one. It's actuallly best people assume we're conservatives rather than the crybaby, liberal SJWs most of us are.

It would be a horrible place to live if so.

13 Americans are rednecks

And some are either normal people, Asian tiger parents who have high expectations for their kids, politicians who don't take their jobs seriously, corrupt police officers who beat up people without any reason at all, intelligent people studying hard in Harvard or Yale, etc.

Some are, some aren't. Not necessarily a stereotype in some cases.

Someone needs to repeat history and learn about the civil war

14 Americans are patriotic and dislike any other country
15 Americans only eat fast food.
16 Americans are couch potatoes
17 Americans only listen to country music

Bruh I'm American and I HATE country music, am not egoistic, I am very skinny, don't think I'm the best at everything, etc etc.
This is why stereotypes are annoying. They're either not true for the whole group being stereotyped, or there completely false!

Americans also listen to rock, metal, pop, rap, jazz, etc. Not to mention most of these actually originated from America.

As an American, country music absolutely sucks.

18 Americans are always drunk

American males are mostly drunk.

19 Americans own guns

Well most do.
Cowboys and Indians never died out.

20 Americans are ignorant

Watching slop on television plus ignoring reality equals ignorance.

21 Americans shout USA
22 Americans always use quotes from Family Guy

Huh? A lot of the show's haters are Americans.

Apparently, the show is far more popular in the UK.

23 Americans say Millennials closed Toys R Us except the shop opened in different decades in different countries.

I'm a Millennial I have no kids yet, I have no interest in toys, I do not care if the shop closed.

24 Americans are nerds
25 Americans only shop in WalMart
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